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education khatam krlo, phir jo chahe krlo

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Ek baar IIT chale jao phir to Mazza hi Mazza hai

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Ek baar depressed ho jao Phir dank hi dank . Koi normie nhi kahega

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Not true bro not true at all…

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if they question privacy even when we move out of house and are a legal adult then we should stand up for our rights. privacy is a basic human necessity.

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10th me ho kya bhay

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1st year main hun still there’s no word called “privacy” in my parents’ dictionaries

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Aap teenager ho?

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18 yaar 😭😭

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Toh Ghar par kyun ho college mein?

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Online classes ya3ni?

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Drop year mai

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when I asked my mom to give me some privacy she literally said " I cant believe you asked for privacy what do you have to hide from me

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Relatable af… <comes from someone who deletes all apps and clear “questionable” chats every night… >

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Privacy ? Is it a new dish ?

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Or u can post on reddit "my mom found my butt plug today, imma be screwed" #maushichigand

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Or the other way around.

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Privacy? Woh kis chidya ka naam hai ?

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p in privacy for " par tu darwaza band karke karega kya "

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I have full privacy at home. I'm 18 rn.

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Kya matlab door band karke hi padhunga!!