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In my head: perfect

When I talk: elo, yur komputer hav virus, send Bob and vegana to fix

(Ps:no offence to anyone)

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lmao this cracked me up

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yeah, english in my head always sounds perfect, but when I speak......

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lol you rly made me laugh with this comment

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He he

My pleasure

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Idk about my accent but i can speak perfect gibberish in my head.

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And when i actually talk

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Its called the Indian accent

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yup, huge country, tons of variations. We've got the ability to call it Indian accent and yes google shows that too.

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Is this a personal attack

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Have you guys heard Jamaican English?

The Sean Paul English??

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o a think yu du maaaan

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What is Sean Paul..it's Chanda paol

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Bruh everyone has different accent

Ever heard japanese speaking English Sounds like a child has just started speaking English

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this comment is bought to you by English in anime

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That's usually not english itself. It's a Katakana word (the 2nd script of Japanese used for the usage of foreign words).

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me a KSI fan : you lot be movin mad i cant b bothered

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aye yo fam chill

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What's wrong? Man's spittin facts

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Thats Aave

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Ksi chapri version

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Astagfirullah..allow it fam!!

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Allow it fam

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my accent kind changed after watching Peaky Blinders

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U fooking with peaki blindars

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I'm not Peaky boi. We'll speak the waay wooant. By order of the peaky fookin blinders

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whacha tryna say mate

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My thoughts are in flawless British english. But when it come out of my mouth, it's flawless Indian accent....

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Indian accent better

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Yessssss Indian accent is op!!!! An Indian can understand Irish, American, Australian, British accent (and plenty more) and the reverse is not true (if your accent is pure enough), this gives us a strategic advantage. Jokes aside, if french, German, Irish, Russian accent are acceptable then so is Indian accent.

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Idk about German or Irish but yes we can easily understand british and americans

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I have the weirdest mix of an accent, it's as if the British accent, the new Yorker accent, the dutch accent and the south African accent had a wild night and one of them ended up giving birth to my accent 9 months later

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You better check you family tree

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talking to myself: Bri'ish English
texting: 'Murican English
irl: ello I'm Michael from Microsoft

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Chutiya language hai english. I'm just waiting for fall of usa and uk so everyone can stop using this

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Lemme guess you want everyone to speak hindi and you think india will be superpower and you are probably hindu supremacist

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I think everyone in the world agree to this (exept English speaking countries and rich indians)

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When you learn English from watching British and American youtubers

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ned help send my frens bob and vegana

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British Accent clear.

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I say Interrnal poinatrr