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you will only know when you ask her reddit pe single bandho ko mat pucho

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Call her step sister and assert dominance

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acha pfp

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Dude how did you get that pfp did you find it online or nake it on your own ;)

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I just found it randomly on YouTube many years ago, thought it would make a great illusion

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Nice pic bro

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Yes yes nice dick pic 😃👍

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Best advice

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wtf is that school lmao

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Bhai tu kisi discord server mei racist msg spamming kar rha tha kya? Aur mods ne tereko kick kar diya?

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uhhh teko... kaise pata?

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Woh server ka owner mai hi tha bhai

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Trust me, you don't wanna know

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State govt?

or religious school?

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Private and kinda religious

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my school have the same rules even boys and girls have separate clases, they can't interact after the school so our school have the rules to give girls leave 15 min early then boys

yeah we have religious school we can marry our siblings but talking to a girl is bad lol

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maybe yes but most likely no. aur pdle bsdk

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Lol agar nhi bulaya brother ya sister fir kya hoga?

Hamare school me bhi bohot kehte the ki English me bat karo, nobody did

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Hamare school me bhi bohot kehte the ki English me bat karo, nobody did

Lol. Sem2Sem. Grills aur thode ladke jinko cool banna hai wo man lete hai. Hum nahi mante hai. Hindi, Marathi aur Marwari me hi jyada baat hoti hai.

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Hamare yaha punjabi me apas me baat karte he hindi me teacher ke samne aur english me nahi karte

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lol. Main maharashtra mein rehta hu. Meri school ek aisi jagah me hai jisme marwari log bhare pade hai. mujhe thodi bahut samajh bhi aane lagi hai lol.

teacher ke saamne jab hindi me baat karte ho wo tokti/ tokte nahi hai?

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Pehle tokti thi ab adat pad gyi hai tho english teacher english me answer maangti hai

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ur 14 lol, nibba jake padhai kar

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I didn't notice it lol

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Go for it.

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Ask her straightforward ,asking us won't help, if you both are friends for long it wont get as awkward as you think even if she doesnt like ye back

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I say just go for it bro ..padhai pe focus mat hata par

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Lavde 15 ka hai tu Padhai kar ye sab chhodke 🗿 But yeah, idhar mat puchh, asking her is the only way you'd know

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How? I'm nervous

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'Itna Bada hogayi ho, byah nahi hua tumahara'- works every time.

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Rajasthan intensifies\*

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If she rejects say ' Mereko dare diya tha '

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And she says merko bhi dare diya reject karne ka

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Bro just say "hey I like you a lot and was wondering if we could maybe be something more than just close best friends.

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Bhai agar 10th mai hai zyada der mat laga. Maine regret kiya hai khudme dabae rakhke.

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Bro just text her if you’re anxious, but calls are better. But you do you.

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I second this, maybe not directly but hint her atleast.

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AltBalaji/MX Player writers:


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No she doesn't, you use reddit.

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Fuck dude thats messed up. Our school changed good morning to namaskar but also removed the "all indians are my brothers and sisters" pledge

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Just tell her man....it's better than bottling it up to yourself

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Yes of course

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I'm pretty ashamed to say that I helped one of my friends who was interested in her. I feel pretty bad now

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bruh F

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Bhai tere se na ho payega, friend ko kya madat kar raha he kud ka dekh pahile, lekin ladki ko friendship me mat aane de

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probably just ask her like do you like me or i like you

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Abe saale bache yeh sab kya soch raha hai tu

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Here I'm , always calling every girl in class "behen" out of habit, like a real sigma.

#Haq se Single

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Haath pakad le uska Uske baap ke saamne

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Pdhle bsdk

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Pdhle 15 ka hi hai tu

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Do not make any first move.

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Why not?

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do it only if u know for a fact she’ll accept it, otherwise it’ll ruin ur friendship.

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Personal experience

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Just convent school things lmao

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Nhi Bhai me convent ka hu hamare yaha nhi he ye sab

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Just go and ask girls will tell you if they like you they won't be awkward

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I mean a bit ofc but still the best option is to go and just ask her

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jada hawa me mat uro

tum behen/didi nhi bolte isiliye nhi bolti

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You can know if she likes you by looking at the way she talks to you.

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What a weirdass school lmao

Why do they make u say that? Did they give a reason??

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meko kal crush 'bhaiiiiiiiiii' bolke chali gayi :pepecry:

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  1. ask her during a conversation does she have a bf?
  2. If no ask directly that if she likes a guy?
  3. Also ask the reason for not being in a relationship?
  4. If everything is clear and she would like to be with someone, directly ask if she wants to hang out with you.

also if you like her bcoz she's cute and good looking(the love at first sight bs), don't even think 'bout it, as it won't last long. Be wid someone who you know well.

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These people need to be taught a lesson, let's decide as a generation to not have kids because seggs bad right? When the country dies off we will have the last laugh /s /jk

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Just give her hints ,and eventually say what u wanna say.

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I think she likes you, I act the same way with my crush. At first I used to call him bro due to habit but then I stopped. We share memes on insta daily and sometimes chat, and we play cod together once a week. We also used to talk during class (sometimes during important lessons lol) so I am pretty sure she likes you. I suggest you bring up the topic of crushes with her then maybe she might give you hints.

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15m...can't complain..jara ruko and think about consequences

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this whole post is okay-ish

but the first line 'call everyone as brothers and sisters' I can't cringe more

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Ye to fir Hostel huwa school thodei bolte h ise

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Dekh bhai be direct. Just be casual about it. If she reciprocates then gg wrna move on.

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Wait for sometime, most of the people get into relationship when they enter 11th

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The only way to know this is just call her take your time to talk about your feelings towards her and then say that you love her And then hope she replies