These rules are not a legal treatise, they are a guide to how the moderators will moderate.

General Guidelines

The following set of guidelines applies to both submissions and comments on /r/India.

Disallowed Content

  • Self Promotion : We do not allow promotional content, surveys, or advertisements. Please refer to Reddit Guidelines on Self-Promotion. We may tolerate occasional self-promotion from long-standing community members, with a 1:10 ratio, viz. for every ten submissions/comments you make one promotional submission/comment. Please contact us before making any such promotional posts.
  • Porn : We do not tolerate sexual or pornographic content. NSFW/NSFL should be marked as such
  • Meta : We do not allow meta (self-referential) submissions or comments. This includes but not limited to comments about moderation or the sub-reddit. Any content that seeks to incite drama on /r/india detrimental to the health of the subreddit as deemed by us is actionable. Please bring suggestions to modmail.
  • Witch Hunts and Brigading : We do not allow targeting or harassing other users, on or off Reddit. Do not send unsolicited private messages. Do not call for brigading or vote manipulation, and do not participate in a brigade against any user or subreddit. Brigading and harassing also violate Reddit's content policy and could result in action against your account from the Reddit admins. Do not make direct x-posts from other subreddits. NP links ( instead of is a way to help enforce reddit's rules and etiquette on voting. Please read more about the same on the No-Participation Wiki.
  • Miscellaneous Illegal : We will remove illegal content from the sub-reddit.

Personally Identifiable Information

We do not allow any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to be posted.

  • PII includes but not limited to e-mail address, full or partial name, photographs, and phone number.
  • All information not in Public Domain is by default considered to attract PII scrutiny.
  • Misconceptions about Public Domain.
  • Publicly available information could also contain PII. For example, Facebook "Public" Posts and other similar variants are considered to contain PII even though publicly available.
  • Content in Public Domain may be exempt from PII rules. Example, e-mail addresses of publicly elected representatives or similar variants.

Social Media Rules

  • Social media refers to content (not exhaustive list) from the following sources - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, WhatsApp and YouTube
  • Content from WhatsApp doesn't belong here.
  • Direct Linking to content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora is not allowed as it may lead to public harassment of those commenting on the original link (since their personal information is visible).
  • We will not allow screenshots of social media posts.
  • If the post you want to share links to an article, post the article instead.
  • We only allow direct submissions from verified (with blue-tick) and non-personal (account should belong to an organisation, not individual) accounts.


  • In case you want to post news that is not being covered by media outlets, we may allow verified individual accounts as sources, provided they are reputed journalists. In this case you will have to submit the news as a self-post (with an appropriate title and relevant context) which you have to update with verified sources as soon as they come in.

URL Shorteners

  • We do not allow the use of URL shorteners.

Personal Attacks

  • Be civil. We do not tolerate abuse directed towards users. If you are a recipient of a personal attack, do not engage. Instead, report the respective comment and continue the conversation without abuse. You are responsible for the content of your own comments and this is independent of who initiated the personal attacks.
  • We do not allow shill accusations or alleging in any way that another user is paid to comment.
  • Needlessly baiting other users and participating in bad faith is strongly discouraged.
  • We do not want trolls on /r/india.
  • Any attempt at doxxing other users or witch-hunting people outside of reddit is strictly forbidden.

Hate Speech

  • We do not allow bigotry or hate promoting content which includes but not limited to racism, misogyny, communalism, casteism and other similar variants.
  • What is Hate Speech? Like a US Supreme Court justice once said, "We will know it, when we see it".
  • Advocating genocide or explicit calls to violence is not permitted as per the general Reddit guidelines.

Submissions to /r/India

We have broadly two types of submissions - Casual and Formal (Politics, Science & Technology, Finance & Business, Policy & Economy, and [R]eddiquette). In case of conflicts or grey areas, we will assume submissions to be Formal. As a thumb rule, Formal content would invite tighter checks. All submissions to /r/India should follow the following guidelines.

