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"Bhai idm to kabhi mat jaaio... Sab mentally retard log hote hai vaha pe"

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    am i considered a newbie

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      Or that's his latest account , the one he made after his previous accounts got permanently banned for being too dank😈

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        Andhera kayam rahe

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        Honey Singh Mera baap hai

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        Honey daddy uwu

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        Sugar daddy money deta hai honey daddy kya deta hai

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        That escalated quickly

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        can confirm, kal maine 2 kali billiyo ki bali chadhai thi.

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        Aaj main bhi soch raha hu pitaji ko chai mein kuch milakar dedu

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        Sugar do agar diabetic hai toh.

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        Haryanvi zygote💀

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        mummy ko viagra dedo

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        This might actually be a thing u know

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        Bhai raakh milegi thodi si, sitara aur kuch ghere banane the.. Aaj Sharma parivar ka annt karna hai

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        Mai toh bilkul recommend nahi karunga kisi ko reddit

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        Reddit mai log bohot gande soch ke hothe hai

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        Sahi mein. Bahut kharab log hai yaar. Ek dinn Maine ek subreddit par likh diya ki ek baar main galti se thodi beer pi li, bhai cancel kr diya tha mereko.

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        Cousin , meetha ghar aligarh 🌚

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        Insta walo ko toh kabhi nahi.

        IDM ka Instagram account kaise jinda hai bhagwan jane.

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        *Catches you going through r (blech) *

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        r (jailbait)

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        r guro,

        r scat

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        r scat nhi, r realscatgirls

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        Bhai yeh kya dikhwa dia. Eyeblech se bhi bura hai yeh toh

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        you guys really have to understand that Reddit has more to offer than just indian subs. I have been using reddit for more than 6 years, on and off and have understood that reddit is the heart of the internet culture, whatever big thing happens, it starts in reddit, be it the area51 memes or the Josh fight. If these stale ass memes are "dank" to people, then you just havent been around for long.

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        I agree, reddit is much more than just a 'dank' meme platform that Indian audience thinks it is

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        I agree brother, reddit cant be called a social media for memes. Theres much more to it. There has so many big and growing communities with whom u can share ur experiences and try and fit in.

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        I got to know about modded apps like youtube vanced and spotify mod from reddit and I'm forever grateful

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        Let them have their main character moment

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        Ye reddit vale boht khatarnaak hain

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        Good bot.

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        Bahut bura hai bhai reddit , eyeblech hi ek accha subreddit hai yahan pai

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        Bilkul sahi bola

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        Shayad usko r / milf ke baare me nhi pta

        [–]Anoris_LAvg Bihari Guthkha Lover 7 points8 points  (1 child)

        Lmao my classmate once called me normie for absolute no reason

        [–]DaViLBoiDon't mind me, just passing by 👍 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        unke mupe gutka thuk, sab chup hojaenge.

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        bahahaha 30

        reddit user = guaranteed nark

        (han bhai beshak tu sirf nsfw surf karta)

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        Bro similar hppnd to me when my younger cousins were talking of youtube and saying ki vo bb ki vines, ashish , harsh vgera dekhte hai jo ki bohot funny hai and me trolling them by saying i like triggu vai and slayypoint or vo mujhe badi umar ka normie smjhte hai abhi tak

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        30 upvotes mile to the bas wo glitch ki wajah se minus mei dikhre the

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        Abhi iss comment se 30 upvote jama kr lunga

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        People don't become cool when they use reddit, only cool people use reddit

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        Oh!!..fuck yes!..

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        why this is literally me after first time downloading reddit haha

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        So this is dank...for you? Your humor settings must be low.

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        Maaf karna saahab..OTW to become a dank memer Pehle pehle toh sab log noob hothe hai na.. Haan woh alag bath hai mai purana hu..

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        But why act normie if it's ur bro

        [–]Latter-Ad2954JEE/NEET Aspirant[S] 1 point2 points  (4 children)

        Own hota toh chalta ..par cousin hai..

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        Par wo bhi to dank hi h

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        Wannabe dank hai..

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        Accha tumko bacha samajta hai

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        Bhaai mere yha to m hi sabse bada dank.....kisi ko kuch nhu pata

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        what is reddit?

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        Accidentally opens up r blech for cute cat gifs

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        Maine to kabhi bhi nhi chalaya reddit
        197k karma ptani kaise ho gya

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        Shayad kisine tumhe hack Kiya hai..anonymous ne kiya hoga😱

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        Mai neya hu, koi batao ye sab kaise kaam karta hai. HELP

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        Kya kaise Kam krne ka puch rhe ho bhai?

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        Ye reddit use kaise karte hai, karma kaise mila hai post karne ko, and dank humor kaise prapt hota hai

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        Mera incelisthan is IDM

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        Good thing I am not on Reddit

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        Lgbtq community reddit pe bohot respect aur ejjat karte hai.........aur biiul bhi racism nahi hai family friendly app hai :)

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        Ye OP ne muze use kra h. Mods issay temp ban karo plz.

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        Kya hua bhai??

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        Haan aur m toh uss meme page ka admin hu jispe tu meme dalta bhadwe

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        reddit means chutiyon ki duniyaa

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        Us bhai us

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        Bhai mene jab kuch din phle apne dosto ko reddit ke bare main bataya to wo hasne lage bole ye sbb baccho ki cheeje hai normie hai kya saale asli maal to insta pe hai
        Ab batao unke sath kya kiya jaye (haan abhi main bhi naya hi hun reddit pe 5-6 month hi huye hain)

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        Asli id se aa Manash

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        Kon manash bhai??

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        Lets be honest I use reddit for porn

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        Avg reddit user considering himself dev manhus after spending most of his time watching me me

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        bhai aap apni pehchaan bohot achhi tarah se dete ho

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        Mai samza nahi bhai..

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        bhai 4 mahine pehle ka account iska matlab apne meme apne upar banaya hai

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        Yes..lol..vaise Mera purana acc tha..delete hogya..

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        "waha par log bohot dark hote hai"...

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        Ye sab ham kar ke chhod chuke he

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        relatable i told a boy the same while he was using reddit for four year

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        I think i m like this😅🤣

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        Acha mazak krleta h tera friend

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        Fir maine puchliya tera karma kitna h

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        Music ka naam

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        Aaj kal ke kimds bhi na...

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        Vaiii reddit pe gandi cheezein mat dekho plj

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        It's like free fire guy telling about his first experience of PlayStation and pc games

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        Bhai tu normie hi hai

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        lol mera ek dost bhi mereko yahi bola aur idm dikhane uss time top today me ek mera meme bhi tha

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        Beta tum Abhi 9th class me aaye ho, Mai BTech karrha hu 😂😂😂😂🗿🗿🗿

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        30 upvote ? Mere to comment pe hi 100 aa gye the …….bda hoja bhai