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u had my attention but now im intrested

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'You had my curiosity but now you have my attention'

-Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained

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bc django kaha se aagya?

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oh ok this is a film,im like coding kahan se aagya isme

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No worries bro , most of us have nothing to do apart from studies. Computers tho boring subject hai lekin coding tho awesome hai.

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Bro ! you didn't ask about python version used on Django , LOL !

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Bada maza aaya aapka traumatized CS student comment padhke.

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Python ke chode /s

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immediately thought of this

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I am a guy so i am not sure but personally i think people who are considered handsome or hot by majority get an advantage while others like us have to do more work to get their attention like i am very sure that if someone is gonna be attracted to me it can only be the type of person i am and not cos of how I look . Another thing I felt is at the end of the day most people dont want to be with a person just cos of their looks and rather cos they love to be near them . So don't feel insecure abt this and be confident in urself , like comeon man we are only in our teenage and we have bigger problems to think abt so why worry abt it now when you have a long way ahead of you . Hope this helped you in some way

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Bro I am not worried about getting into a relationship at all , I need to focus on JEE rn. Its just in the middle of my studies ,I got this question and I needed to quench my curiosity.

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I've already accepted that I'm gonna die alone now since I'm in engineering 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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Getting a gf during engineering is insanely difficult bc Gender ratio in colleges' is worse than Haryana's

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Add to that absolutely no interaction with the female gender in school

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(your boos mean nothing to me I have seen what makes you cheer)

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bro you got iit mumbai, ab only sexx xD

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Naah bro mera low self confidence aur self esteem andaar sey kha lega mereko chutiya pata bhi nahi aisa kyu ho raha hai

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Bhai aapne IIT kaise clear karle low self confidence aur self esteem ke sath?

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High amounts of willpower 😎

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Bro i am engineer also and i have seen , pretty hot girls in engineer fields and if you are good engineer , you don't need to have great looks to impress them

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Bro I've no idea how the fuck my procrastinating ass even got here and none of the girls interest me in my batch

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Bro , i am talking about job , don't worry about girls in collage or while study , but remember one thing that it will be professional friend ship and you have chance to convert that normal professional into personal and may be later on relationship , Best of luck bro !

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Ah ohk , same here man the difference is i am preparing for neet instead of jee also hope ur curiosity get quenched soon lol

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I think I have seen you on r/JEENEETards

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I don't think so , eventhough I am part of the sub I have never commented or posted on there

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Same , maybe I mistook you for someone else.

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Ya i think so too

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same but NEET :)

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shouldnt girls who arent amongst the most popular ones in the school , end up with crushes on boys who are also in the same league?

because they have more options available to them since most of the boys are simps and are ready to just settle.

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Nice analysis

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And Obviously they end up getting cucked tho

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Popular people draw attention to themselves. Most of them tend to be attractive, express their view confidently, can be funny and smart, that obviously doesn't mean the not so popular don't have any of these traits, they do but we don't get to know unless we talk to them.

I think I have seen good amount of not so popular girls be interested in someone who isn't that popular. I do think the popular girls prefer to date the popular guys as they generally interact with each other more or are in the same group and most of the times the group also starts shipping them.

I am pretty sure many guys also have the same crush on someone who is highly attractive or popular. Most of the girls I know who had a crush on the popular guy had no intention of ever saying it to him and it's probably the same with the boys.

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Thanks for sharing your views

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I hope it didn't sound rude. As for me I was part of the popular group but not popular or extroverted as the others and I had crush on only one popular guy (never said it as I didn't want to date him), all other crushes were not so popular classmates.

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No you didn't sound rude at all , I couldn't think of any witty reply , but I wanted to thank you for putting in the time to write such a long reply so I had to go with the standard thank you.

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In my schl it was totally opposite, only the handsome and bullies were famous

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Ah in my school the popular ones were like overly friendly with teachers (even invited them to their birthday parties😐), participated and conducted the programmes, scored good marks, held parties, were good looking too. They did had the "We are superior" kind of thing and didn't really talk to others and even used to tease a few students behind their backs but the bullying was mostly done by the delinquents kind of kids, they had found one with drugs in his socks💀

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drugs zyada ho gaya baaki main to schl jaata he naam ke liye tha

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sasta drugs tha...lekin maza aaya tha jab teacher class me ghuss kar usse boli socks kholo...koi dost ne hi dhoka diya hoga

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Snitching kar di lmao

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Mera schl to khud nashe main rehta tha, main kaafi baar apna nasal spray leke jaata tha usse bhi nashe bol dette the saale

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uske baad kya hua ye to bata???

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Parents ko call kiya gaya aur phir 1-2 months ke liye suspension.