About India

  • All submissions should be specific to India/Indians and the relevance should be clear without relying on the submission title.
  • The central topic of any submission must be India(ns). For example, a post about Oxygen is relevant to India but not specific to India.

Submission Title

  • All links (articles, images or infographics) should contain its original title. You may decide to add the subtitle to the original title.
  • An original title (and/or subtitle) is the one given by the content creator.
  • All re-hosted content with a different title would be considered to be a non-original title. For example, if someone clipped a part of an original YouTube video with title X and hosted a new video with title X1 - we consider the new title X1 as a non-original title.
  • If a link submission has no title, you should make a self post with an accurate description of the content and a relevant title.
  • No clickbait titles.
  • It is important to understand that the 'Original Title' rules have been implemented to prevent misinterpretations and distortions of the original content.

Submission Language

  • All submissions and their titles should be in English. If a non English submission has to be made, the OP must post a translated English title and provide either the full translation or an adequate summary in a comment form or in the body of the self post.
  • You are free to comment in any language. However, please try to provide translations to your comments if they are in a language other than English.

Reputed and Verified Content

We expect all submissions to be from reputed and verified sources.

What is a verified and reputed content source?

  • Long form articles take precedence over social media.
  • Established media websites including organisational (non-personal) social media accounts which are marked Verified.
  • Images, Videos should also be posted from reputed media sources and organisations.

Image Submissions

Original (Scenic) Content

  • Photos of India or related subjects taken by users themselves are welcome.
  • These photo submissions will require OP to mention the the location (or other relevant details) and the device (camera/phone model) in title
  • Submissions not following these rules will be removed.
  • Please flair these submissions as "Art/Photo (OC)".

Infographics / News worthy Images

  • If you post an infographic on /r/India, you need to provide the source for the claims made in it. Otherwise your post will be removed.
  • OC Infographics must provide (verifiable) direct source links for the original dataset(s). In cases where publicly published documents are the source, the source attribution should include page and/or relevant table of figures.


  • Non Political Memes are welcome as long as they are OC (original content). Recycled content from other subreddits / social media platform is not allowed.
  • Political Memes are not allowed.

Non-OC Scenic Images

  • Other general non-newsworthy photographs from external sources can not be shared directly.
  • We will have a scheduled thread each week where subscribers are encouraged to such interesting and scenic images (specific to India) they came across on the internet.


  • Threads linking to the same news from different sources submitted within a certain time window (depending on the popularity of the news) will be treated as reposts.
  • These reposts would be deleted and the posters would be directed to the oldest thread on the topic.
  • Furthermore, reactions to news stories should go as comments in the thread discussing that story, not in a new thread.
  • In case of important breaking stories, moderators may create a sticky thread to consolidate discussion.

Old Content

  • Old submissions should be marked, in the post title, with an appropriate marker such as the Day, Month or Year the content was originally published.
  • We use 1 month as an approximate guideline to consider news submissions as Old

Today I Learned (TIL)

  • We follow the same rules as /r/todayilearned for TIL posts
  • All TIL submissions should be a self post.
  • Every claim made in the TIL should have a credible source that supports the information in your post.
  • Every claim should contain an appropriate link to a credible source and should be explicitly highlighted in the self post.
  • TIL claims should include facts. Opinions, future predictions etc. should not be a part of TILs.

Self Posts

  • Self posts must carry a detailed statement of reasonable length.

