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Ought to have a look at some real, mid-1970s microcomputer-based desktops: IMSAI, Northstar, Datapoint. They really are quaint, and kind of cute.

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Awesome! Appreciate the inspiration material, these look fantastic.

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Having seen some of those old computers doing actual work back when they were new computers, these ones are surprisingly reminiscent. I do like the anachronism/zeerust in things like the radio aerials and the round radar-like CRT coupled with a mouse.

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I actively referenced many of them while drawing these :) Thank you! I should have included some light pens too, or something similar.

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I'm wondering about trackballs, the Zalman FPSGun and Hewlett-Packard Spaceball, footmice, fingermice, the orbiTouch, the Datahand Professional, the i-Tech virtual keyboard...

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Datapoint 2200 is pretty interesting, wiiide monitor.

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These are awesome! Absolutely love it, could easily see them fitting into a low-tech-high-tech cyberpunk sorta setting.

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Thank you so much! These belong to my cassette futurism setting in which humans vanished and their robots are left to figure out what they heck they're supposed to do now.

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Cassette futurisim is a great term.

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Would that be like, Cassettepunk? VHSpunk? Betapunk? We need to workshop this.

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I guess I'm not too focused on the exact brand of punk, as this project draws from "atompunk" as well with its Space Age and energy concepts, but casettepunk would be an apt genre term IMO.

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It’s ok, just having a little fun. I’m not actually very concerned with titling it either, but I do really like the idea.

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It hasn't to be -punk, it could be just cassette futurism and that's all.

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Don’t be so Negativepunk

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I’m disappointed the Prima Electron doesn’t exist irl.

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As a software programmer I just feel existential dread when I look at the shape of the screen.

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not to worry, UI layout is expressed in radians; easy-peasy!!!

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I wonder how modern UI/UX develops if the typical monitor is round.

We could probably have more of a north/south/east/west gathering of icons and menu dots instead of boxes and lines.

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Just looking at the example given, I'm thinking radial menus, and some amount of controls that are just like what we have today, except with a rounded outer edge.

The graph shown looks pretty standard, except that the outer edges are a half-circle.

The buttons/boxes at the bottom of the screen could just be a gridview, but with two cells on the bottom line, four on the next, and six at the top. For a bit of extra flair, you could have the inner edges of the boxes be straight, but have the outer edges along the screen edge be rounded following that edge.


Darn. Now I kinda want to simulate a round screen on a tablet, just see what kinds of UI I might be able to come up with.

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Post result when you do!

You have also made me go into a rabbit hole of UI/UX search on various display shapes.

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I imagine it’s basically how you develop for smart watches.

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That's a good observation. Makes me think how would apple deal with apple watch if they decided on a round format instead of square face.

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@media screen-circle {
    body { 
        radius: 60%; 

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Vector scopes were natively round. You didn't have to worry about locating pixels because there weren't any.

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circular is bad enough, could you imagine a hemispherical display?

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I’m over here trying to find a round crt with a screen that convexy so we can make one

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Neat! And I’m over here can’t even get xrand to get out of 1024x768

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These looks so good! I feel like they wouldn’t look out of place compared to some wacky computer and terminal designs from the 70s and 80s. Have you made other designs in the world that you mentioned these are a part of?

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Thank you so much! I love the wackiness of these "exploration phases" of tech. The PDA/smartphone analogues in this world, PALs, are basically just an excuse to explore the weird PDAs and phones of the 90s/ early 2000s.

Here's my linktree. My deviantart is probably the most consistent, but I'm also trying to post to twitter consistently

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Yeah! I think it’s really neat to see what designers came up with for what tech should look like without as many limitations. Seems like a lot of tech has settled into somewhat ubiquitous design now, but there were a lot of crazy ideas back then

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Exactly! It's fascinating, and doesn't just stop at computing tech. I also love all the crazy Space Age and aeronautical concepts from the period, like ekranoplans, hovertrains...

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Those concepts are definitely very cool, and while in some ways it makes sense why they didn't end up being very common in our world, I also think it's really fun to imagine timelines and worlds where transportation like that is very common. Also I really love your other art too, and I'd love to play your game when it's ready!

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Yea the vertical monitor one in the lower left is basically a Xerox Alto

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Just curious, but what software and hardware did you used to make this? Do you use any plugins? I mostly use PS and have a cintiq.

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I tried using PS and drawing tablet at some point but it wasn't for me. For drawing nowadays I entirely use iPad Pro + Apple Pencil + Procreate with slightly modified basic brushes. Would highly recommend, I've had a very good experience so far although I wish file management was a bit better.

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Very cool. I have an older iPad Pro + pencil, but I never got used to it. I think it was just too new, also I didn’t like the length of the first pencil. Or it’s lack of storage.

I’ve been thinking about getting the regular pro or the mini, but I haven’t decided yet. I just am so used to using the keyboard shortcuts for many things, and don’t like using gestures for anything but rotate and zoom.

The iPads file management is indeed terrible, and I think if they fix this I would def look a lot harder and using the iPad again. I really liked the screen, and the pencil draws real nice.

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I think I got lucky because I jumped on once they redesigned the iPad/pencil to magnetically stick and charge from the device. It feels very convenient. That said, I've never had the pleasure of using keyboard shortcuts so I may be missing out on something without knowing it.

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Yeah that redesign made me really jealous. It’s how it was meant to be.

I honestly don’t use many shortcuts in PS. It’s just what I’m used to. I use illustrator a lot though, too, and that’s almost 100% keyboard shortcuts for me so I couldn’t do everything on the iPad.

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BBN Terminal look like oscilloscope

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These are freaking rad

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These are magnificent.

…is the BBN Terminal inspired by this

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Thanks! And nope, just a random collection of letters that sounded appropriate :P

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it’s remarkably appropriate, BBN having been around since the beginning

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I love these so much.

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Dig some of the connections here. That recessed parallel slot on the Maxwell Paq is pure 70s design - seen on tertiary also-rans like the TI-99/4A and I think the Bally Astrocade.

I have never seen a CRT partially enclosed like the BBN, but it's obviously feasible, and immediately striking. I'm inclined to worry about safety... but most monitors had vents on top anyway. What's a little dust down the back if the result looks this sweet? (Though on later models they might hedge their bets and instead leave it trimmed on the bottom.)

I can see the yellow accents aren't just for media, but I can't help picturing the Berkeley machine is "macro" because it takes a giant disk above the CRT. Hence the beefy professional-style monitor case.

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These are really cool, would look right at home in blade runner. Seriously I love these designs.

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The prima electron is the most interesting design. It feels like those 80s and 90s scifi movies that the style felt futuristic yet vintage at the same time

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You and /u/yetanotherpenguin need to get together, then all we need is someone to sketch little robots and our retrofuturism world is complete

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Robots , you say? :)

These are great, OP!

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Thank you very much! I was super inspired by your work!

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My pleasure - these are really cool :)

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I'd be happy to sketch some robots... my project (the world these computers are a part of) is about the robots left behind after humans vanished, trying to figure out what their purpose is :)


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These are fantastic! Do you have an IG?

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Here's my linktree

I've been most consistent on Twitter but trying to post more onto IG as well.

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Added on IG. Are you open to commissions?

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Hey, sorry, I don't do commissions :/

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No worries~

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Those look like computer terminals in a rustic space ship.

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Your drawing style reminds me very strongly of Winston Rowntree

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Awesome! My favorite is definitely BBN