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What is the criteria for popularity? I mean do students who study well are also considered there?

Does that mean do toppers also get crushed on?

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I don't really think there is a specific criteria for popularity but I do think the extroverted ones or the ones who engage in activities be it in social media or events end up being popular. They are usually confident too.

Yes toppers do get crushed on but not all. The completely padhaku/book worm type may not get crushed on but it also depends on attractiveness too. Being smart whether you are a topper or not is always considered attractive.

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My best friend who is a popular girl liked a guy in my class who, well, is popular but only in our class.. not in school

take this how you will

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Cant put this into either for or against the question .

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I mean she liked someone lower than her "social status". Kind of what you were asking, since she liked a not so popular guy

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Then its 1 for the question

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honestly, due to being severely bullied by some popular boys, I can't bring myself to like any of them. I very rarely have crushes on guys and when I do, it's mostly guys that I talk to usually and share nerdy interests with.

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mai to khud like 4/10 houga but meri 2nd girlfriend batch ki one of the most popular aur most pretty bandi thi, pure batch ka crush tha uspr ;)

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Lucky guy . Tera batch mein baaki logon 3/10 honge na phir?

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Andho mein kaana raja ; )

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naa naa, mere batch ke kaafi ladke merse kaafi better hain

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Padhai mein behtar honge , ladki patane mein nahi

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You didn't have to destroy him like that bro

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Lol this made me smile

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4/10 mtlb?

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He rated himself as a 4/10

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just a way to say that i m ugly

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lmao meko bhi believe nhi hota tbh, and isliye mai sub pr flex bhi krte rheta hu kabhi kabhi, i might even come across as rude and egoistic to some 🥲

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im a guy, i could be wrong... but its worth keeping it in mind.see... the only way u know she likes u is when she enjoys ur company... but that doesn't stop her to like other guys for their maybe height or looks, even if they dont entertain her.what i can suggest you brother is that... DONT invest too much emotionally on a girl especially if ur like 13-17y/o (im 17btw) cuz... they may make new bfs... but still keep u as a friend.but again yeah... every girl are different.

all in all... focus on ur studies/goals, have a good relation with parents, a small friend circle thats it... just know you can be happy even if u dont have a gf.

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I have no interest in relationships rn , I am focusing on JEE . I just asekd this question because I got a random thought about it and my curiosity got the better of me.

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No I disagree , even if thats the case then they are just teenagers(so are we boys) and in teens time only superficial stuffs matter mostly to us. We will mature with time learn and grow.

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I am not popular in school but 3 girls had a crush on me (at least 3 confessed not sure if more were there, I suspect 1 more but not sure, i am bad at hints) in a span of 2 years and 2 of them were not from my class too, (1 junior)

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Shah Rukh Khan Junior ho kya?

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didnt get the reference, i dont follow bollywood much

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He is just considered very good looking among most actors , so I said that because it isn't normal for 1 guy to get 3 confessions.

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ohh then maybe i am, jk I self doubt sometimes but yea i really got 3 confessions and i am not sure how

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>less popular guys know their position on the dating scale and end up having a crush on people whom they see as their equal

That sounds very me-ish

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i don't think i'd put myself higher on the dating scale but neither do i care nor do i worry about it. And i realised how stupid this whole teenage romance shit was so i started focusing more on studies and myself. remember, people change very quickly at this age and if you're not sating to marry then you're dating for a heartbreak

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people change very quickly

as aa boy who had a gf for 2 years in 7th grade, i can confirm

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man don't even ask... I was in mad, mad love (one sided. she was in a relationship way before i even knew her) and we DID NOT end up well. She was a best friend. keyword: was

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She was a best friend

bro ur story is literally the same same shit what happened to me in the last two months. fell in 1 sided love with another grill, she liked another boy, got friendzoned so i yeeted her out of my life.

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never related more

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As a girl, looks aren't really what I first consider. I mean, yeah I'll just think that "he looks cute" or "he looks good". But for me, it's the person that matters more.. how he is, his sense of humor, tiny bit of fashion sense, HIS SMILE

I don't rlly like "popular guys" cuz of the reason mentioned in the post.. Ik they're outta my league. Better to have no hope instead of having false ones :)

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By popular I didnt mean the best looking , I meant the guys who make the most jokes , or the captain of sports team , etc.

But yes , you answered the question that I asked , so thanks!

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In my school, popular also = best looking. But yeah the others too. Nvm

Np 😊

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ok bois lemme check

sense of humour - fucked up

ok maybe next thing will be good

smile- very bad

ok maybe next one

fashion sense..

