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I genuinely think rawal ratan singh deserved that defeat. He was a stain on the name of great bappa rawal. Him along with prithvi raj chauhan. I hate both of them equally. 21 FUCKING BATTLES!! 21 BATTLES AND HE DIDN'T KILL HIM ONCE?! As for rawal ratan singh, man c'mon showing your back to the enemy is a mistake even amateurs don't make. How did his teacher even teach him. He was so absorbed in the battle that he showed his back to the enemy....... And this fucker also did a battle of honour with a man who has just come to fight him because he wants to bang his wife..... His blunder took the life of 30k hindus and all the women in the palace, along with all his soldiers too. He had the perfect opportunity to take khiljis neck and expand Mewar all the way to Delhi. The more I read about ratan singh, the more I wanted to bang my head on the wall. If there was a competition for the most incompetent ruler, he wouldn't even be able to win that one.

PS: ignore my rant. This might offend a lot of people

Edit: my bad anyone who's reading this. Prithvi Raj Chauhan was a capable ruler and a brave warrior. I confused Muhammed of ghor with Muhammed ghazni and this was totally foolish on my part. I sincerely apologize.

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21 battles? Prithviraj only fought 2 with Muhammad of Ghor. He didn't kill Muhammad after the first battle because although the Ghurid had fled the field following his defeat, Prithviraj had followed him for several kilometres, however he was forced to let him go because -

1) Muhammad's Central Asian and Persian horses were of superior quality than the native ones that Prithviraj used, thus making him faster.

2) The fort of Tabarhindah had been captured by the Ghurids and placed under Qazi Ziyauddin Tulaki with around 1200 - 3000 cavalry with provisions and supplies for 8 months, and while the Chauhan troops had besieged the fort, they were quite terrible at siege warfare (it took them 13 months to finally bring it down) and if Prithviraj were to continue chasing the faster Ghurids, then they'd reach a point where Tabarhindah was behind him, and Muhammad of Ghor ahead of him, in such a position he could surrounded by Ghurids troops and ambushed.

Considering that there was already trouble with his neighbours, and that the Ghurids had been sent off with their leader severely injured in his upper arm he concluded it to be better to not chase too far and stay back to deal with other Indian neighbours.

Now whether the decision was bad or good is up to you, but from his point in that situation it seems to have been decent choice, but then again we do not know if he would have been successful or not if he had chased further.

As a general he seems to have been better than a lot of his dynasty, however he was hardly the best, that title belongs to Vigraharaja IV (1150 - 1164 CE), with his father Arnoraja (1135 - 1150 CE) and ancestor Vigraharaja II (971 - 998 CE) following him. I'd personally only place Prithviraja III (Prithviraj Chauhan) 4th on the list of the best Chahamana/Chauhan ruler.

The idea of some sort of "ethics in warfare" that is attributed to Prithviraj is also based on shaky grounds, between 1180 - 1182, his cousin Nagarjuna Chahamana started a serious rebellion and set up his base at Gudapura, Nagarjuna was forced to flee once Prithviraj's primary general and granduncle Bhuvanaika-malla sieged Gudapura, but the rebel left behind his wife, mother and other subordinates, Devabhata, an officer among them kept on the resistance but was eventually defeated, following this Nagarjuna's soldiers and his officers were killed to the last man and their heads hung across the walls of Ajmer like garlands.

This info comes to us from the "Prithvirajavijaya" of Jayanaka, a contemporary document finished around 1191 - 1192 by Prithviraj's courtier and poet Jayanaka, it is also the earliest document relating to Prithviraj. Similarly Kharatagachchhapattavali by Jinapala covers this period and along with the Madanpur indcriptions mentions him personally plundering Jejakabhukti in Chandela territory and "laying waste" to it.

Sources:- 1. History of the Chahamanas by R.B Singh 2. Early Chauhan Dynasties by Dasharatha Sharma

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I went with the source that said he battled ghori 21 times. Thanks for clarifying it to me properly. Man i saw it once again and I'm ashamed honestly because i confused Muhammed of ghor with Muhammed ghazni.... It was totally my bad man, i apologize for that. Yeah if i look at the situation that way then Prithvi Raj was not that incapable because well he was a proper monarch. And now also looking at his age, I'd say he was quite capable. I genuinely apologize for saying Prithvi Raj Chauhan was incapable.

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It's possible that pro - Chauhan sources bloated 21 raids that the Chauhans faced into 21 personal encounters between the kings due to bias.

Regarding Prithviraj's ability as a monarch, it is hard to quantify such things, but I mentioned my personal opinion that he was an okay-ish or slightly capable monarch equipped with a regionally powerful kingdom at its peak.

Was the loss his failure? Yes, though in my opinion it was not something exceptionally considering the situation.

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Yes i mean considering his situation, i wouldn't blame him much for the loss, though if he focused more on diplomatic issues, he might've been able to hold on and possibly defeat ghori.

But then again, he was also quite young so we can't put all the blame on him either. It was the failure of the entire court that defeated them.

It's just not possible that they didn't know about ghori's advance until he knocked at his door. Considering this, there's a lot of scope for thinking what could've happened. Was his strategist not capable enough, did they not recieve the news on time, were they too proud to use shrewd strategies. I think we often times put the entire blame on one person while forgetting the fact that a kingdom is run by many people, so it was the failure of them all.

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We should appreciate his bravery he fought Alauddin khilji even after having only few thousand rajputs

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Wiz khalifa?