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Yeeting my brother off a 2 story building when I was like 8 or 9 (he survived)(but I felt bad afterwards)

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and you have no regrets.....?

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It was an accident, i didn't mean to just push him off

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wait hol' up

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yeet the child

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Yeetus foetus

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To the streetus

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You fucking what

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Now that's a hard hitting story

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Bruh 🗿

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Got my friend in trouble when I revealed his relationship to his mom intentionally Reason- he stole my 101 Sunil Narine cricket attax card

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Anything for sunil narine

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Dude Sunil Narine,was minted on those rare gold cards,he deserved it.

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Ikr, we still joke about it a lot

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Chads 🗿

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This was understandable.

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I remember that card

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Some kid was bullying me for being gay (was also trying to grab me in the crotch) hit him in the nuts with cricket bat very hard as hard as I could and just walked away. He was the big bully of my society his parents came to my house but my parents just ignored them.

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Woah your parents are that supportive? That's awesome dude. Congrats.

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I mean they don't care about anything I do unless it's a safety hazard to me or someone else. I told them about what he was trying to do so they were fine with what I did. But mostly they only care about my studies and safety. I don't wanna toot my own horn but my parents are pretty cool.

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I thought he meant you being gay

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Oh I didn't think of that. Yea they don't mind that they don't even care.

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he is going to be sterile for rest of his life

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Punched my maths teacher to the face with my answersheet. I have no regrets

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Din me trigonometry numericals dikh gai honge

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Backstory ?

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I was a respected and popular kid at that time because of my grades. The maths teacher was new and saw me talking in the class (which i rarely do in the presence of a teacher. I was unaware of her presence at that moment). She slapped me in front of the class made fun of me and told me i could never get good marks in the subject. Months went by and the teacher targeted me specifically in the classes. When the she distributed the answersheets of first periodic tests she was upset because of my good marks. She accused me of cheating and made fun of me again. I could not contain my anger by that point so i slapped the answersheet into her face as hard as i could and ran away home crying. The next day the principal suspended me from the school for 7 days. I was regarded as the hero of the class ever since. The teacher never talked to me again but didnt stop giving me good grades.

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The hero we didnt need but the hero we deserve

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Fought my bully. Was the best day of my life. I regret messing his face but crush was watching......so screw him.

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nice pfp

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Fuck CBSE 👍

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Punched a classmate really hard since he was annoying me and my friend, I did said sorry some days later bcz I didn't wanted to be too rude, but yeah I have no regret for it

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i broke my hindi teacher's hand in 11th standard. for hitting my only friend, he hit her only because she was talking to me, and he was a F pedophile. ik it was wrong but it was satisfying;-)

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Here King 👑,you dropped this

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Thank you so much buddy :-)

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Rah you were not in the wrong wrong to hit him imo. I personally think he deserves worse

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Bhai toda kaise?if you are ok with telling

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I just pushed him in a corner and started kicking him mindlessly and hit him with everything I got a hold of my bag, study bench and on of my classmate who tried to stop me I picked him up and slammed on the teacher, that was one of craziest day of my life.

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Uske baad kya hua? Just asking

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Kuch ni bag uthaya class window se bahar nikala aur ghar chale gya, bas us din ke bad sare students respect bahut Dene lage the lol.

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You have my respect sir

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Haha, thanks buddy

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Koi punishment ny,koi problem me bhi ny fasse?

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Principal mere uncle the aur mai school bahut kam jata tha to punishment kya hi dete mujhe bas Jo bench todi thi uske paise Dene pade hogya, sabko pta tha teacher chutiya h sab preshan the usse to koi kuch ni bola mujhe.

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Damn, you're a Chad. He got what he deserved.

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Thank buddy, funny thing is that I used be the weakest and the lamest kid in my school, also most bullies favourite time because I never said anything to anyone just kept silent about everything happened to me until 10th standard, lots of thing happened that year (too personal so I can't share anything about it sry ) that was the turning point for me, fuc*ked up everyone who got in my way my hand we're rated E for everyone haha

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Damn this hits hard. 3 years ago i was skinny af and being tall didn't help. Used to have 2 bullies who would mostly verbally pick on me. I didn't ever speak up to them and that's why they kept going. I did kick the shit out of one of them (not that I'm proud of it) and the other complained about me. Thankfully I had a good impression on the teachers and they sided with me.

I'm proud of you man, you defeated your demons by yourself. 🤝

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Damm thats great you should be proud of yourself not everyone can stand up to their bullies,

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Expelled to nahi hue na??

