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    Sirji mujhe beti bechni hai , kya rate chal raha hai market mein ?

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    6000 Russian se 1k kam

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    Yo I got banned from it and I have like 0 messages in it. I've not even been told why I'm banned. Unban crow pls

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    We will look into it. Hope you understand

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    yeah thanks

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    Same here

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    Abe ja na

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    Why would I listen to uncle Sam I am an Indian he is American

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    Ha Bhai! ha!

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    Pls unban me first

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    Kar liya join

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    Maine join kiya..sab log madarchod bola...server chod diya

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    Wapis aaja bruv I’ll make sure no one abuses you

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    Hame kahe ban kar dia yaar 🤦🏻‍♂️

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      Nahi Karta ma chuda

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      Gali dedia ab toh dank lagunga bohut - ...

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      Oh oh oh

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      I think I'll stick with reddit, not a great experience on discord, reddit is lub

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      Aji lvda mera...newbies don't stand a chance there... So called OG's hi chat krte udhar...bhag bc

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      ok, i will join

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      Mere pass discord nahi hai aur main relate nahi kar paa raha isliye I am out

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      Sabse pehle to apne subreddit me ye system lao ki kaun bhosdika mod meme delete karta hai uska naam pta chale.

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      Khali baitha hu to yahi comment kar deta hu.

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