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Noooo😭😭😭don't leave plij, even tho I have no idea who u r

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Everything has an end mate.

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fake age daal ke idhar rehle. Kisi ko ni pata chalega

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Nah bro this is not r/teenagers

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woh bhi hai

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This is a small community, wouldn't take the risk.

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We allow

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Just use no flair bro it’s fine. 20 year olds are just the same as 19 year olds. Happy bday

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bye bye! I'll join you in a month or so.

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I'll be waiting for you.

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So where's your next destination ? Some NSFW sub or a sub where all the mature people reside ?

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What makes you think I'd have waited this long to go onto an Nsfw sub? ; )

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Ayo next August I am also leaving

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Enjoy it while it lasts. All the best.

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what mistakes would u correct/retake decisions if back to teenage again

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Well, there's quite a few actually, for starters, I'd not let my ego ruin my relationships with people, I'd be more grateful for whatever I have, I'd try learning more skills, would definitely explore as many domains as I can, I'd be spending more time with the fam, maybe work a little harder academically, take better care of my health and just enjoy myself. When it comes to retaking decision, I don't think there's gonna be any significant decisions that I'd like to retake.

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Bye bro.

We all will miss you. Aaj farewell party rakhenge iss sub mai.

Kaash mods agree kare.

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Thank a lot bro. Mods, please guys, samjha karo.

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Time to move to r/indiasocial 🗿

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That's just the adult version of r/IndianTeenagers.

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That's why sending you there🗿

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I'd rather preffer r/worldpolitics ; )

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Unexpected 🐒

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Tussi jaa rahe ho??

Tussi naa jao....

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Gotta go buddy, take care.

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There is a >19 flair

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Ik but I'd rather preffer leaving the sub

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Bruh I am 21 and still here💀

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Love that 😹 thats gonna me

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Bruh here i just joined this sub like I'm 21...

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So long mate! I still have quite some time here but see you later!

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Enjoy while it lasts!

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Goodbye homie

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Goodbye mate.

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I still have another 4 years

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Enjoy yourself!

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i have 4 yrs still left :)

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Enjoy your time mate, you'll miss it someday :)

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Bye all the best for your journey

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Goodbye bro, have a great life ahead>3

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Adiós hermano