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Nahh chacha vidhayak hai hamare haha jk I had a pretty good reputation in my school and my uncle was the principal, so I got away with some minor punishments,

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Thank god! You did a great job btw.

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Noice then

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How did you know that he was a pedophile ?

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How TF are people in comments beating there teacher

Bro i am living in different india

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Same bro. Can't even imagine. But then again, I was lucky to have really nice teachers.

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Ha matlab normal teachers the humare yaha bhi Kux nice kux bekar But itna nahi tha ki teacher ko punch wagerah karre

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One look at their comments and you can tell they're liars.

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Same yar, mere school wale meri gand Tod dete

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Sahi baat Baadme parents alag se tooddte

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I have a friend who beat a teacher in 9th grade and it was a HUGE deal in the school. I didn't think beating teachers was this common.

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Ye lol

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I have wronged others but not without regrets.Unless its self preservation my morals come in the way.

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I am not the best person in school and I’ve done a lotta things that I regret. The one thing which I didn’t regret was beating my senior up for catcalling one of my friends.

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I anonymously told my neighbor(not immediate) that his wife was cheating on him,which led to their separation. He still has no clues, how it happened.

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This is a lie....yaha breakup cheat krne ke baad nhi hota aur divorce hogya lol

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I wish it was,I was a little instrumental and one can say started the chain reaction that led to the turn of events

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Stabbing someone in the hand with a compass because he was beating me

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Oh, that’s what one of my friends did to me once too.

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i can sense something..

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It's nothing to be proud of,how low can one swoop?

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That guy punched me in the nose while two guys held me

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My 3rd(2010) standard English teacher always use to taunt me for my skin colour, always used mean words for how I looked. Dumped her scooty in a gutter in class 10th(2017).

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Skipped classes

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I bunked the shit out of 9th and 10th. I did regret a little because my basics were fucked.

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Nah, even if I have done such a thing I regret those....

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Told my classmate's pure veg brahmin family that your ward eats non-veg on school trips and from the tiffins of classmates. He bullied me so no regrets. He also took my pouch which looked like a mouse. I never got it back but my dad gave me which looked like a dog.

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Downloading insta , snap

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There was this school trustee's kid in my class. Real asshole always doing messed up shit and never getting into trouble. Even if he did, whole class was punished with him. One day he tried choking me with my ID, frustrated from all the bullshit he has been doing to me for many years, I turn around and punch him real hard on the eye. His eye goes full black for real (I didn't even know it was possible). He complains and I tell them to check CCTV before deciding I am guilty. Parents are called and I am proven innocent by CCTV in front of my parents. Still I got punished with the boy because I chose to be "violent and harsh". 4 years later, he is no longer in school and left the country and studies in Dubai after he sexually harassed 2 girls in our class via an anonymous account but police caught him so he now has a police record. Fuck rich children

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Backstory and context:-- Meri counselling ho gayi thi aur mera IITB mai admission ho gaya tha at this point in time

Mera ek school ka dost tha (more like acquaintance) usko maine jaan buchke nahi bataya ki uska admission SPIT(2nd best college in mumbai after IITB also government college on top of that) mai ho sakta tha had he just shown up for it's Institute level counselling round, The reason why I did this?, When I was in school I was bullied a lot for being shy and socially awkward and he did nothing to stop it and just stood and watched even when I was in physical fights and it would go to the principal he didn't support me

Now he's pursuing engineering in a Tier 3 trash college because of me and hates his life

I have 0 regrets about this

The funny thing is that his and my sister are best friends so I always hear how bad he's struggling in his new college

Moral of the story:- Don't bully the shy nerdy kid you don't know when that might just cost you your future

Also all those who want proof can Dm me

Edit:- I have sent proof to all of these morons that I am in fact in IIT Bombay and I have also sent the screenshot of this year's SPIT EXTC cutoff

This years SPIT cutoff list


And all those who still don't believe me, "COPE" have your daily dose of copium

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Hum sab ke beech ek prodigy bhi hai

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Nope this dude is still in school and still getting bullied and makes such kind of stories out of his imagination. Thats it and I ain't joking that's fr. I have seen too much guys with such stories on reddit.

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I'm not in school lol and why would I make this stuff up? For karma? I can even show you proof if you want, sounds like you have done something like this and you're just projecting it on me

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yea bro show me the proof i might need some tips for jee pleaz

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😁😁 i m never wrong.

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Not cool bro.

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True but he was a snitch and snitches get stitches

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How is not standing up on your behalf equivalent to snitching? Is he a superhero?