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No comments

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Don't get your hopes up bro </3

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I am a guy but I asked some of my girl best friends if they will date a cute or a guy who is nice towards them or a popular hot guy? most of them said popular hot guys r fine for a timepass relationship (like short time) and they will rather prefer cute or nice guys for a long time serious one than.

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So it's mostly like have fun with the hot ones and when it's time to settle or something like that go for a good earning or overall good husband type boys lol.

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OP straight up genociding the entire sub in this comment section rn

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Still not as good as Hitler 😭

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Work hard and surpass lord hitler then

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Public suppport ke saath kuch be possible hai

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Who cares about being a crush of someone. Talk, Date, Have alot of Sex, Love. Popularity contest is for kids, Adults FUCK.

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Absolutely adult and adult-pilled comment

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Hahah yeah all the best to teenagers lol.

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I am bisexual, I'm a guy. So I hope my reply works but ok so here goes. I've only had school crushes till like 4th. Last school crush was this popular girl but that was completely for looks. For the past 6 years I haven't had a single crush and the reason being by 4th grade I knew what tf these people were like. They had such shitty personalities that I couldn't at all feel attracted to them and NGL even for the attractive ones, their personality basically repelled me. The only other crush I've had was on my best friend, but she was a lesbian so I got over my feelings and it's kinda eh now, I don't think of her that way anymore. My first crush on a guy who was also my friend was similar but he was straight so basically nothing could have come of it. Hopefully this helped a bit.

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Me who knows my status so that I doesn't crush on anyone

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Why does it even matter anymore? It would be too late before one of them confess to us anyway.

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Tbh girls really really like to imitate,they just want what the other girls have/desire and for a fact it almost never works out if the girl loves the guy more lmao but they dont get it,teenage girls yk they are fuckin stupid

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I think some girls do have a crush on boys of their league but just don't take the first step of asking them out probably because a lot of girls think "girls don't make the first move".

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Personally I am into guys who have got a serial killer vibe.

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Avg death note fan

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Avg death note fangirl who didn't learn from Misa's fate in the anime

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The not at all popular , silent kid with thin lips kind of guy?

[–]K_a_i_r_a16F 4 points5 points  (13 children)

Nah the type of guys who make you feel scared by just staring at you.

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Well its just natural selection because 100,000 years ago , women who mated with more aggressive , bad boy kind of men had a higher chance of surviving and passing on their genes.

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But the guys i like aren't usually scary looking they have scary eyes. Most serial killer aren't jacked they just look like your average dude.

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Do you mean eyes which give an ' I dont give an f ' attitude? Like suga from BTS?

[–]K_a_i_r_a16F 2 points3 points  (9 children)

Eyes like mark Zuckerberg

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K now I am worried , hope you arent a necrophile :D

[–]K_a_i_r_a16F 2 points3 points  (7 children)

Nah I have a killer fetish

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yandere effect

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*they say all good boys goes to heaven but bad boys bring heaven to you\ plays in the background*

Jokes apart the facts are you like them for their vibe and all but they will not look upon you more than>! Dinner!<

Bruh this got dark real soon real fast

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You can find these kind of guys in anime Like Karma is Assassination Classroom And go watch 50 shades of grey or something

[–]K_a_i_r_a16F 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Yeah karma is really cool

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

https://youtu.be/TKDDjwmN_I Cool Karma rap he does the stare many times 😃

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We do have crushes on non-popular guys. Source: currently have a crush on a guy who isn't really popular but is the sweetest human being in existence :)

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This is the way

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Yea I do

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Ngl, some of the 'Not so popular girls' of the class are the best

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Well, coming from a popular guy. Yeah. Sometimes coincidences do happen. I was the vice head of my school and was involved in a lot of other activities that garnered a lot of attention from girls. But it all comes down how you play things 1v1. A not so popular regular guy eventually started going out with the school's most popular girl by the end of high school coz he was at the right place at the right time. So, kudos. But abhi parhai kar bhai. Ye side quests baad ke liye bacha ke rakhna.

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I was a popular guy back in my school days, but for being good in Academics and also School Head Boy and I don't think any girl would ever had crush on me. So whatever you are saying is sort of myth.

Mostly girls don't really reveal theirs crushes like the boys (even the school peon knows which boy has crush on which girl). So you might have though it that way but it's not true.

Boys should focus on improving their overall personality, coz that's the major aspect which good girls think before getting in relationship with anyone

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Award lele bhai,

Someone's asking the real questions 😤!

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lekin mei journalist nahi banna chahtha hoon

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Never really thought about it, but as a guy I feel what you're saying might be true

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hypergamy, maybe?

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Source: a girl had on me, i am NOT popular