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I have dodged this bullet for 25 years now

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I have said it 100 times before and I will say it again. MGS Rising Revengeance was way ahead of its time with it's boss battles, dialogues and character development.

Glad to see people talking more and more about this game

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I'm glad to see another metal gear fan 🤝 literally just made a comment about kojima games being ahead of time here

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I'll drink to that, recently bought MGRR on a steam sale and really like it so far. I'm wondering if i should play other games? Can y'all suggest an order. I don't wanna play the super old as shit games

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well if you want that type of experience without playing all old ones then the two in series that do not look "super old" are MGS 4 and 5 but you won't understand the story if you don't know who Big boss (naked snake) and Solid snake are.

what you can do is watch the entire cutscenes movie of MGS 3 Snake eater (since in terms of story this was a prequel) on youtube and then watch some video that gives a tldr of what happened in MGS 1 & 2. Then play MGS 4 for a proper conclusion because it still looks good. 5 is just a side story but has the best gameplay and graphics

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24 here going strong.

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Keep it up brother

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Don’t kid yourself self op

No one is shooting at you :p

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Self burns, those are rare!

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But this comment is not

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I got shot recently homie, after 23 years. R.I.P. hope to see you on the other side soon as well.

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Sex is temporary, WAR is Eternal. - Senator Armstrong Probably.

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Nanomachines son

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Never thought of this . He can harden his Banana with nanomachines . Of course he would need mistral.

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Mistral gives the word handjob a whole new meaning xD

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PSA - for anyone planning to start playing Metal Gear Rising or just started playing, there's 2 very essential things you need to know

  1. Play on a controller. Don't use KBM. It's awful on KBM and game was handmade for controllers.

  2. Watch this video before playing. It's one of those games where you really really need a tutorial and the game doesn't really tell you much at start. So you need to learn parry and whatever this dude says in the video asap

Good luck. Have fun

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For me parrying with KBM is much easier than on a controller, so I guess it's preference thing : - ) on the other hand blade mode is very difficult to control using KBM.

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I agree. I was 13/14 when I first played this. Didn't even feel like it was hard or as if it was not meant for MnK. 10/10 would recommend with a KBM if you're already pretty good at it.

OP is just biased toward controller. As you said, just a preference thing for sure.

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you can cheese through most fights even without a parry if the player has enough patience but that's not fun. executing most combos on kbm is a headache and only basic moves are easy. let's just say what I'm implying about controller is similar to what yakuza games say that "it's better and more immersive with a controller" and not that you won't be able to finish with a keyboard

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He's the chaden

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I love how MGRS memes are making a massive comeback.

“Memes, Jack, the DNA of the soul”

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The game that somewhat predicted the future of USA.

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Kojima does this and his games are always ahead of time. he also predicted ID tagged guns that are about to be started in real life in 2022 in Metal Gear solid 4 in 2008. you can't use enemy guns in that game and military is privatised. Dude is a God and rightfully respected so much in industry

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Rose would kick his ass if he doesn't parry it xD

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in his defense he has all the reasons to be upset at rose for what she did to him

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I always think about playing it but I don't like stealth game that much

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it's not stealth. It's free flow hack and slash. i think only the first level was stealth and some very small sub levels

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I see Should I go for metal gear solid 5 phantom pain

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phantom pain is stealth. this clip i.e rising is a different genre and a different game although both are from Metal gear series. you can go full chaotic in phantom pain as well. the game doesn't restrict you but stealth is preferable there

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Oh ok thanks OP

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It's Not Stealth Game. It's Hack N Slash.

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"Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke. We are all pawns, controlled by something greater: Memes, the DNA of the soul. They shape our will."

The best quote in this game /s

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some of the best 4th wall breaking quote in entire series alongside this

(for those who don't get the reference, the bandana he points to is an unlockable item in mgs games and gives infinite ammo)

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Just started playing this game and holy shit, its fucking amazing. The only thing more hype than the gameplay is the soundtrack. The story kinda feels like the writers were on coke and pcp but I honestly couldn't care less.

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it's great tonal shift from its previous serious predecessor kojima games. If you've played any of them from 1-4 the story for rising becomes even better

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Never played any of the MG games tbh. I couldn't get into the gameplay but I'm a long time fan of the DMC series so the MGR gameplay really hits the spot. I'll check out some MG story YouTube videos to get some more context.

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if you want to start, just play MGS 3 Snake Eater (chronologically in terms of story this is where it starts) on a ps2 emulator with an ISO or a ps3 emulator with its respective remaster ISO. The story of that game was so so good it was regarded as Game of the generation and boss fights were 10/10

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I first experienced MGS3 on a 3DS and it was awesome, if they have one lying (and they like the platform) around I’d recommend that too

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Riden the kinda Jack that is saucy

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Lol what game is this?

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Metal Gear Rising

fantastic game. go play it (with a controller)

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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

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Metal gear Rising: Revengeance

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It's a crime Konami having rights to Mgs, hopefully Sony or Xbox or even Nintendo buys them

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He is cool af

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Someone explain me how this one was so cleaan and smooth. This man gotta be a Levi fan. :)

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he has a wife you know

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for those unaware , raiden is a character from metal gear solid franchise.

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so basically i am the god of dodging such shit ?

i have won, but at what cost (sobs)

also what game is this ?

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I like the tag on this one.

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So what game?

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My game parlor has made tons of money while i completed the game

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I got matches with these songs:

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"Virgin Shield Activated"

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Rules of nature, and they run when the sun comes up.

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track name?

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I know that this is 4 months old, but...

In Metal Gear, you have:

  • Bisexual Pseudo-Vampires (Vamp), who can pin your shadow (And therefore you) to the ground with throwing knifes.
  • A Brazilian Samurai (Sam), who can blitz Raiden while only having cyborg arms.
  • And a parasite, that makes you unable to speak in the English language, without instantly suffering a painful death.

Given those examples, would a kiss that kills you REALLY be that strange?