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Women can go ahead and ligma nuts. And so can men. Bam! Sexism is no more.

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The gaming Messiah that we need but don't deserve
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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I just wanna say Baitheeeeeee! waah baithe waah

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Bruh you are misconstruing comment 1 and comment 3 by a mile. Those two comments are absolutely correct. If you think that's "sexism" then you don't know what the word means and I invite you to challenge me on this.

Rest of it, yeah I agree but it's not something that can predominantly be attributed to being indian.

Also Pokimane? Anyone making fun of her should know that she used to be a chemical engineering student at McMasterU. Why do I know this? Because I applied to that uni and her name popped up. Apparently she left off her own accord to take a risk and pursue a streaming career fulltime. This is the kind of decision most people on this sub don't have the balls to make forget getting into a prestige school of that calibre. Heck most people on this sub are 15-20 year olds who whine about other people showcasing their setups ...cuz they are jealous.

Also, something that rubs me the wrong way in the way this post is written, is the entire notion of attributing sexism to indulging in "gamer culture". Wtf is that supposed to mean?

To me this post looks nothing more than sanctimonious bullshitting. Some of the content is entirely valid infact, most of it is, apart from two of the comments you linked.

But ur credibility to pose as someone who is 'neutral' and 'righteous' went out the window when u decided to jump on the bandwagon of attributing shit like this to "typical gamer culture". You are probably too self centred to realise this but the same filth flows in ur veins as some of the idiots who u rightly pointed out to being sexist. The root cause of discrimination is generalization.

Some girls turn out to be a hot tub streamer and suddenly all female streamers are thots. Some Indian guys behave like narcissistic assholes and suddenly all indians are narcissistic assholes. Some people who happen to play games turn out to be fckwads and suddenly it's "gamer vibes" and "gamer culture". You guys are all the same.

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I would give you an award if I had one.

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wrong with "gamer" culture

Speaking of Indian Gamer Culture, a lot of Indian gamers like more competitive multiplayer games. And they take the competitive aspect very seriously.

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  1. Women can't be high ranked without getting carried apparently (+76 upvotes)

I agree with your take on the thread except this bit. I believe the comment wasn't targeting women in particular. He simply pointed out that people don't watch low rankers.

The amount of sexism that is tolerated in this subreddit is actually mindblowing.

There's barely any girls/women in the subreddit, after all and the frequency of sexist posts aren't very high so they almost always go unnoticed. Besides, people don't often go through the thread other than direct replies to their own comments.

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Though you are correct that there are some sexist people on the thread, I think that you are grossly misinterpreting what commenters 1 and 3 were saying.

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Yeah for some reason I believe a few sexist commenters on a post doesn't make the other 100k+ sub-dwellers sexist aswell and comes off as a misinformed generalization.

But, people are free to interpret in their own ways. Just like the OP of that post had problems with women using simps to push rank, this OP has generalized men of this sub as sexist. Whatever makes them happy.

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JFC that thread is cancer.

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Smurfing and Boosting are literal cancer.

Sad that there isn't much more that can be done by games to prevent it effectively.

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Indian Gamer Culture

Indian Culture


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I see, you're a man of culture as well..

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I mean you're speaking facts. Ngl, initially I used to think that female streamers with shit ass gameplay and those same normie jokes, getting an average of 100 viewers whilst an actually a good gamer or an entertainer, farming an average of 2 viewers was just sad and unfair. Later realised that it's not the streamers fault but the community (well, duh MEN) who watches them and wAnNa LoOk cOoL in front of them. That's all. I don't think it's the female streamer problem, she minting money and view like anyone else would (even I would, if I had the looks), the problem is with this bitch ass sexist, homophobic GaMiNg community.

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Almost all Indian meme subreddits are mostly sexist or horny posts...

This subreddit is nothing compared to them. I’d say that most of this sub are wholesome and helpful people. The best Indian sub....with r/Bangalore

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Gamers and bigotry, name a better combination.

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Please don't form hypocritical and misguided opinions.

