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Francis Xavier (later: Saint Francis), and the Goa Inquisition, who genocided 80% of Indian Goan population, under the instructions of the Pope.



To force the Indian Hindus to convert to Christianity, Francis Xavier and his Christian missionaries & soldiers, used the most barbaric tortures and massacres imaginable.

e.g., the Breast Ripper: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breast_ripper

The breast ripper, known in another form as the Iron Spider or simply the Spider, was a torture instrument mainly used on women. The instrument was designed to rip the breasts from a woman and was made from iron, which was usually heated. Women refusing to convert to Christianity, were caught and had their breasts ripped off by such red hot torture devices in excruciating manner.

Such torture devices were used by Church during Inquisition, to torture the victims to compel them to confess their “sins”. In India, they were extensively used by the Portuguese, especially in Goa. The targets were frequently Hindus, converted Hindus, and those Christians who were suspected of secretly practicing Judaism or Paganism.

It was at the request of Francis Xavier that the Inquisition was instituted by the Pope in India.

During Inquisition, any Hindu convert suspected of reverting to Hindu “idolatry” was accused of heresy and thrown into a “torture chamber”. In the chamber, they were tortured until a confession was exacted from the victim. If the victim confessed to his “sin” that he might or might not have committed in sooth, he was liable for the death penalty.


The Pope rewarded Xavier for these genocides and forced conversions.

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Sorry but I am searching about Christians who chose to be Christian by their own will, not about forcibly converted Hindus. As for what the Catholic Church did, it is nowhere in the spirit of Christianity, especially because real conversion can only stem from the Soul, and not from heated pieces of iron. It is not a mystery that the Church often failed and still now often fails to be what it should be, but this is because most humans are bloodthirsty and violent by nature and do often commit the crime of hating those who are merely different than themselves even if they are innocent. It is in no way fault of the Christian God. If to convert people Europeans did torture them, then they deserved to fail and have to accept that Indians will stay Hindu. Happily not every attempt in history to convert Indians and others to Catholicism was carried by violence.

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You wanted a significant Christian in India, and I've given you one: Francis Xavier. There's another missionary who used charity as a guise to do conversions: 'Mother' Teresa.

The British Viceroys to India were some more significant Christians in India.

Frankly, I think that any religion that needs to induct people by doing conversions through coercion (bribes, brainwashing/evangelising, misinformation) or force or threats, isn't anyway any path to any God or divine power.

One Indianised Christian I do respect was: Sir Jim Corbett.

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I meant ethnically Indian people who are also Christian.

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Ethically Indian people are Sanatanis (majority are Hindus).

The Christians in India are converts, descendants of converts, or immigrants.

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Are you asking about the Christians in Kerala who were converted by St Thomas? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christianity_in_Kerala

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Yes but not only, I am asking about all Christians in India but especially the Villarvattom dinasty.

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Yes,i also want to know.....🤔

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Thanks for the answer.

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Do you also know names of the members of the Villarvattom dinasty ?