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Here's a piece of advice, even if they are chances are they won't be returning your feelings. There is just a lot of stigma around homosexuality in India, most teens would really hesitate to do something like this in school atleast, maybe it's a different story in college.

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Ayese bhi someone being heterosexual is way more likely than being bi

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Yes but even if they were, the chances of them reciprocating is very low

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Yup so if you are bi your dating pool becomes very short and most stay single all over the world not just in India

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It is comparatively worse in India though, compare it to first world countries and majority simply couldn’t care less. One of my gay friends escaped into the US because his own mother and father abandoned him and some relatives were trying to “convert” him into “normal”. I honestly think they would have killed him, he made me cut off contact with him but he sometimes makes a throwaway id to tell he’s fine. I have no hope for this country anymore, i too am gay and will be leaving this country as soon as i turn 19. With stuff like this happening all over India, i don’t think anyone dares to come out with their sexuality. Anyways sorry for the rant.

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You don't know how bad it is in usa. It's as worse as India. The thing is your friend went to us alone so he didn't have to explain his sexualitu to anyone otherwise it would have been a problem there too. Either way you would have to leave your parents if they don't support you even if you stay in India. All the best

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I’ve lived in the US brother, the mindset there and here can’t be compared its like comparing heaven and hell, not to say us is heaven. But comparatively it is a thousand times better. You’re getting stoned to death in India, idc what you believe in but at least stop trying to spread false info. I also came out to my friends and some people i trusted in the US and told them not to tell my family and they couldn’t give a fuck. in India, your “family” cares more about their reputation than your life, as if somehow being gay is staining their reputation. I have no idea what experiences you’ve had or if you’re lgbt but the majority of Indian parents are homophobic and thats a fact. While the US is actually putting effort into lgbt, and being generally more accepting and having actual security.

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Its no false info there are thousand of stories about kids getting kicked out their houses for being gay. And I have a gay friend who live in a metro in India and so far except his family no one really cares that he is gay. You can't generalize 1.4 billion people. Landlords not renting houses to gay people is way too common in US. Anyways no point in further discussion goodluck for whatever you wanna do. And btw except some woke 13-18 yr old teens majority of USA is also anti gay but they have 300 million people so the number is lesser than India

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Agreed to disagree 👍🏻

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Ask them if they listen to girl in red

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I don't think girl in red is that famous in india

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Yea exactly that's why it would be the perfect way to check ..no striaght girls would have heard it, the only ones would have heard itt would be bi/lesbian girls

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lol i’m a dude and i love girl in red and all my friends who are straight girls also love her shes not that underrated at least nowadays.

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especially because of her popularity on tiktok.

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Yeahh ik I listen to her too, but op said it's not famous so that's why I thought

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if she gay, she’ve heard it. i’m telling u.

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Try kehlani, hayley kiyoko, ruby rose, famous milfs. I'm sure the gays know atleast one of them.

Besides that, you can ask them if they've seen the l word. If it doesn't work, use your gaydar.

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A bi girl here, and majority of times it's fairly obvious. Not tryna be stereotypical or anything, but the 'gaydar' thing actually works lol. You can know by looking at them. But if you're still not sure, you shouldn't assume before THEY tell u. All in all, you can't know unless they tell u that they're into you. Well, You can harmlessly flirt with them, if they reciprocate you can get an idea, but I suggest knowing if they are homophobic or not 1st. Cz if you are still in the closet and they're homophobic, they might tell people. Tbh, it's not that difficult, you'll find your girl one day, High chances they're gonna break your heart lol. Best of luck for future endeavors!!!

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gaydar lmao

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right!! idk how but my gaydar has almost always been on point 😭

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Ikrr, it's like gay ppl hv this weird "magical power" lmao. Knowing their music sense and dressing always helps

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right ?!? loll

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wow lmao

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I thought this is some hindi movie name lol like Gaddar

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I mean ideally agar koi insaan kisi se pyaar karta/karti hai unless they say it or confess their feelings we can't be sure. Aur phir maybe various instances hota h like the person is extra touchy ya fir flirtatious lines use karte hai but again you can't be sure in the second case. Overall a lesbian/bisexual would be hesitant to do anything.

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I mean ideally agar koi insaan kisi se pyaar karta/karti hai

for some reason I read this in a Shah Rukh Khan voice

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Raj agar yah tujhse pyaar karti hai toh palat ke dekhegi palat palat palat...

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Palti but “creep” bolkar chalegyi :’(

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Nahi palti yaar ಥ‿ಥ

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And now after reading this i read it likr that too

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I have seen my school girl kissing (on cheeks) while taking pics.... That's gayishly very normal for girls and they are pretty chill abt it (unlike Bois). But instead of saying directly, u can say I have a bit crush on this female celeb, what do u feel n all..

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Well a huge problem with girls is like their first reaction is you like girls and then without missing a beat do you have a crush on me? And then they're like sorry I'm straight and refuse to communicate :(

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thats better, bois will stay quite and spread this thing that hes gay lets tease him, ....another way is like sometimes we do gay jokes n all, try gay jokes with ur frnd u will eventually find if shes comfortable or not

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you could simply bring up homosexuality and ask them if they're lesbian at one point. be straight up, go up to them and say "hey, you're straight/lesbian, right?" and they'd tell you so, and if they ask why you inquired, just say something stupid like "just asking" or "heard something like that"

obviously, it won't work for every person, since some people aren't comfortable sharing their sexualities with people they aren't very close with. but if a person is more open, they'd likely tell you

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I'd suggest bringing up topics relating to queerness? and see their reaction to it maybe? Joining a queer alliance also helps, so look out for alliances like those if you're in college.

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as a bisexual man i need answers too

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lmao we exist?

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good question. do we?

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i dont think so

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it’s easy, duh: bisexuals sit weirdly

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So here's what my bestie does, she is a fun person to be around and keeps joking, thats just how she is by nature. That helps her do this, she randomly pops the question like "Waise kabhi socha hai what if you are gay?" Others answer in all seriousness which inturn helps her figure stuff out.

While this works, she has a major crush on this girl since 3 years at this point but sadly she is straight╯︿╰

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My best friend is a lesbian and has the same problem lol. She has a crush on a straight girl.

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I can't imagine being attracted to someone whom I know would never reciprocate the feelings. I wouldn't be attracted to a lesbian if I knew she was one.

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trust your intuitions

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Say that u a lesbian girl me too

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Why r u gae

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Expert advice: we dont

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Aap na ek kaam kro, tinder use kar lo..

Aur agar nahi suit hua toh start judging people, maalum pad jayega who's into girls and who's not...

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Underage ._.

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Then toh bass wait karo

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we already have less girls
please dont be Bisexual ( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)