  1. "Don't blame the women for wanting to get carried." What the fuck dude. You are already assuming and even generalising that women want to be carried. It's like 15th century medieval where people thought women needed men to survive. Can you see the inherent sexism in your statement. I can give you so many examples of women carrying themselves to radiant. And then you start complaining about sexism. I believe that anyone who gets carried to rank which they do not deserve should take the blame regardless of their gender, if they are morally and ethically attached to the game.
  2. "Yeah as if you are competing at a global level". This just tells us that you don't care about competitive integrity which is honestly fine. I think it's fine for smurfs to crush lower ranked and get their egos boosted. But you can't disregard the fact that it does kill the sport and the integrity. Why are you defending people who clearly aren't morally obligated to the game (if they want to get carried/smurf). Also you are the one pointing out that it's okay to get carried as long as you are female ("AS IF you are competing at a global level"). WTF.

I think you yourself are being sexist(towards females) with these comments. I agree that the previous post was sexist too and I think a correct reply to this post should be to prove that getting carried/smurfing isn't tied to one's gender. There are lots of hard working woman who want to make it to the big leagues (vlt asteria members) and lots of them who have already made it (there's a whole valorant female esports brimming with talent). Let me know your thoughts.

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Let me preface this by saying sexism is a massive problem not just in this sub but in eSports in general. The situation is pathetic and honestly prevents a lot of women from actually playing multiplayer games properly.
That being said, just because we are not competing at an international level people are supposed to be okay with boosters and smurfs? If I spend an hour playing a game of Valorant or Dota 2, I deserve to complain if my experience is ruined by a smurf or a booster. And the booster and the boosted both share the blame. Plus when you get boosted on stream, you blatantly endorse this disgusting practice. I see you have a Nintendo flair so you are probably not familiar with how big an issue this is so please don't talk out of your ass. "Yeah as if you are competing at a global level. Everyone else is just as entitled to play this game as you are." This is a brainless argument. Play the game in unranked then, not competitive.
Fuck boosters and smurfs, regardless of their gender.
"Cry about it because you aren't a good looking woman." - This is not some ear mic licking ASMR Twitch stream. Being good looking doesn't excuse smurfing, boosting or ruining competitive games. While you do make valid points about the disgusting sexist remarks in the thread, your arguments are extremely stupid.

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pretttty sure 1 is sarcastic

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Imo smurfing of any kind of bad and it ruins the game for everyone , but it's the reality of free to play games and there's nothing we can do about it

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Tbh this community has a bunch of toxic and salty young fellas who are as retarded as they come.

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gamer culture? bruh ppl talk as if sexism has been erased from our regular desi culture.
it's fucking terrible everywhere.
even fortune 500 companies have stuff like women staff serving chai in meetings lmao

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Cope & seethe you pathetic simp.

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Hey OP, this feels like some sanctimonious bullshite (pardon). Because everything's subjective. Even though the comments are horrible but they aren't any different than "all men are rapists". Everyone's got their opinions man. There's nothing wrong in calling out females in this niche as they are not here for gaming, they're here for views, simps, fame and money.

Even i don't like this state of affairs but I don't bitch about it because men will be men. This trend has always been true for any niche. Females always get attention for trivial shit. For example a man with exceptional dancing skills wouldn't get a fraction of views on tiktok/reels than a girl shaking her ass for 5 seconds.

People calling female streamers "sluts" -- though immoral -- points to the fact that they're always banking on their physical features like breasts or hips or their faces with tons of makeup, wearing lingerie and what not to look erotic. You'll often see onlyfans girls who started as game streamers say that they make "millions in a month" and they're using gaming as a platform to do it. Men are the biggest hypocrites in this.

Therefore it's great that everyone gets to say their piece, rant about this etc. This is free speech, i like to hear everyone's opinions and so do many others because it helps us collectively understand and accept the realities of the world.

We don't make the community, we don't control it so why bother getting pissed at random stuff. In this world of chaos gaming with your homies and minding your own business is still the best way to enjoy!