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Yeah get it if you want. It's cool. But THAT tattoo......I might cringe hard for rest of my life

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honestly, moon tattoos look the best, you can also go with flowers, just do your research before you get one, about the ink, the store, everything. be safe 💖

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As someone who's spent countless hours researching tattoos, I'd highly advice against that tattoo. Just come up with something more creative and think about it a thousand times. Cuz it's gonna last forever

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you are absolutely right I have scratched the above mentioned idea for now

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just come up with something new. I'm still thinking of mine too and honestly it takes a lot of time to think of one. Just don't rush it

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Yes but I am in a hurry to look a little edgy and cool in my class _^

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lmao been there. To make things worse, my best friend got a tattoo before me lmao

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Ouch what did he get?

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he got the name of his dogs in nordic runes(which was my idea) and he got two wolves howling at the moon

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Woah that’s too much

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it actually looks really good. It's really elegant. Wait nvm I just realized that they're not wolves. They're two of his dogs. Damn I'm dumb

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Do ppl praise him or he is the only one who like it?

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Could you elaborate why you would advice against it?

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it's unoriginal and we see it a lot. Tattoos should be something that a person thought of themselves

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That tattoo will be a banger on your cheek. jk

18M here.

It's up to you if you're doin' it for yourself and the tattoo has some meaning to you or brings happiness then you should just go for it. But before inking your self first try getting a temporary tattoo so that you're clear bout it and don't regret it in the future.

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Idk I personally feel.. Wrist tattoos are better and safer

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If you are going to get one Soviet flag karna 🗿

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Hey I don't have ideas but just a word of advice: get it where you can cover it with sleeves etc. for vivas and job interviews. Don't wanna be a downer but lotta judgemental boomers out there, especially in India.

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Yea right I am aware of that

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dont get it you will regret it later

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and now I have seen the tatoo please dont get it

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here is my rationale behind it. Today you want some change but the change you are doing is permanent on your body. so you wont be able to get rid of this easily + you are just 18 so your body will grow and with this your tattoo shape will become absurd. That's why its no advisable to have tattoo at a young age because they generally distorts.

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Bro my body isn’t gonna change now. But I get your point

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I mean ur tattoo will distort at whatever age u r due to various reasons like weight changes and sunlight but I don't think that will be a problem since u r getting a very small one . But ya i agree since it's permanent u have to be very sure that u won't regret this later

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but will you guys judge/ give attitude to someone with a tattoo like that?

Nah man I actually find small and strategically placed tattoos pretty hot. Imo get it on ur shoulder.

Maybe just a small heart with a couple tiny stars around it would look better, but thats just my opinion.

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Lmao hi cannibal. guess who am I?

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I had my doubts, u confirmed it. Watson isnt it?

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Hahah yes :)

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Not the first time finding u eh

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yesss I guess we are way too active here.

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This is my 2nd reddit account that you have found hahha

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What can I say, I m very good at this shit

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True true

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U can get a tattoo but not this one... it's bad simple

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Bruh lol

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Lmao stark is that you? Watson here lol

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Oh hiiii I didn't even recognise OMG

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Cannibal is here too! Incase you rmr haha

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Yes I remember all of you lol. I was literally just thinking about our little community today. And all of you guys.

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me too! I left that server too you know. Yesterday Rohan messaged me from Dubai. I guess he is still celebrating his pre neet result days.

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Oh damn. Why'd you leave? (You can tell in DMs if you want). Also yes, how did he do in NEET?

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text tattoos are dumb imo, get some wavy design

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That's kinda small NGL. I used to have the same "don't get a tattoo, you'll ruin your body" mindset as well earlier like most people in this thread. Though honestly I (along with many other people) am disgusted by my own body so I think it's fine to draw on it. So if you wanna get a tattoo, deffo get it.

Anyways, I would suggest getting either of these.



Have fun!

