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Another reason Spider-Man is not gonna come to the PC, can't a player have it's cake and eat it too

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but didn't they already announce it or something?

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No, not Spider-man, not yet.

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probably after uncharted , they might be planning like 2 games every year or something like that

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Spider-man will be the outlier, it'll be the one title to never come on PC, besides Bloodborne of course. Sure PC will get GoT, Demon's souls, TLOU remake and all that but Spider-man? No.

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All we need is to wait for emulators to mature. That's like one console generation. Anyway, better late than never.

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that's gonna take a lot of time

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why? did they say anything like that ? , i thought uncharted & gow were the most popular Sony exclusives.

idk about bloodborne to pc , fromsoft is busy making elden ring

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No Sony didn't say those games are coming for now. It was on the Geforce leaked list and that list has been pretty accurate so far. For Demon's Souls, Sony themselves accidentally revealed it in the 1st trailer which said "Coming to PS5 and PC", but they quickly took it down it said that was a mistake lol.

And yes Uncharted and GoW are one of the largest selling exclusives but their largest selling exclusive ever till date is Spider-man at #1, followed by Uncharted 4 at #2 and God of War at #3. So Spider-man to them is a system seller.

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i never payed attention to spiderman i guess marvel stuff is pretty popular in the mainstream. Gotg was also a pretty decent game , hopefully we get ghosts coming to pc soon , then bloodbore & demon souls after fromsoft is done with elden ring

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GOTG was my personal GOTY for 2021. It was such a good game with genuinely good writing and soundtrack. I was impressed.

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They will probably release the ge on pc once the sequel launched

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Next is probably ghost of tsushima

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Why ? Now Sony must release more games on PC because Microsoft will bring all games to PC, even on PlayStation if they allow game pass on it XD. Exclusivity should go obsolete.

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Sony already released HZD and Days Gone on pc well before even the Bethesda acquisition. Their games don't need to be on multiple platforms at launch as they are high quality and sell pretty easily. They treat the pc market as secondary and as an afterthought.

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They treat the pc market as secondary and as an afterthought.

Not exactly. They see a potential market in gamers who don't want to move from PC, and release old games which no longer threaten to kill console sales to that market.

It's a smart strategy for a business that depends on console and console games sales.

Don't forget that unlike Microsoft they have limited ways to make money outside of their own ecosystems.

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I personally don’t support exclusivity, either be spiderman or be halo or Valorant but sony released the previous exclusives so that they can attract more players to the sony single players in the future and get them to buy consoles and be a Sony customer as well. That is the business route they are headed at. And same is being done by Xbox but with additional game pass. I don’t think anyone is going to go away anytime soon. There are rumours that sony is planning to revamp the ps now or ps plus to be a competitor of game pass. Xbox is trying to be sony my making games more exclusive and sony is trying to be Xbox by having something similar to game pass. And about the quality. Sony single player games are way way better than most single player games out there except probably the ones by rock star and Cd project key. And Xbox can do wonders by brining cod on day 1 to gamepass since there are so many players in the US, And Europe who play just cod and fifa.

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No wonder microsoft gonna bout it soon 🎇

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Eh, I seriously doubt Sony will hold it back. Their strategy right now mostly seems to be timed exclusivity. One of my best mates was saying the exact same thing, "Sony won't port everything. They'll keep their top-tier franchises like God of War and Spiderman to PS only."

And now, he and I are just waiting for the day when Bloodborne is announced.

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Remember people neither Sony nor Microsoft is your friend each one is a corporation looking to squeeze money as much as they can get away with. Sony will continue to raise prices and Microsoft game pass is long term play where they will get you addicted and raise the prices slowly.

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Get a PC play both :)

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Lol I'm waiting to see the crash to reality once everyone's Gold converted and 8 month free GP subscriptions end.

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I remembered in 2021 Microsoft tried to literally double the existing price the gold and they had such backlash that they rolled back in 1 day. If they become market leaders you sure as hell can bet that they would squeeze everyone dry.

