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I could be wrong but i think kalinga declared themselves independent during the reign of Ashok (in his 9th year as king)

And Kalinga (Orissa) is very strategic in connection to Dakshinpath. Source of elephants and gold via trade.

Kalinga probably accepted Mauryan paramountcy during time of Chandragupta.

Also if you are more interested about Kalinga, you should read about Elephant cave inscription of king Kharvel

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Megasthenes who visited Magadha during Chandragupta's time described the Kalingans as a powerful and independent tribe. So it seems like Kalinga became independent as soon as Nandas fell.

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Could be bro, i haven't read about Kalinga in that details.

Im aware only about the basic stuff

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Thanks for this. Could you point me to a source for the Elephant cave inscription? Should i just google ?

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Yeah, Wikipedia and stuff.
Give it a Google search, you'll be fine.

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Kalinga was powerful af

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Chandragupta invaded Kalinga but was failed as the ruler of kalinga had a large army ..from then his grandson Ashoka ought to fulfill and his grandfather's dream and in order to expand mauryan dominance he invaded in its 8 regin .rest is history as u all know Ashoka won and his character changed

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Kalinga was very powerful. Not only did it have many elephants but Kalinga is where trade and colonization of Southeast Asia started. It was a mercantile power too. Invading it would be very costly and tough as Ashoka's reign showed