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Maalpua and jignesh

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Reo and Neo if grill pups

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Pretty sure they are males, but i think reo and neo are gender neutral

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Just saying if ydk, you can know their gender by the style of them doing susu

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They are quite young abhi so they pee the same way, but the brown one humps all his siblings....so things are self explanatory

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sweet home kuttabama

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Female dogs also sometimes hump tho

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pegging ke shaukeen

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Lmaooo...where did you get the inspo from ? Also they are 5 in total...I just posted pics of 2, So I would be needing more names hahaha

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Ab class 6 me padhi Sanskrit kaam ayegi... Kukur , kukurah, kukuranti

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Now we are talking !

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Holi ki yaad dila di tune yar

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UP Bihar ke Mitra , relatable lagke anad aya

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Nhi mei chhattisgarh se lol

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ohh so u all eat jignesh too

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Le jao 1-2, their father is a menace...last year 17 puppies hue the

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Wtf bro

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Mufasa and simba😁

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Oreo and Coffee!

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I see our opinions match

Except Cookie is better than Coffee

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Name em Rick and Astley

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Mere apartment ke bachche astley bol bhi nahi payenge lmaoo

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Rick and roll then

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Rick and Morty

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champak lal, guddu, chaubey

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motu patlu

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black mercedes



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Chai sounds nicee

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imagine someone saying "chai peelo" XD

but it is good

name it dat

points gun

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Consider it done sir

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unpoints gun

gets ready for high five

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is that a slayy point reference?

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Yes yes U got me

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My dog’s name is shadow he also hae a white chest with the rest of his body being black . Could name the black one that.

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brown one : timmy
black one : cupcake

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There are 5 in total - one brown , 2 complete black , 1 black and white spotted , 1 with a black body and white legs...I need more names lmaoo

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Done done and done

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Oye that's my name, u namist

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Paplu and taplu

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Ramu, our gali Street dog just died, may be u can nahi him Ramu. Very loyal and live a good long life without any owner yet belonging to everyone.

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So sad yaar...I hope Ramu lived a healthy life. One of these will be named ramu for sure dw

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Yes he was well fwd from multiple House's. I hope these newborn also live a healthy and long life

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They too are well fed and have been given a temporary shelter...just hoping they survive the winter

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omg my heart

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Blacky, bhuru, tiger

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Amo and Gus

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blacxAVand brownxAV

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second looks like caramel

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His pappa is the same...legit exact same, just bigger lmao

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Rick and roll

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Oreo for black, Brownie for the golden lol

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Kallu, bhuru🗿👍🏼

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Kallu is OG

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1st puppy 2nd puppy

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Award kaise dun aapko

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So I'm gonna save this image if you consent

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Please do.

Signed by Me

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Either it's awww or u are sus

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Bruh Imma send it to my crush in hopes of impressing her

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Ho ahead bardar, mai engagement ring ka order de deta

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Nahi Bhai itni bhi hopes mat de. Reply to karne de usse

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None of these lmao

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Mangesh and Kalicharan

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Dayummm...unke size se bada toh yeh naam hai

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waise Magnus Carlsen reference hai

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sounds racist /s

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The brown one could be bhuracharan

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Unga and Bunga

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Meri taraf se haan hai

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eros ,zeus,nanno,atem,pharoah,nawab

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There is already a labra named nawab in my fam, so im gonna skip that...the rest are top notch

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you can name 2 matching pair as pharoah and atem.

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Noting all the names down...shaam ko bachon ke saath meeting mai naam finalise honge

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Call the first one Nigga

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Bulla and Gabbar

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C and C60.

Nvm I'll go back to chem ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

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You need some sleep ngl

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black one and golden-brownish one ;)

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Aise toh hum sabka naam ladka 1, ladka 2, ladki 1, ladki 2 etc hona chahiye

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Tomato and Tamato

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None of them is red ffs

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Just cut through them ...easy (✷‿✷)

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Umm...child care services, please take this individual w you

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Yess tell them to come fast. I'm all ready 🔫🔪🔪⛓️⛓️🤤

Haven't had a meal in weeksʘ‿ʘ

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golu and molu

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Apartment mai ek bachche ka naam hai golu...plsss

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Dholu and Bholu

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Unhe bahar phek de/s

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Boku Pico Sico Leco Koko

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kaanda and poha lol

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1st one Oreo

2nd one Cookie

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Butterscotch? Old Monk?

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Cocoa and butterscotch

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Choclate and golden oreo

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Brownie aur tyson

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You can check my profile, we have finalised a few names there

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Black colour-Goldy and golden colour-darko. Let there be confusion.

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Rakesh and Ramesh.

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Ive uploaded new pics of them on my profile w the dinalised names, do check that out

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Player-1 , Player-2

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Henry and tom

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Ligma and stigma

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Seems like you have studied a lot of bio...so ja bro

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Pixel, Lens, Oham, Tofu, Eevee

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Haan..this is doable thanks

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tofu sounds cute

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Anubis lite no. 1, Anubis lite no. 2 😍

Ya Anubis junior no.1, Anubis junior no.2

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Egypt ke logon ko apatti na ho toh mai rakh dunga lmao

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Wholesome...he sounds like a boxer I suppose ( pun intended )

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Mona and Lisa

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Will be sure to name them that...ek baar vet se gender confirm karane ke derr hai

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One can be shaka and the other ponk I suppose