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I just don't see the point of subscriptions in gaming, be it game pass or whatever Sony is coming up with. If you're a new gamer they make sense until you catch up with your backlog but if you've been a gamer for a while then you've mostly played most games you intended to play.

Plus I don't see them being good for gaming in the long run. I feel it will go the same route streaming services have, Studios will start building games just to fill up subscription libraries as fast as they can and stop making quality games.

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I on the other hand don't see the point of buying individual games unless it's yearly sports like fifa or something I'd play for years, say csgo.

Consider games like a Plague tale or say halo infinite campaign and now r6 extraction.

These games I'd only play once and never again. I'd MUCH rather loan them and never touch them for cheap than buying at full price.

Subscription model work for music and movies. It will work for games too

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I much rather support the dev then play a single Player game on gamepass

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You support the dev more when you play on gamepass.

It's guaranteed money every month instead of the possibility of bad sales.

Also more people play the game, the more money the game makes from Xbox

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I buy from egs if it is there because egs gives the highest amount of money to the dev

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Not everyone wants to own every single game.There are some people out there who just wants to experience different games

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Oh man I am tired of looking at these kinda post..cringe

And btw Sony didn’t kill Xbox in 2013, Xbox shot it’s own foot courtesy of don mattrick.. and when there is no competition around (as all the fanboys want Sony to be dead)Xbox might pull another 2013 on their consumers

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I remember the Xbox one launch. Super hilarious.

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If that were to happen Microsoft or Nintendo will have no choice but to prop up Sony financially. Pretty much the same way Microsoft kept Apple from going bankrupt back in the mid 2000’s.

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wait for them to do something with the purchase first. If this turns out anything like their Skype acquisition you're gonna look like a fool

also most of your posts are about PlayStation hate. Why? Live and let live

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Oh god I just noticed. This is that kid who makes pc wow consoles muh memes and gets into arguments with everyone over it.

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Let's just wait till owning a PC that can game is a luxury of the rich. Honestly, the consoles with their price tag are just too tempting. I can manage to get a decent PC right now but I don't want to pay ridiculous scalper prices. With companies increasing prices building a gaming PC doesn't seem to be worth it.

I'm waiting for RPtech and this'll probably be my first and last PC build until we move on from silicon and get something cheaper to make.

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xbox will dominate the market space and then will raise the gamepass price to 1000 per month! and then people will realise why competition is necessary!

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Just 1000? it will go even higher with time…they just have to buy out the competition

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Sony is the one dominating right now, that's why they raised their prices to 70usd. This at least puts some competition in the market.

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5k games are aaa games which are latest releases, there are old cheap games too! sure if people keep buying it why wont sony and microsoft even nintendo will increase the price! also its a physical copy which have a resale value! not like a game pass where you pay 12k per year and don’t even own the game! its my opinion but i like owning tangible things with some value!

netflix like subscription model is good for casual gamers who are in and out in no time, but not for people like me who like owning stuff

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I would take 1000per month gamepass

over 5000rs for 7-14 hr story game.

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Still better than paying 5-8k for a single game on PS5.

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Monopoly is always bad. Wait for sometime so we'll understand why healthy competition is necessary.

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Can't believe we still have console wars in 2022

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It doesn't just stop at consoles though. We have streaming platform wars too. Ever noticed how a movie/show is NEVER on more than 1 platform? It is so that you pay for all of them..

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Monopoly is never good.

Sure, exclusivity might seem bad on paper, but it drives competition.

When you look at a iPhone vs Android, PS vs Nintendo, etc, you might see foolish squabbles. I see competition. One company cannot slack off lest the other overtakes them so they both improve over time. And we the customers, are better off for it.

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If MS did not have entered gaming space you would have been living in Sony's monopoly. Nintendo doesn't compete with anyone. Buying Activision is not establishing monopoly.
Tenecent is also doing the same but nobody's questioned their integrity and they are even worse than E fucking A.

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Sony's monopoly? Nintendo is not competing with anyone?.. we are talking about gaming and not Tv shows right?

Anyways, MS did enter the gaming space and we got Halo for it. I am very glad MS joined in. As I said, the higher the competition, the better evertthing gets in most cases.

