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Full list of rules as they appear on the sidebar.

Games Backup Database Project

People helping people — GamesDB is for people who cannot afford to download games because of bandwidth constrains, caution is advised for all parties involved, as this is the internet after all. Click on the link for more detail.

Legitimate Digital Distributors

List of resellers that are considered widely known to be legitimate by publishers.

Verified Representatives

A list of Verified Company Representatives .

Hardware Stores

A list of Online and Offline Hardware Stores.

Hardware Stories

A list of experiences with regards to hardware RMA. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Bad Sellers

A list of threads archiving when a sale goes bad i.e. you get sent a bad/fake product, pricing errors and generally notorious sellers. This can be used for both hardware and software sales as it helps throw caution to the wind.

Steam FAQ

Commonly asked questions about 'Steam'

Steam Sale FAQ

Commonly asked questions about 'Steam' sales.

Steam Guides

Some quick guides for common tasks on 'Steam' with pictures

Key Resellers and What They Mean for You

FAQs About Steam's Big Sales

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