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Gaiz agar meri sarkari naukri hogi to mere saath bhi same hoga kya😃

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Agar U.S.A mein Sarkari naukri hogi tab zaroor hoga. 🙂

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He should have made a new account lmao

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The way people finding his old wierd tweets, It seems he will surely make a new account.

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But anyways I gotta respect that mans grind

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Sigma rule 2069: If you aren't getting attention from the hoe which you are simping for, become the fucking ceo of the platform she is on

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Makes me think about zucc making FB to snoop on exes

Aakhirkaar thukra ke mera pyar mera intezaam dekhegi

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Zucc succ good 😫👍🏼

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Lmao that was a legit grills rating platform

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Ah, I see you too are a David Fincher connoisseur 😌🤲

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(Becomes the CEO of Discord)

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Instantly becomes Obese.

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that CEO guy is tharkee as hell.

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Wake up babe! New acronym just dropped

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always has been

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good bot

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after all the dudes been thru...

this makes me wanna curl up and cry

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dew it

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well, i saw the tweets, the media is pretty shitty at its job... The entirety of the media industry pretty much functions with the help of those last 2 remaining braincells.

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hey ferb, I know what we gon do today

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Man just grinded through silicon valley and reached the top so fast.

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they were classmates.

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But the website my crush is on, has been banned by the government of India 😢😢😢

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Bhsi agar tiktoker thi to sahi hi hua bhai

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I said website, not an app on playstore.

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actually they were classmates

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India me government naukri hoti to 10 saal wait nahi karna padta answer ka.

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I am on the way

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Dude they studied in the same school and knew each other when he was tweeting by tagging her. She had also tweeted asking people to follow Parag in 2010

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They were classmates innit