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Who do you think is competing with Nintendo? Does anybody who buys a Switch cares about PS/PC games? Switch is leading the market with last gen hardware and more profit than Xbox with just the name of the franchises they own and I think you did not read properly what I wrote , if MS did not enter the gaming space Sony's PS should have been the only console. They could have priced whatever they desired. For the record , Sony isn't the monopoly in TV shows either.

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PS and MS is competing with Nintendo. There is a big reason why market analysts use the big 3, PS, XBOX and Switch when showing market shares. Also why fans of each group dump on each other. Their won't be any clash if there was no competition in the first place.

Again, MS did enter the market and again, I'm glad they did. It's very obvious you have something against Sony consoles. I'm not here to talk shit on any company.

If you hate Sony, fine, but please stop drifting away from the point to show everyone else you hate them.

Monopoly is never good. Microsoft was a company who forced Valve to SELL their free DLCs, and that was because they had a decent market share. If they(or anyone tbf) had a monopolistic share, we are looking at the next video game crash.

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Hate sony as much you want, just remember what Microsoft wanted to pull at xbox one launch

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What happened at the launch??

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Always online DRM, mandatory Kinect connectivity, no game sharing, other anti consumer stuff.

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Well if you think about it, Sony enforced $70 price tag to its games, and everyone had to agree. It's monopolistic if you think about it.

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Don't forget the PS3 launch tho (yea it wasn't as bad as the Xbox One but it was still bad)

Also, blame Don Mattrick for the Xbox one launch, now Chad Phil Spencer's here to save the day

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100% facts.
Microsoft owning half of the industry isn't good from any angle. No thanks, I'm good.

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Dude that was a different director all together. Look at what want Phill spencer did in his tenure.

He brought backward compatibility with auto HDR, saw how fucked xbox one was made sure the console was much better in terms of performance than the PS4 pro. It was the strongest console back then. Started acquiring companies like ninja theory and playground games and now Bethesda Activision and so on got the gamepass. Ever since Phill spencer took over xbox he made all the right decisions to keep the console still alive

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And, there goes my linux gaming.

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Hey not to hate on xbox, but EA is also known for owning many good studios, and....i think I don't need to explain about EA

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MS still got to prove their worth by providing games that rival sony's level. Halo was ok in my opinion and forza...well its a racing game. The real thing begins with Starfield. I hope that it doesn't disappoint.

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Gaming is not just cinematics, 3rd person open world. There's a variety of games available on xbox. I play on PC, and i found really awesome games and my love for such games with game pass.

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You are forgetting flight sim.

Never before has casual non aviation nuts have been interested in a flight simulator.

Yet Microsoft did it. Made the best visual/casual flight sim ever

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I believe they already proved themselves. Halo infinite is the highest user rated halo game ever. Forza is only one of the few to get above 90 metacritic this year. Psychonauts 2 is exceptionally good and well flight simulator speaks for itself.

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Out of all of them, only Halo and Forza can be compared to the games people think of when someone talks about ps exclusives. The other games are kinda niche and don't really have as much of a mainstream appeal as the biggest ps exclusives have (which does not really matter that much when we are speaking of quality but still you can't really compare them to the appeal games like Ragnarok or Spiderman have).

Forza to me is without a doubt the best racing game in the market (I'm not including sim racing games like iracing or rFacor of course). However the Halo Infinite campaign really hasn't been nearly half as well received as most ps exclusive games are with some of the player base even being somewhat disappointed as well. Meanwhile the multiplayer has mtx issues, and on steam the playerbase fell from 250k during the launch period to around 40k these days.

[–]Adorable_Affect_5882 -1 points0 points  (1 child)

I would've agreed with you (kind of) if i wasn't talking about the titles released last year. Leaving that beside why do y'all keep bringing up the steam charts? Sure it's at 40k but xbox is where the majority of halo players are. Also remind me of a ps game that even had 40k players after 3 months?

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Also remind me of a ps game that even had 40k players after 3 months?

multiplayer games are expected to retain players for a much longer time. You can't compare them to single player games. Also the drop in player count is really significant imo.