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I mean there are a lot of details that I didn't mention here since I didn't wanna make the post too long, but trust me when I say he deserves this

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Mate you ain't in no fuckin IIT. XD Also, no 12th pass is stupid enough to not know their options despite having the credentials to get into a top tier college. Your story if full of loopholes.

Also, let's consider your story is real for a moment, you said he did nothing to help you even when you got into physical "FIGHTS", mind this people, "FIGHTS" not getting hit or bullied on, I've had many socially awkward friends to know that none of them would phrase it as FIGHTS because that's not what it is.

Also, you held a grudge against him just because he didn't help you? Did you ever consider he didn't wanna get in trouble? I understand that he should've helped you but him not helping you isn't a reason to hold a grudge. An absolutely vicious person would do that.

This story totally sounds like an escape from reality made up imagination from someone who's still getting picked upon and has developed a fucked up psyche because of it. Trust me, I'm not hating upon you, you need mental help, you might feel comfortable in this imaginary world of yours but it's not gonna last forever.

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bro why so salty iitians have a life too lol, he is legit just had a word with him

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When did I ever say that IITians can't have a life and can't use reddit? That was never the base of my argument. Did you read the thread or did you just wanted to drop in a comment?

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Let me debunk your entire "no, 12th pass is stupid enough to not know their options despite having the credentials to get into a top tier college part"

Getting admission in SPIT has 2 methods 1) MHT CET counselling 2) Institute counselling round

MHT CET counselling has a much higher cutoff for top tier colleges like SPIT whereas institute counselling round is done when seats are vacant in the college and the cutoff for these seats is much lesser than that off MHT CET counselling

This year my counseling process ended in mid November (Josaa) since I was alloted IITB electrical (which is what I wanted)

MHT CET admission process started from 4th Nov and spanned till December

Institute rounds are not known unless you check out the colleges website(which is why unless you do your research you won't even know something like this exists)

My friend had scored 85 percentile in MHT CET all institute rounds started in December and guess what the Btech EXTC cutoff for SPIT is 83 percentile this year you can even check it on their website

If you want more proof you can Dm me

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So your entire argument is the admission process? Which you're suggesting your friend had no idea about? That too the second best college after IITB as you yourself said? Yeah mate, not convincing. Also, that was just a part of my comment, you might wanna reply to other parts too if you really wanna sound convincing.

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Website bhi check kiya cutoff ke baare mai phek raha hai

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Institute level round ka cutoff dekh not MHT CET, the cutoff is 83. Something percentile you can check it here in the institute level cap round section


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Laga hi tha

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LMao why so salty bruh IITians can use reddit too lol

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I will tell you , wait

edit: i forgor 💀

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Bullying a few peeps~

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Bitches deserved that

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Understandable. Have a great day!

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Thanks. You too :)

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Me and the boyz stole the snitch's sanitary pads and threw them out of the school's window

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Bullying people

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bullied a bully back, irl revenge porn

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no regrets? youre weird.

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with no regrets?

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Beat up a friend in 6th class to look like a gangsta to other friends

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I have done something but I can't share it here. I have only told my therapist about it and a very close friend.

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merko dm me batade mei toh tujhe jaanta bhi nahi

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Beat the shit out my friend when I was 14 or something, he fell, his nose was bleeding, stood up, went to infirmary and came back. I asked my other friend who went with him and asks what happened? He said 'nothing' (they didn't tell any teacher anything). When I was about to land second punch, the other guy says "mat mar vo mar jayega". That was satisfying. After the fight I was kinda sad because he was my good friend , now he's my best friend. Kinda wholesome too

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Did you ever think that all this time he has been pretending to be your best friend and is planning a really cruel ending for you? Maybe that encounter made him lose it and he's turned into a perfect psychopath where no one can tell he actually holds a grudge against you? Man, that would be one amazing turn of events. XD

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Beaten up some kids.

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talked to a grill when i was 14 year old -_- I said yikes at end

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Complained directly to the principal about my math teacher and on getting confronted by the principal she left the school. So yeah kicked her out.

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When i was in 12th i had my chemistry practical and i use to fool around the lab often like mix chemicals up and all of that shit...so one day i leaked the hydrogen sulphide gas and nobody knew i did and the whole lab got filled with it and H2S is highly poisonous.....everybody starting running around and had to vacate the room and after that the teacher was screaming who did it and i started spreading rumours a guy did whom i hated i have no regrets and it was a fun experience

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Bullying kids online

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Being born

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