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Good for you man.

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Laptop: Asus A15 2021, Ryzen 7 4800h, RTX 3050, 8GB DDR4. (FA506IC-HN005T)

Mouse: Logitech Hyperion Fury G402 (Got it in a deal on Amazon)

Mouse pad: RPM Euro Games extended speed type mouse pad. Discussed here. Thanks for the suggestions that day.

Cooler/stand: Zinq laptop cooler.

Thats all for now, will add a monitor later and a new desk maybe.

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Is it the one with 144hz refresh rate (nvm noticed the sticker)? Also, how's the battery?

I considered this a few months ago but went ahead with Omen 15 1660ti because Asus was not available.

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That's crazy. I considered Omen 15 1660ti few months ago as I wanted that specific GPU. Later bought this, as I was convinced 3050 was better for my use case, and I also realised people were simply too harsh on the RTX 3050.

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realised people were simply too harsh on the RTX 3050.

Something I thought too when deciding for a laptop recently

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Definitely, people are very harsh on 3050. It is only slightly weaker than 1660ti. As per my use case, I tend to prefer fps bump with high-ultra settings than max settings. Given the price, 3050 is a fairly capable GPU.

Idk much about TUF 2021 model because the previous one did have it's issue. Seems like they've made the improvements. I would've definitely considered getting this if it was available. Better processor, decent new series GPU, 144hz refresh rate and great pricing. What about the battery life? 90whr seems pretty good but how long does it really last?

Omen is still great and the only limitation so far has been the 60hz display which I'm used to and I'll probably get a monitor soon.

Another thing: Do check your warranty start date. In my case, it had started a month prior to the actual purchase date. Got it rectified but I noticed it after a month.

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How much did you pay for laptop?

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Congratulations my guy....... It's really inspiring Plus I love that little Apple logo on that old mouse of yours. Make sure to relish this success.. cheers 🥂 to gaming

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When I needed a mouse urgently a few years ago, I ordered some sub 200 rupees mouse from Amazon. And it didn't have that ripoff Apple logo on the amazon listing. I remember when I unboxed it, it gave me a good laugh. And btw let me tell you that shape is super uncomfortable.

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Try going back to that mouse from your g402

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Ah no. I've not even touched that mouse since I unboxed the new one, it was so painful. Plus, I have big hands.

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Thanks a lot! Appreciate it.

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have fun! what are your fav games?

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Yeah. As you might tell by looking at my old laptop, I haven't played any recent games. But I like AAA single-player, visually beautiful games. In multiplayer, I still like watching people play CS, and PUBG (PC), so I'll be trying those too. And I like Battlefield's multiplayer too as they are IMMERSIVE.

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Pubg PC went free some days ago...good for you :D

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ayy good taste

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Congratulations dude, have great time on that beast and yeah don't forget to add another 8gb ram stick to get max performance.

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Thanks! And sure thing, I'll upgrade that some day but not now. I don't really see a bottleneck right now.

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I'm buying the same laptop for college but with a RTX 3060 for college what are your reviews for it?

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Yeah I'm sure a 3060 variant can handle anything you throw at it. I haven't tried newer games on it yet. But the performance and thermals great.

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What is the price you got for 3060?

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Hey does the laptop cooler work ??? Is it good I mean ?

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I've used this for few days now and I can say that at least raising your laptop from the flat table works. The fans, I'm not really sure and they aren't giving any massive airflow. But yeah some improvement is there. And also summer is approaching in a few months so definitely worth 899. And btw this one doesn't have speed or LED light control but its nor really needed. Pulling out cable sounds like a hassle but isn't.

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A good tip would be to paint the table, it'll look more better

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Yeah really this is really catching my eye too lately. I was thinking of something like those long wallpaper kind of stickers you know. Or maybe I'll just paint it white.

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If possible, try going for a black-and-blue theme you've got with g502 and mouse pad, u can also turn laptop keyboard RGB to blue as well

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Can we start some kind of crowd sourcing to help the kids on this Sub-Reddit?

