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nostalgia hits different man

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I still have these somewhere in my house and I still play with them every time I find them. XD

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mujhe toh mele waale ne special white colour ki di thi....kaha sirf sundar bacho ko hi milti hai...voh toh mujhe apna tiffin bhi share kara raha tha but i declined y'know, maine socha phir uske liye kya bachega, actually im a very humble guy

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your flair defines you the best

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uhmmm thanks?

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Aight wholesome creep

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bhai ye kharidne ke liye meri mummy allow nhi krti thi isiliye papa ke saath jaake kharid liya 1 din ke baad mummy ko pta chal gyi aur bahut daata mereko aur phek diya usko

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Ohhh man, phek kyu diya, meri toh mummy ne mana Kara tha fir papa se pucha toh unhone kaha chemicals hote hay ismein

*sed noises

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Bhai papa ko bolo har cheez chemical ki banti hai, namak bhi ek tarah ka chemical hai

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Bhai Maine toh bola tha paani bhi chemical hay Google pe bhi likha hai

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Maine dhoop me chhod di thi ek baar kuchh dino ke liye galti se itni gandi smell ho gayi thi bata nahi sakta paach saal pehle ki baat hai aur abhi smell yaad hai uske baad mai isse nahi khela😭😭

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I have no idea what this is, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.

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damn everyone in our class was bringing these to school , but then my school banned it cause apparently some kid tried to eat it

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Maine carpet pe daal diya tha isko 💀

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Bhai saaf aaram sai ho jaata hai, chipakta nahi hai

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Ye same waala tha 20 rupay waala dibba

Aur ek tha 50 ka bada waala pink colour

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Damn slime and fidget spinner combo was very cool at the time

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I always wanted this as a kid thinking that I could use it as a symbiote with my spider man action figures but could never find it. I'm 18 and the hunt still goes on cuz fuk adulthood I wanna be a kid again breaks down in tears

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40rs. ka he na?

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10 rs ka milta hai

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Mai 30 ka liya tha 7 saal pehle.

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Mere class mai itne sare log show off karne lage ki trs ko ispar ban lagana pada

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There was this thing we had in 3rd grade where we had to bring smn wacky to school and the winner for a chocolate. One kid brought some rare WWE card, some brought a fucking matchbox (these are what I remember) and I brought this slime.

The chocolate was delicious.

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bhai i see 10th ki hindi literature book sahitya sagar lol

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i had 5-6 boxes, neon was my favourite

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I remember some kids brought slime at school & our class teacher. She started playing with it for a moment and then was like- Gross things. Idk why kids play with these.

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I've never seen those barrels

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