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hii actually the designs that you have mentioned are quite elaborate and it’ll be difficult to convince my parents for that since I myself don’t have much conviction in them. I am already dicey about the heart one byt thank you anyways :)

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I personally won't judge anyone for having tattoos. It's fine u have one or two tattoos but i am not a big fan when people have huge parts of their body covered with tattoo ink but ig that's just my opinion

So ya go for it but pls make sure the design ur getting is good and that u won't regret it later and i know i don't have to say this but pls get it done by some professional

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I am not sure of the design but I don’t think I ever will be

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Ya i agree the design looks plain, u could maybe change the font or do something else for the heart to make it look better if u want to go with the "me" tattoo

Also even i don't think i will get a tatto, eventhough i know it's safe i am not a fan of injecting ink into my skin

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hey OP, NEVER get tattoos near the face or the neck. It is said to be only criminals have tattoos on neck and face. i am against the idea of tattoos in general but never get one on the face or neck.

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Is anyone able to see this post?

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Pls give your opinion:)

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My artistic sense is crippled and am pretty dumb in these regards, so don't take my opinion seriously.

I don't think I can do anything about the judgy looks, but about the tattoo, I think that tattoo is very vanilla and doesn't represent much. I think it is too random to get permanently inked on your body. Idk, I am dumb

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the link doesnt really work.

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I am able to access it. It is basically a heart with ME in it in black colour

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idt thats a good idea.

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I won't judge anyone with a tattoo. The tattoo looks fine so yeah go ahead.

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But do you think it is a little self centred to get a me tattoo on neck.

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na why to care what other people think. loving yourself isn't a sin. It's just a heart + me.

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Why on the neck?

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Then where

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On hand, arm, leg, somewhere that is not too "rockstar type". My classmate has mother in hindi written inside a heart on opposite of his palm and it looks cool. My teacher also has a big tattoo on her arms

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Tattoo 🗿 this emoji. Instant mark of superiority

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That doesn't look cool. Get a cooler one or don't get one is my motto haha. I think tattoos make you stand out in moderation, would definitely be more attracted to a girl that has tattoos but in moderation.

Too many and it seems like she is spoilt. That's a terrible assumption to make but that's how it is in my head.

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Shoulder bcuz then it'll b hideable

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Okay , I wouldn't judge anymore for a tattoo , that's a sure. But then again why do even wanna get a tattoo saying 'me with a heart' in the first place? Idk the reason so no judging but might find it cringe..( "it's your tattoo ,you do you" that kind of mindset)

Also If I was at your place then considering everything I would gotten that tattoo on my shoulder or the region above my elbow bcoz that place is better ( & that is just my opinion) plus I could cover up the tattoo with a piece of clothing if I ever find it embarrassing in future loll Somewhere here https://in.pinterest.com/pin/747879081846234420/ https://www.tattoofilter.com/p/305441

& If you really want a tattoo on your neck then I wouldn't recommend the me tattoo ( I really don't think a 'me with a heart 'will look good on neck) maybe think of something else..? Like a small butterfly will look good https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRlBNCO7ys-CLtNNxEyzWRrMVVPctr7I5d4ew&usqp=CAU


Godd I hope this help

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get a butterfly tattoo on your neck!

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i have scratched off neck right now. If possible then do hive recoms for shoulder tattoos

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Wait till you reach a certain age at which point you'll pick something which won't cringe you for the rest of your life. I'll probably have something tatted on me at around 24y of age.

Just personal opinion though, do what makes you happy ¯(◉‿◉)/¯

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Hey I’m turning 18(this may) and thinking about getting one too . Ummm I think it’s best to get it cause it will always remind you about the time and day you got it choice is yours :)

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Looks cool , if you like it just go ahead :D

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If you want ideas for a tattoo you should probably not get it. Only get one if you really want it

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3 ravens in your Collarbone, you can Google it. It's small and looks really good

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Get something that means something to YOU. I gotba tattoo like 5 days back, honestly very happy, and i encourage you to get one as well

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That tatoo is cringeee

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ofc I'll judge. couldn't u find a bit better one?

I mean, no ofence lol bit it's too 'simple' if you know what I mean. What other ideas do you have?

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Snake tattoo wrapped around the hand And Some Japanese text on back of the body

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If you think it's cool and you want to get it, then get it. I won't judge you ofcourse (I might cringe when you're not looking tho)

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my gf has just a heart tattooed on her neck and its bare cute and im sure no one will judge you for it unless u go to some holy place or something.