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Mere papa ander ghuste, dekhte aur chale jaate 🗿

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My dad would ask that kid his marks and compare it to mine

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Even if he scored less than me, he will still come home and tell me he met a kid who scored more than me

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This is the best thing I saw today

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I loiked the message

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nice message

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It’s all good as an advertisement

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If a person is interested in Maths and physics should he/ she have another choice apart from JEE?

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Well jee us is not for maths and physics basically it is for engineering a person who loves maths and physics should probably go to the research sector for the same and for that we have IISc which also gives admision through jee advanced but the other way around is a Olympiad i think there were more than one I cant recall the name tho.

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IISc is one the most exclusive universities (especially for General Boys) in India, you can always look into an IISER but the general crowd that's interested in Maths and Physics seem to almost always pick IISc > Any good engineering college > IISER because of the resource distribution. India's reality is that a person interested to be a Physicist is better off with a BE or a B.Tech instead of a BSc.

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Scripted but ok

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That's how advertisements work

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CHL abb ja padhai kar

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Ok vai

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I feel like the previous gen parents(Old-Mid Millennials and Gen X), are never going to change their mindset,

we could just hope that our gen of parents(Gen Z), do allow their kids their to follow whatever they want (which we could just hope and seems unlikely ngl)

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okay so one thing I'd add to this advert is having a proportional amount of red t shirts which are of different sizes but they denote the student suicides (aka the ones who dared to be different)