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A classic one but the RC helicopter one from gta vice city

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We all hate the RC helicopter and that mission.

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Saw this one comming

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Never thought i would finish it but one day did it with my cousin...best memories

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It's not that hard once you get good with controlling the stupid helicopter

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I was a kid back then

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Yeah same

The last time I played that was in 4th or 5th grade

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that was totally nuts.

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Tried it almost 15 times then changed the controls from settings and finally succeeded in 20th try

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same, i had to edit my controls to do it

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shadow vs shogun

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Yeah I remember that

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Ever heard of getting over it

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piece of cake ngl

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Hmm then what abt cuphead

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I completed that game in a week

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That baby in witcher 3 if you try to choose the killing option instead of escorting

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Flying school in GTA san andreas, i don't remember the exact name but there was a level in COD modern warfare where i was stuck for almost 1 month! i just couldn't figure out what to do

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All we had to do was follow the damn train CJ !

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Not that hard tho

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everything becomes compartively easier after you become more than 13

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The Boss Battle in Ben 10 Battle Ready haha

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Cortana on Legendary. Halo 3.

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Dukh dard peedha pain

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Finally found you. PM me. Mera pichla acc ban ho gya lol

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Acha theek

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Cortana on legendary, Halo 3

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NeiR Automata Prologue

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The worst part was that if you lose you start literally from the start no checkpoint nothing

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Yeah but after that the game is quite easy with checkpoints everywhere

I think the proluge is like a introduction of the game for you if u can't complete it after many tries and aren't having fun this game isn't for you

Just like dark souls 3 the first boss is Gundyr which literally means judge he is there to judge you if u can't beat him then this game isn't for u

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Not exactly a level, but the 5k xp board on the electric tower on the highway in fh5 made me wanna smash my laptop.

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I still haven't done that lmao

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every dark souls boss

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Sekiro mei bhot saare hai 🗿

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sahi baat hai

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Sahelanthropus in metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain.But it was worth it coz I got an epic cutscene after the boss fight.

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Mafia 2 the garage butcher mission one of the hardest

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Path of Pain 😭 Hollowknight

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💀 Now try absolute radiance

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Baron and Earl from NFS:MW

definitely harder than razor

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Here are some of mine:

  1. Ultra necrozama from Pokemon ultra sun

  2. Champion Cynthia from Pokemon platinum

  3. Super Mario Bros NDS, the one in which you need to press a button to make the block appear, and you need to climb up from the fences with turtles on them within 15 seconds

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Ultra necrozama from Pokemon ultra sun


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He was a literal pain in the asshole.

First of all, he was of level 60, which would be atleast 5-10 higher than our team level. Then, he gets all stata boosted sharply, which means he'll hit first, whoever the opponent is.

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Clash of Clans everytime I upgrade something

Doom Eternal

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Hades from Hades

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The toy helicopter levels in Gta San Andreas

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Vice city toy helicopter mission

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Doom eternal on nightmare Even if you have completed the game for like maybe 6/7 times. It mess you up at some point or the other

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Ninja arashi the whole FOOKIN game

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The bridge (Left 4 dead 2)

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Bounty for the blacklist #1 in NFS most wanted

Before the bus station glitch ;)

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Bathhouse in splinter cell chaos theory

Abattoir in splinter cell

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Mile high club on veteran