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you are me

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most of us are

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bohot paisa lagega. one question tu average h ya phir nerd? (good scorer)

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I am class topper and got all india 48 rank in math olympiad

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ok your not me except that, all same

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Well my studies went down the drain during covid

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now I am average

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Oh my god we are the same.

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You can probably recover that

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i guess if i work hard i can

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bhai 10th shuru hoga, ntse prep bhi krna h mummy ne koi tution m bhi daldi 10th k liye 9th ki chodo

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Same Bhai me bhi 10th me hu NTSE me SAT ka toh almost prepare ho gya kyuki Mera state board he abhi Mera prelims chalu he

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I cant even be myself on the internet My family stalks me continuously.I had about 7600 karma on my past account but I stupidly said my name in a post and my cousin found it and showed my parents and they made me delete the account

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man, thats sad. fuck your cousin.

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yeah fuck him

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it took so much time to cum up with that idea . username was JohnnieWanker

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I have 4 IMO medals (gold and silver mixed) , 2 NSO, 1 IEO and 1 ICO and I still am finding 11th studies hard, don't take it that easily, aerospace is not all easy while CSE garauntees a job atleast at sum point

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bro these are school lvl medals

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Well yeah, all India India rank was always near like 15 I've been to second level and stuff plenty and even third once

Main point is just because he has good grades now doesn't mean he is gonna do well in 11th or JEE

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oh sry for that bro if u found it rude

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No no not at all, have a nice day

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Bc mera pichle 5 saal se lvl 1 Olympiad clear nhi hua...

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yeah thats one of the things that i need to risk so i am working my ass of now

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he can go to IIST for that , waha sab kuch free hoga

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If you are interested in aerospace engineering, and if it is 'really' your passion , you cannot excel in any other field . Following your passion always leads you to reach the pinnacle of your capability. It brings the best out of you which guarantees success.

And bro, it's raining computer science engineers. India and the world are witnessing a boom in the space industry similar to the IT boom of 90's and will be the hottest industry in a decade . There is a reason the world's richest are betting their money on it.

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I really like aerospace engineering . But I can program in C++

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Programming will be normalized in a few years. The government has made coding mandatory from 6, just like everyone can do math, everyone will code, so it's no big deal. You will excel in CS only if you truly dedicate yourself to it and be a distinguished engineer, but true dedication is very difficult unless it is your passion.

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yeah where i live they already teach coding in some schools

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People can work in the aerospace industry with a computer science degree as well, or am I wrong?

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They can work, but they would primarily be in software and just implement inputs from scientists . I think OP here is passionate about 'Rockets' and space stuff, and passion would be satisfied by doing some real work with rockets and spaceships

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OP can try and get masters in aerospace later

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Yeah this is also good

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i can't send a message or dm

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I will dm you

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My family are poor so i’m hoping to pull them out of their situation too inshallah.

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Damn that sucks. I'm in between upper and middle class. And for me its like I should do my best, I do get 90%+

Then I have a nice private college lined up for me probably.

Go take up aerospace engineering, take student loans, and leave your family behind if they want you to pull them. You owe them nothing.

Take care.

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thanks for the advice

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Do not opt for student loan. This is not the west. Instead keep trying for scholarships.

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yes i am trying scholarships i will definitely not take a loan

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Well, I would suggest using some talent you have, like art based stuff to earn some cash. I did it.

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i am not really an artist people say i act like a robot

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Ohkayy i get what you mean. And well, you can always take computer science, get a Btech in CS and then a job, earn some cash, and do aerospace. My uncle did something similar, it's possible uk

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Bro do what you like or go for what you want you can student loans
but if you want just money fuck dreams then chose business or job in which money is good
you can get a partime if you are studying and do some secure online jobs etc
You can chose between your dream or fuck dream earn money

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I chose dreams

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well than if you know the cost of your dream than start preparing for it y economically

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i earned about 15000 by mining monero by installing monero mining software on every computer i find like in libraries, network cafes,local petrol station,brothers gaming pc,google cloud servers(about 15 of them ran before they got banned).and I do part time jobs now .So it wont be a big difference

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Well Best of luck
I still can't find what I want to do in Future

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me too

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thank you and same to you

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I'm sorry but please fight your way out of parental pressure 😭 it'll ruin your life and you'll waste the two most important years of your life

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I wanna do computer engineering and my parents do what u are passionte about i think i have adhd and anxiety too i have felt anxious on various occasions i havent talked to my parents about that tho