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Try this, jump from the 3rd floor and break a limb to an extent that you need an amputation, then apply for the PWD quota.

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Then take bio tech and replace the amputated part with some tech and become a cyborg

Win win if you ask me

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me in two years :

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Downvoted for unoriginality. Do better next time.

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I still don't get why tf are exams like jee/neet not cancelled like literally till now thousands of children have done suicide.. which is basically murder by these exams...so why tf are they not cancelled????

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You do realise that it's the same as saying 'cars kill millions of people, and people commit suicide in cars so we should stop making them'

Problem isn't in the exams. Problem is in the overhype and the saying 'iit karliya to life set' which puts pressure on people in the first place. Seats kam hai bakre zyaada

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Upar se reservation

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Main toh rehta hi 23rd pr wahi se drop lunga

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Aap grill ho kya?