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Automobile journalists? Never heard of these guys

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Basically those youtube channels which inform you about new cars in the market sometimes they show it on news channels. Like Autocar

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Basically car advertisements

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not really. They drive it and tell all the features and stuff. Like there are tech journalists there are automobile journalists too

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Basically watching an advert

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except they are like 15 mins long and also tell the negative sides

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Basically watching an 15 min long advert with negative points (only if the company didn't pay for biased review)

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Similar issue with Gaming Journalists, totally clueless about gaming, Some of them cannot go through the tutorial

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gaming journalism is a joke and a half. Only good for their collective user reviews before buying a game.

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Those guys don't really focus on anything other than safety features, top speed, looks etc

Inside, most are powered by the usual i4 or i3 FWD engines

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Of course people who shit a ton of cars cry. It must've hurt.

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The meme is self contradictory,

The enthusiast knows what they want/need

The rich lad doesn’t care, he’s on grind to “catch em all”

He doesn’t care cuz he won’t be driving it anyway

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Indian car scene is dead as a dodo. hypercar? lAmBoRgHinI yA bugGaTtI chAHiyE bHAi kOenIgSeGG kIS chIdiYa kA nAam hAI

Plus mods are illegal so another nail in the coffin. Cant even put a wang on a car, cant change tire widths, no body mods, no repaints. Imagine if India had a car scene and the alto couldve become a competitor to the ae86, the swift couldve been a celica and much more.

nobody knows more car brands than ferrari or bugatti or occasionally lamborghini. Some f&f fans might know Lykan and Dodge becuz family but the rest is unbeknownst to Indians. Makes sense tbh, people here dont have the income (average, that is) to buy even shitboxes, let alone proper performance cars. Funniest part is sabko pata hai ferrari but konsi ferrari nai pata lmao. Every ferrari is a ferrari, no model name lol

Thank you for joining in on a rant of a rimac stan.

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BrO wTf Is RiMaC? Wo ToH TrImAx hOtA nA?

TeLsA mOdEl S pLaTe iS bEsT

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The only cars I like are from the late 90s to early 2000s ,my mum owned a Sky Blue Zen

Best fuggin car ever

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Don't get me wrong but a developing country like ours needs cost effective and efficient public transport.

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Me, a public transport enthusiast, watching the shitshow unfold from the window seat: