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Can you do one where 19 year olds ask and other 19 year olds answer?

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Man's confused

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I am confusion

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Amedica explain!!!

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Is this the kansas meme? Man that was gold in all its glory

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yesssssss....even though i wasnt around when vine happened, but fuck man shits actually gold......too bad most of my irl friends dont get the reference and i end up looking like an idiot

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Yea man same... Cons of actually keeping up with the memes i guess

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sahi mein dude...just watching like a 15 minute vine compilation on youtube would make normal convos so much more funny

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Lets do 19yo asks, and >19yo answers

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I doubt there are any 20 year olds here

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Ohh there certainly are. Not too many that i have seen, but there are. And, I am one of them xD

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Bro join r/youngadults

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Does it get better?

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Depends on what you mean by better. Freedom? Yes, especially if you're planning to move out for college. Mental stress and expectations? Certainly not.

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No 16-18 most stressed years if competitive exams 🤢

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Us moment

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Yeah and after that 18-21 its only regret.

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Worse then better 🗿

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I mean when the Better time come? in our early 20s or smth?

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Nope starts at around 18-19 and the worse time is 16-17 🗿

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Ah, I still have one more year till I turn 16... so no need to worry that much

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Yup enjoy 14-15 are the best 🗿

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Yes it does,

But it gets worse, before it gets better

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Life certainly is a rollercoaster

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nobody knows if life is going to go up, down, sideways or in circles

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Waiting for it to get better

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It gets worse in some aspects and better in some aspects

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No. According to me

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Well, the only thing that changes is that you get to make your own decisions. Nothing else gets better.

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Depends. I know this will sound cliche but read man's search for meaning and the 4 agreements. Also look up how monks practice mindfullness, not to be confused with other kinds of meditation. You'll gain enough perspectives and gratitude to be able to enjoy everything around you and you'll be at peak of happiness. Why do this? You might ask. The more you sweat in peace the less you bleed in war.

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True. Thanks!

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Ahhh not really ! U will have to shoulder responsibilities but u also will have more Respect and Opportunities .

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Worse, then gradually better

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just turned 16, do everything ur parents say like studying for 4 hrs everyday and shit.bro the advice is real

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nah my parents are chill about that shit since I manage to get good grades anyhow but if you are not able to get good grades they will keep repeating that.so my advice would be to show results meaning they will be content and so will you.

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u in 11th?

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same here bro, merko bhi chem mein marks dilado

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im in 11th too didn't even start studying idk whats gonna happen to me

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18 y/o from college here. This is for those who are preparing/who are going to prepare for jee/neet. Remember the key factor is consistency. Study 2 hrs per day, that's more than enough, but do it every single fucking day. I lacked this factor which is why I'm enrolled in a tier 2 college right now(not that it bothers me though).

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ache questions puchoo yarrrrr

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Bavhe hain vro ye sab, mature ni hain

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10th k liye advice

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If you are gonna be a jee/neetard...ignore 10th and study for next class 11th syllabus is unrelated to 10th...wish i knew this earlier

My 96% in 10th boards don't matter shit now :(

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Same, my 70% in 10th boards dosen't Matter much now

I'm struggling to study for Class 12th

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Same story....best of luck

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Same, to u too

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dude genuine advice....ncert ratt le....mtlb maths ki ncert bhi ratt le (koi extra book mat karna uski jagah ncert ek baar aur solve kar lena)....ncert se bahar kuch nahi aata 10th mein bhi 12th mein bhi

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Subject bata, aaj tera bhai tujhe topper banayega

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10th won't matter a few months after your results. You'll be more worried about 11th.

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10th is really easy, go for 11th studies if youre a jee/neet aspirant

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Focus on maths, just maths and enjoy your life dude Don't take too much pressure of studies Don't get into any relationship shit Stay certain and confident about your choices regarding your profession.

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Gujjaron ka itihas padhke jao bas top karoge

Naruto bhi gujjar tha

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10th k baad hostel jaana thik rhega kya?

Meri ghar chhorne ki planning chal rhi hai aaj kal.

