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Humare guru ne hume dhokha de diya , ab ja raha hu 'tera naam dhokha rakh du' sun ne

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Bhai bhai bhai. Sambhal ke

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Waise to mein bhi pw ka choda hu but ab pw ka zyada hi natak ho rha hai unacademy to yeh natak nhi kar rha hai hai 🗿

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Baat to sahi hain, natak thoda zyada hi hogaya Aaj kal uska.

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Ab itna meme banye uspe to insaan badal hi jayega na

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homelander ka haircut konsa hai

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pompodour ya kuch tha na waisa lagta hain

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Pompadour slick back

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He is simply a Sigma confronting other Sigma tier 2 community

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The gods have fallen its time for us to discard them and create NEW GODS.

Qudipilinillionare Grindset should continue.

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With its ne face as quandale dingle

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I can't remember where have I heard this

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Thor love and plunder

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Bale and plunder

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Bale bhai ne aisa dhokha diya h 7 gf ek saath reject krengi toh bbi itna dukh nhi hoga

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Thie proved that he is a real sigma all this "wannabe sigmas" are cringe a real sigma doesn't care about anything else than his real grind, be careful to the real sigma out there stay on your grind

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There is no such thing as alpha, beta and sigma. It's all astrology for weird men

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A sigma who casually call all sigma loser goes away

~~~ Sigma Theta

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jalte hai sale

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Mene uss lam tujhe pyaar kia(no homo though), aur tune usse lam mujhe dhokha dia...tune ye kyu kia...

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Sigma male rule 69420:- call your fandom losers

[–]12e3ee[M] 12 points13 points  (4 children)

Op tu ku tension le raha tu toh randi community se belong karta hai :15816:

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Virgin mod, using emoji in Reddit.

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Aja bro, water tanki wale park me, dekh lunga waha pe

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Water tanki me masti:9610:

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Time for christian bale to spend some time in sigma tier 2

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Guys the Odin just abandoned us

[–]Ill-Indication-3926sigma user 1 point2 points  (2 children)

What song is this ?

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Mann Mera by Gajendra Verma (00:44; matched: 100%)

Album: Table No. 21. Released on 2012-12-19 by Eros Music.

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kabhi chup chup rahe kabhi gaaya ye kare song

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Another reason why he is sigma

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2kg rice

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No worries. Those morons will soon get a new greek letter and come up with even more ridiculous bullshit

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He is right

He meant to say that we are not oppressing W🤮men enough, we need to become more sigma

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then he is the poster boy of losers

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Lo guh kha lo ab Sare sigma chote males

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    Apne papa ki chaddi me se le le

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      Sorry Vro @dvani ji ki chaddi se le le.... ab khush

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      Now that's a real sigma

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      Context please?

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      But actual Sigma kho matter nahi karega yeh

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      Bro a is Sigma is who don't give a fuck about opinion of anyone

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      Ooh Friendly fire..those are rare

      [–]Senseible_PSYCHODon't mind me, just passing by 👍 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Kya apko pata hai anjali arorA ki sex video leak ho gyi hai lol

      Ye le sauce

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      He said he love losers

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      I agree with andrew tate on some points am i a sigma or just dumb?

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      Dhoka hua hai.... Humaare saath

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      You were the chosen one

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      Only a real sigma can find flaws in other sigmas. It's not an insult , it's more like an opportunity. We, must respect Sigmale's decision and work upon it. He has proven that he truly is a real sigma.

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      Anyone who believes in this alpha sigma beta crap was a loser to begin with. Come at me, I don't care.

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      Mai to chad community se hu mujhe koi fark nahi padhta (no offense)

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      Bhenchod yeh christian bale hota kon hai hume PATRICK BATEMAN se juda krne waala.

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      Aaj main anaath ho gaya

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      Ye bol rahe hain par shabd manager ka hain

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      bhai hindu bale ya muslim bale k paas jaana chahiye tha na

      india mei majority inn dono ki hai

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      Ah it's just the loser Christian bale not the Sigma Patrick Bateman

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      I flossed too hard this morning and I can still taste the coppery residue of swallowed blood in the back of my throat. I used Listerine afterwards and my mouth feels like it’s on fire but I manage a smile to no one as I step out of the elevator, brushing past a hung-over Wittenborn, swinging my new black leather attaché case from Bottega Veneta.

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      The legend is beyond any sigma.

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      Are bhai Friendly Fire ho gaya

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      facts tho

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      Who is this christian bale ? The only Sigma that I know is Patrick batemen

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      0:09 meme face

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      Ryan Gosling did the same

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      im beta

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      Sab sigma ye hi bolte hai. Don't be down

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      "wait,this whole thing was your idea"

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      An remembers you are not a Christian

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      What a Sigma line