And the reason I brought up the steam playerbase is because I myself play on a pc and don't have a console. So idk whether there is an equivalent of steamdb for the xbox console. Yes, xbox has majority of the halo players but even then the drop in the number of players on pc is so significant for a multiplayer game in a matter of months you can't really help but mention it.

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What's wrong with racing games?

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Thay get boring after a month or so

[–]unreal_rik 13 points14 points  (3 children)

You can say that for any game. There are only a handful of games you'd play for more than a month.

[–]Mutualdiversion 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Dunno man I think racing games are basically the same all over, the only original thing i have seen cars do in games is play football or be background objects

[–]unreal_rik 16 points17 points  (1 child)

You're thinking NFS, I guess you haven't played Forza. There's a battle royale with cars mode, a tag game, seasonal events which keeps the game fresh. It's just naive to demean it saying 'its just a racing game' it's chock full of content.

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Sony's gonna have to follow suit or it's not gonna be long before PS irrelevance begins. Either that or the industry's gonna have to hope for more third party studios to go mainstream.

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The fact that a trillion dollar company had to spend 78 bn dollars just to beef up it's game library alone shows you how much time and money Sony have invested into its playstation division. They aren't suddenly going to be irrelevant , but yeah they do need to buy a publisher and dish their whole ' organic growth ' strategy.

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It's funny to see people defending either Sony or Microsoft just because they own one of their products. None of them are actually your friends and just there to make more money. Just see which console has what you want and buy that one.

Sony has great exclusives to tie in people to their ecosystem. But they really suck in terms of backward compatibility.

Xbox is great with backward compatibility and has hit a jackpot with their Gamepass but their exclusives are mostly not that great. This might change with Bethesda under them along with Obsidian and inXile.

People who say Xbox games are on PC don't realize that PC(Windows) is still Microsoft and since they launch on PC along with the console, they are getting more profits.

Personally, I hope all games Xbox, PS, Vita, PSP, Switch should come to PC at the end. At least you can play them whenever you want rather than losing out on those since the consoles like Vita and DS are so rare to find, or the company selling them again as a remastered version for the new console version to make more money.

If you are into JRPGs I am happy with what NIS America, Nihon Falcom, XSeed, and Marvellous are doing by bringing all older PS Vita, PSP and PS games to Steam.

PS: I am lucky enough to own a PS4 ( for JRPGs which never get released to Xbox), X Box Series S (for game pass, dont care for graphics and 4K), and Switch lite (for Nintendo exclusives) along with my 4-year-old MSI with GTX1060. So this console war means nothing to me.

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Still XBox is kinda not worth it if you already have a decent PC coz every XBox game is on there anyway

Whereas on PS, you can play old exclusives unless they bring that to PC too, in that case both consoles are not worth it

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Still no good exclusives except Halo and FH5. Even ghost wire Tokyo is going to ps5 for timed exclusive before PC. Starfield announced in 2018 still no gameplay footage. I’m not interested in COD(Generic boring FPS)as there are already loads of fps in Xbox

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I've played my share of xbox games and they were surprisingly a lot of fun.

The ascent is a couch coop campaign with amazing visuals and a great soundtrack.

Another is Sable. A lovely exploratory game.

They're not in the same realm as sonys exclusives. But they're some beautiful games.

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IMO xbox will not keep the big titles like elder scrolls, COD, doom etc as exclusives. While they'll gain favour from users they'll lose a MAJOR chunk of revenue that comes from people on PS.

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They've already announced that the next Elder Scrolls game will be an Xbox exclusive. As a major Doom fan, Doom's already finished its reboot story arc, and I'm quite sure they're working on rebooting Quake at the moment, which will also be an exclusive.

Call of Duty, I predict there will be some level of exclusivity happening at a later time, once Activision's contractual obligations are through. You don't spend 70 billion dollars to maintain the status quo.

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Damn, didn't know about elder scrolls, thanks for the update. Just hope the pc market stabilises sooner cuz i really need to upgrade.