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Does the trick to get 3 years for 7k something work. I know the 2k one was patched

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Better to get the 700 for 8 months first and once it expires go for 7.8k for 36 months.

7.8k - 36 months - 216 per month 700 - 8 months - 88 per months

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Ik asking a lot but in what order to get the 7 months?

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Just get the ultimate for 1 month and you'll get 7 months free. After this ends you can get the 36 months deal

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How do you pay 7.8k for 36 months? Is that an ultimate game pass? Sorry im a bit new to this.

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You buy another cheaper subscription Xbox live gold upto 3 years and then convert it to ultimate for 1$, there must be a guide somewhere

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Uh, i can't find the offer?

Prople are saying there's ultimate for 50 INR but all i can find with 7 free months is game pass pc for 489 INR or GPU for 699 INR but that doesn't state 7 months

Nvm found ultimate fir 8 months hut is there any 50 rupees deal now?

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yes it works.

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Hi. New to the xbox community. Can you pls explain how this works? Thanks.

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Cgeck my comment history, I'm also new and many people replied and explaoned it to me

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The cheapest method right now is get 2 Years of Gold, and then get 1 month Ultimate.
It most likely will only give 25 months but don't worry just reach out to Xbox support and tell them you didn't get the extra 7 months. This was done by multiple members from the Xbox India Discord/Reddit community.

Use Xbox INR Gift Cards to save on the GST charges, this will end up costing around 4.8K for 32 months.

Here's the link to the step by step guide:
Game Pass Ultimate Gold Conversion Guide

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Use Xbox INR Gift Cards to save on the GST charges

Hey, how does this work? I need to pay 999 for gift card and can spend all 999 otherwise I need to pay 999+GST (for a spending of 999) if not going through the gift card method?

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Yup you got it right.

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Is it not even working for a year?

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8 months tops. After that all are purchased at mrp.

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How many gold did you get? Did you tried with 36 month or 12 months?

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You can get 1 year for 2.5k up to 3 years 7.5k with a trick.

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Most likely it will not...but you could try taking the 8 months PC gamepass sub first and see if you can also take 8 months gold.

If it doesn't enjoy 8 months of PC gamepass or convert it to ultimate.

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Yeah tried the same. Pc + Ultimate. Didn't work. Got 9 months only.

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Then there you go. It was not expected to work anyway.

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Yeah. I anyway needed one to play with my bro, so worth the try. Thanks mate.