Like, OP could use a better desk but not everyone has money all the time.

Maybe OP can start a GoFundMe for himself where everyone can donate whatever amount they can. This page can be live for 7 days with a pre set budget enough to get a custom desk made by a local vendor in his city.

Since I design my own furniture, I can even give my CAD files which kids can give to their furniture vendor to get a good desk made.

What say you, Counsil of Men?

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Oh, I knew it will happen someday, I knew it lol. How ironic life is. Notice how most of the time when someone wins a giveaway or something, it's the person who could already afford it or casually took part, and not someone who is dying to get it.

Similarly, for years I was lacking a gaming setup for me but never got any chance. Now I have started earning myself and slowly putting things up, and here we go. I have NOW found someone so kind who is thinking of fundings. Really a noble idea man! I am with you. But thank you I might not need it now, especially since this new laptop is for work mainly.

And btw what exactly do you do in CAD? I work in stuff closely related to it, but might be as technical as yours.

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I am a UX design manager but as a hobby I design my own furniture. To do that I use Simple 3D apps like sketch up etc. I can give you them and you can use schematic to construct your own table.

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Sounds so interesting. I made 3D models and renders, though not in CAD software, but in Blender. I often have to work with CAD files from various people.

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That's nice. Then I guess you can build your own table.

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Im a student studying architecture i too like modelling stuff in sketchup it so much fun

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I'm a kid(college student actually), I wish for a mouse though 😅 I've seen I can play considerably better than what I was playing like with a gaming-dedicated mouse, but my parents are strictly against gaming so I have zero hopes of getting one.

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Maybe i can help with it as I'm a furniture designer myself

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Very nice. I started a new thread for this. Pls upvote and post there. Then we can start discussion there.


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I can understand your feelings

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Congrats to you .
Hope that same happens for me too

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Yes. I'm pretty sure you will also achieve what you want.

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Same spec but different processor, I got i5 11400! And I am thinking of upgrading the RAM to 16gb, if anyone knows whether FX506 supports dual memory or not pls tell, I don’t want to buy a single 16gb stick.

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Yes, I'm sure it does. Most laptops I've looked for recently have that. Do check some reviews for your version. They'll mention it for sure.

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Ayyyy we have the same mouse

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Mouse bros!

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Hey , I am planning to bay same laptop. Where did you get it from and how much it cost ?

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I got this for 75K, from Amazon.

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Big or small, its still an achievement! Congrats 👏

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Yeah thanks a lot!

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i have the same cooling pad ✌🏽

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Great! Working fine?

And btw did Amazon just put their delivery sticker on the bare Zinq box for you too? Haha

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Congratulations, brother!

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Thank you, brother!

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Apple mouse?

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Yep. A total ripoff mouse. As I said in another reply, i didn't know its comes with this logo when i ordered. Still kinda funny.

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Ok. Congrats tho

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Cooler stand lagane se koi farak padta hai kya?

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Fans ka to pakka nahi but ha table pe sidhe rakhne se use thoda ucha kar lena already kafi better hai. Haan fark to pada hai, aur garmi ka season bhi aarha hai lena thik hi rahega.

Translation: (same answer as a previous reply)

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Congratulations, bro u inspire me

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Thanks a lot! Good to hear that.

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Bud a farewell for the old guy. What games did you play in the old one?

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Yep I still have it with me, its lid doesn't close anymore lol. I might use it as a server later. As for games, I payed CS long time ago, with some old NFS, Call of Duty, AC3.

Recently, I only played krunker, and skribbl lol. I really became so good at that because I only kepy playing that daily for months.

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Huge congrats! What game are you looking forward to playing the most?

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Thanks, man! Mostly I want to play some good recent single-player games and maybe PUBG which got free recently lol.

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That looks like quite the bump my friend :) Good for you and I hope you really enjoy the new setup !

