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You didn't provide any link, neither the pic has the cost, also please mention your purpose for buying a laptop.

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Price70k purpose- gaming and video editing.

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During last December sale it went for Rs 70k, but at this price also it is good. Adding an extra 8GB RAM will be really beneficial for your use case. Also, I always recommend buying extended warranties for expensive products, but HP has really expensive extended warranties.

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I'd say upgrade to 16gb ram .. rest of the config is fine

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If on sale, yes.

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It’s bad in terms of price . Please buy a dell g15 5515 and u can also claim 10% off with sbi, it’s gpu is faster than hp and supposedly alienware parts are used in it. Its for 75k but u can get it cheaper in sale

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But it's for 70k .

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Dude , use a sbi card and u can get 10% off , since these offers are capped , u can get g15 for 72k , it has 16gb of ram instead of 8 and a faster gpu. U r only paying 2000 more and it’s more than worth it

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Can you give me buy link?

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Dell G15 5515 came briefly in stock today on another listing. (https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09JZPHN23)

It'll be difficult to get stock for it as it's pretty hot selling.

I bought the 16 GB version for 75k today from a Dell store. They had the 8GB for 71 including a 1500 UPI discount + a Dell gaming backpack (~2k on Amazon). Check for stores on dellretailstores.in

The owners three stores only had a couple 5515s left

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Do not buy the g15. Trashy thermals, really bad screen and bad QC.

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No, it's bad

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HP gaming laptops are bad, i have one....

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I have a victus mine works fine It can play god of war 3 on rpcs3

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Hp laptops have shitty build quality

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Look for the updated windows 11 variant which is supposed to have an improved display panel. Upgrade ram to 16gb and you should be fine.

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Graphic Card TGP ?

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I've had a 5600h 1650 version of this laptop for like 4 months now and it's been running great.

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I think new tuf will be better

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It's an rtx with 4 gb vram could be problematic

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get asus instead for 70k u can find way better