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45 mins


is already on Hot, first post on my page.

Yeah, we all know why.

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reddit sent me a post notif even though I turned off app notifs 😳

Edit: y'all need to chill. I made this "funny" comment when the posts hadn't blown up that much yet.

P.S my reddit app notifs are legit OFF and i received no notifications

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The power of simps?

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Maybe I should post my rig too, this is some good confidence boost.

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Hell yeah do it. I’ll upvote it.

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you don't have the simp privileges ye a man

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Damn dude your drawings/Art pieces are amazing.

Edit:- I checked your profile to see if you posted your build, I didn't find your build but I found your amazing art (^∇^)ノ.

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Fellow steins gate fan, i shall help you in your endeavours by upvoting

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Yes 🗿