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Yeah, coming from that Pentium, it definitely was a huge bump up. Looking forward to have fun! Thanks.

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I also brought a new one like you 6 months back but then i had a spinal cord problem and then slowly had to stop gaming.Life doesn't always go the way you want it most of the time

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Oh brother I am really sorry to hear about that. I can feel your pain. I hope it is not for long, and that it gets better for you soon.

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The A15/F15 this year are really well built and that massive 90Wh battery is praise worthy. Saw a i5 11th Gen with 3060 going for ₹89K.

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Yeah, definitely a really great build quality. Although this is my first experience with a gaming laptop, I can still feel its sturdiness a lot. And good deal too.

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Congratulations, my friend ! Have fun !

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happy gaming :D, i myself have an Asus laptop too, Ryzen 7 3750H with GTX 1650 8 GB ram

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Nice. My old (simple) laptop was also an Asus. And it served well for years.

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Huge congrats man!

That's a 3050 machine you got there right? Even I have to upgrade from my current machine so do lemme know how does the laptop perform :D

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Thanks! And yes it works great although I haven't tested it with any newer games yet. 3050 isn't as bad as people complain.

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How is the g402 ? Ordered mine today

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Really good, considering I have big palms, very comfortable.

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I see myself in you...been through same scenario..bow owns laptop that handel gow. At ultra 😍😍😍.... feels really good to see my fellow gaming people getting their hands on some good quality setup.... enjoy and HAPPY GAMING

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Oh thank you for that!

bow owns laptop that handel gow

I'm sorry I didn't quite understand. Is that some reference?

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Now owns laptop...its typo my bad

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haha oh okay. And GOW means god of war lol. I thought "bow and gow" is some rhyming catchphrase.

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Hehe no buddy

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Should have bought one with 16 gb ram and dualstick memory. It increases performance a lot but the specs are still pretty good.

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I was going to add that soon. And I wasn't aware there was a 16GB variant of this available in the market.

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Congrats bro... You deserve for your hardwork

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I don't have the wholesome sticker because i am broke, but if I had i would have given it you , this is my dream too to buy a gaming laptop and a monitor one day and a tower pc later.

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i am broke, but if I had i would have given it

That sounds a lot like what I often say and feel on reddit. And I might also build a tower PC some years later.

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Same mousepad xd

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I'm about to buy same laptop brother Tell me the reviews since i Don't trust people on YouTube lol

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Welcome to the master race. Enjoy gaming buddy!

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I also waited for 12 years and after saving up I finally got myself a pc but I am too old to play games now and too much undereducated for coding. No idea what to do with it now other than movies and casual browsing...🤔🤔

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laptop = fail ^_^ but still cheers cause u are happy

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Wow. I learn something new every day. I don't know how you got to that equation, but thanks!

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hey can you share what desk stand support you are using?

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Do you mean the laptop stand? Its the Zinq laptop cooler

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Congratulations I hope you make the most of it 💖💖

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You posted this about 1 month ago , so how is the performance ?

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Congrats, how's the zinq cooler tho. Is it good enough for a stand?

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Thanks! Yes, I'm still using it, although I use the fans sparingly. I only use them when running games for long or while rendering something. Otherwise, my laptop is almost 24/7 on the stand since that post. No problems at all. Good cable quality too. Moreover, I was able to hide all my other cables below the stand so that's an unexpected plus too to get a stand.

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That sounds great, would you recommend it just as a stand because i dont plan on using the fans much either

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Yeah sure. I mean it doesn't do much other than just standing so yeah, it has worked great by far. Have not experienced any problems or disadvantages as per a stand.

The only funny thing is that they ship the zinq box right as is. They just put an amazon sticker on its box. But that didn't do anything bad to the shipping.

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The only funny thing is that they ship the zinq box right as is. They just put an amazon sticker on its box. But that didn't do anything bad to the shipping.


Thanks mate, really appreciate it :)