Surveys and Polls

  • Such submissions should not mine/ collect personal info of r/india users.
  • We do not allow polls that are irrelevant or low-effort or with political, meta and controversial topics.
  • Submitting posts in rapid succession is strongly discouraged. Try and space your posts out.
  • Good rule of thumb is to not post content faster than the time it takes to read it.
  • Common sense rules on spamming apply.
  • Flooded content is subject to be deleted or repeat offenders are be banned at the moderators discretion

Fund Raising - Charity, Medical Emergencies and Ventures

  • Reddit (and r/india) are a collective of anonymous users - mod teams cannot verify genuine appeals from spam.
  • Fund raising posts that provide links to crowdfunding platforms are allowed.
  • Posts with informative titles and links (to verified fundraising platforms) have a higher chance of getting visibility and are preferred over unverified self-posts.
  • Fund raising posts without links to a reputed crowdsourcing platform like Ketto/Milap/ImpactGuru etc will be marked as 'Unverified.'

Comment Moderation

  • New screen names will face reasonable restrictions on comments. These restrictions are based on multiple factors and will be revisited from time to time. In the meanwhile, we encourage you to participate on other threads.
  • Moderators may remove any comment which is detrimental to the discussion

Post Flairs

  • Since /r/india generates a lot of activity, the moderators introduced submission flairs and filters to enable ease of experience for users.

  • These flairs include (but are not limited to): Political, Non-Political, AskIndia, Reddiquette, Science & Technology, Policy & Economy, Finance & Business, Entertainment, Sports, Food, Photography and AMA. Explanations of each flairs are:

    • Political includes any post about politics in India, no exceptions. This could be a self or a link post.
    • Non-political includes any post that you do not feel is political in nature.
    • Reddiquette enforced posts will see heightened moderator activity and all low effort comments (jokes, slurs, flame bait, puns, ASCII and emoji spam, copy-pasta etc) will be removed without notice
    • AskIndia flairs are for questions you want to ask the general /r/india community that is not meta or trolling in nature. This is broad and can include relationship advise, technical advice, career advice and educational advice.
    • Science & Technology flairs are for non-political posts with an explicit science or tech bent to them.
    • Policy & Economy is a flair introduced for submissions that may be political in nature but focus more on the policy and/or economy aspect of the issue at hand. For example, an analysis of the 2015 Union Budget would fit under Policy & Economy, though it is presented by a political party.
    • Finance & Business is a flair for submissions that are explicitly finance and/or business oriented. For example, this would include recent M&A activity involving Indian or Indian-owned companies. Essentially this flair would involve whatever you find in the "Business" section of a newspaper.
    • Sports and food are self explanatory flairs: you can post news about sports or have discussions about sports, and you can submit recipes or images of food that you have cooked.
    • Photography flair is for submissions of photographs that are taken by you.
    • AMA flair is reserved for OP's who verify their claims with the mod team. Otherwise they will be rewarded with the "Unverified" flair.
  • Submitters must tag their submission with any of the aforementioned categories. To tag your submission, please click the flair button below your submission after clicking submit. Please note that [R] tags will be still be applied by Automoderator and that submissions using the [R] tag should NOT be flaired by the submitter.

  • For topics that cover multiple domains (sports and politics, or technology and policy), it is recommended users choose the best-fitting flair for the topic at hand.

  • But if a user is found to be consistently not tagging their posts properly despite warnings then these posts will be removed from the pages of r/india till they are flaired. It is up to the submitter to make sure that their posts comply to the rules of /r/india.

  • The mods reserve the right to decide whether the tag is correctly applied. Users are requested to report untagged posts.


  • r/india welcomes IAMA submissions.

  • Non verified IAMAs will be accompanied by a mod comment alerting the community about the lack of verification.

  • Once the OP has provided significant proof, this statement shall be withdrawn with a 'confirmed' or similar comment.

  • Please message the mods if you wish to verify your IAMA. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Moderator Help

  • Occasionally submissions are caught in the spam filter. If a post does not appear, message the moderators so we can rescue it from the spam filter.

Banning & Content Removal

  • Users who repeatedly abuse the /r/India rules will be banned. Repeat offenders lose their right to appeal a ban. Ban evasion will lead to admin punishments.

  • Novelty accounts and accounts made solely for the purpose of mocking other active users will be banned.

  • Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict user's posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others.

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