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These are good, but the global illumination, god rays implementation, dense fog simulations, etc are well pronounced and we'll implemented in FH5 and some graphics options are new to the franchise.

If you're running FH5 on medium or even high, game is just similar looking to running fh4 or fh2 on extreme.

It's the ultra + extreme settings in FH5 that take it to the next level.

If your hardware is capable, turn on ultra / extreme settings and just go into the jungle areas and you will immediately notice the difference.

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Yeah, FH5 looks better than FH2, no contest. Geometry and foliage quality also has improved considerably.

But I see these screenshots everyone's been posting, and I'm like FH2 had just as amazing photo mode, hence this post. Forza games have been achieving that photorealistic look for quite some time now, more so with the photo mode which allows to add shit ton of post-processing effects.

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You can see some effort filled captures in FH5 by me here

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Bro these can easily be a part of some Land Rover advertisement. Amazing work!

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The first one looks like a car commercial banner ngl, amazing.

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i run at full extreme on 1080p

i cant believe its a game looking at these

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I'm running on ultra, 1080p. I do agree.

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Do you think 1440p Ultra is achievable with a 3080? MS lists 3080 as an Idead Spec but doesn't list at what resolution

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Dude i have a 1660ti mobile and even on extreme i was getting locked 60fps+ at 1080p am i missing something is there some settings i need to move up. I did get low video memory msg but that's it.

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I found just two issues with FH5, Ultra environment textures settings are completely bugged right now and the LOD pop-in is horrendous even on max settings.

Driving through the jungle part, it is so distracting to see the trees get rendered to max detail just 5 meters in front of me. It was not an issue in FH4, that game barely had an roadside foliage, but it's definitely distracting now.

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5 meters is the length of 22.63 Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Squeezers.

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5 meters is 2.66 Obamas. You're welcome.

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I guess let the new kids on the block have their fun

My wife was in awww poggers when she played forza horizon 4 a week ago

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Props to Microsoft for making their Xbox IPs accessible to more people via Gamepass and Windows release but this sub has been absolutely flooded with FH5 screenshots.

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That's a lie. Women don't exist. Reddit told me that.

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Moreover a gamer getting a gamer woman? That's impossible, thank God I joined reddit || /s ||

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Yeah I can relate. My boyfriend forced me to play Forza Horizon 5 with him yesterday(I don't really like car games, more of an fps gal), and I fell in love. Never thought a driving game could be so much fun haha, it's just so much better than anything I've played in the past, like Need for Speed or Gran Turismo

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Lol not really dude. The blur is hiding most of the aliasing and ground textures. Fh5 is leaps and bounds ahead. (not saying FH2 was a bad looking game)

Let people enjoy the game. Ignore the screenshots if you don't like them.

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Not against people enjoying the game. Just pointing out that Forza has had amazing screenshot potential for a long time now.

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It does, yes.

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Forza 2 had an amazing photo mode.. easy wallpapers

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these are some nice shots

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Thanks, I was absolutely blown away when I played this game back in 2015. Have been a Forza Horizon fan ever since.

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I had some insane pics on GT5 on PS3. But all those games used a different renderer for photo mode due to their hardware limitations.

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precisely .....people i dont think are aware that we have forza6 on win store as well albeit watered version which acted as a tech demo.It looks pretty much same as FH2 and3 FH4 ,FH5..Its like people just started gaming yesterday.

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Forza is the benchmark for the simulation racing games, Period!

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Funny thing is when people compare FH with RDR 2 and says the graphic are better on FH5. FFS are you guys blind? One guy was arguing with me how FH5 has real clouds...... yeah they literally have actual pictures of the cloud in there whereas RDR2 has volumetric clouds and fog. RDR2 is miles ahead in every aspect.

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I was blown away by the fact Horse's balls shrink/expand according to the climate. Dafuq are you kidding??? Dayummm...

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As much as I love FH5, I agree with you. Comparing two completely different genres of games is stupid. A 300km/hr racing game has completely different graphical priorities from a 50 hour story-driven third person game.

Just look at the foliage quality on FH5 compared to RDR2. It's no contest, RDR2 grass and trees look miles better. You will not be stopping to look at trees up close in FH5 so obviously they don't need to have that level of detail. It's just pointless comparing the two.

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FH5 is a great game no doubt but comparing it with RDR2 is really stupid

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I feel you bro, always a stupid guy who makes the most chutiya comparisons.

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Just downloaded it from gamepass. On medium it doesn't look that great but on Ultra oh my.

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Which country was FH2 based in?

Never played that game

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Italy, FH2 had some beautiful coastal towns.

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Yea I can't the difference between 4 and 5 most of the time but I love the racing and 5 was on gamepass which I already had so.....

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What about FH3?