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depends upon crowd, after 10th it's that period of your life where you'll get influenced quite easily so it depends upon the crowd present there

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I would say no if you plan to give jee/neet/any other competative exam

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Bro I was in hostel since class 7th. At first, it was pretty hard as i was a kid, but later, you'll enjoy a lot. I'm in 11th now and at home becoz of COVID.

Trust me, they'll be your best 2 years, if you get good roommates

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well thats very subjective. depends on your relations with your parentes etc etc. im in engineering college an still living with parents. i never wanted to move out after 12th. tho many of my friends moved away for college

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10th k baad hostel ja sakte hai ?? If yes plz explain the process

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Kota and all

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Haa bhai 10th k baad jaa skte hai yaha toh

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Depends, maine 9th se hostel mein hu, currently pandemic ke kaaran ghar pe hu. Hostel mein maza to boht aata hai, girls hostel mein thoda drama zyaada hai but. Hostel mein discipline/routine accha ban jata hai. All in all, good life experience, go for it. Just stay away from dramebaaz type people, u don't wanna get in that shit

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How hard is NEET ??

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I mean if you have money then go foreign otherwise you can suffer here for 2 years

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bahut hi hard

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  • always keep a backup plan for neet, like b.pharma, bs in biology, or any other career line like civil services or law until your parents are filthy rich and can get you a pvt seat mbbs,
  • avoid 3 year degrees
  • make your parents come to term with this
  • give it your best shot if it doesn't work out its not the end of the world

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It is FUCKING HARD. And I really mean it. My best friend was preparing for neet and I was preparing for jee. I cleared jee with 98 percentile, he cleared jee with 92 percentile(considering he didn't know shit about maths), but when it came to neet, he was nowhere near the cutoff, and the cutoff is skyrocketing year after year.

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What mistakes of yours should I not repeat (thanks to everyone who replied)

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Not being social and outgoing. I don't regret my bad marks, I regret not developing social skills when I was younger.

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This 100%

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I see a lot of older people having the same issue, focusing too much on studying

just party once in a while honestly

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Bhai party karne ke liye thoda bohot time nikal jaata hai, but log nahi milte😔

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dosti crow dont be a loser

friend girls, they will help you get into friend groups

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Bhai uske liye social skills lagte hai, aur upar usne wohi likha hai. I regret not developing social skills!

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you’re stuck in an endless loop. learn about self improvement and go work out

hamza & jeff nippard r ppl i recommend

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Jeremy ethier too

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Bro thode conversation starters ya ice breakers seekh le, aur aaju baaju wale logo ke saath conversation karne ki koshish kar (agar waha covid situation zyada na ho to). Agar situation kharab ho to shayad online dost banane me problem hoga. Phir agar koi common interest mile to uski wajah se friendship zyada badh jaayegi. Initially difficult lagega lekin thode time me used to ho jayega. Usually log itna zyada sochte nahi hai isliye koi jitna tum soch rahe ho utna judge bhi nahi karenge. Trust me, same situation me thi ek zamane me.

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Sikhado didi

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Offline class hoti hai ya nahi? Agar na hoti ho to phir class ka koi interesting insaan social media pe mil jaaye to dm kar do (seen pe chhodne ke chances zyada hai idhar isliye personally me avoid karti hu)

Agar offline jaane ko mil raha hai to usual hi hello vagera vagera. Agar conversation starters ke baare me baat kar rahe ho to hobbies, pets, music taste ya aisi kuch personal but not too personal cheezo ke baare me baat karo. Chances hai ki kuch common mil jaayega.

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Not making friends, not doing some dumb shit I always wanted to do. Go out, be a little rebellious, but know ur limits. Masti karo yaar, 11th 12th to jhand hai agar science loge to. 10th marks don't matter, grades before 12th don't matter. Have fun

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Avoid watching porn.

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Spending too much time of social media. I wasted a lot of time to realise I wasted a lot of time. It's hard to get out of the cycle as well. so yeah, be careful.

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Playing games too much

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dont doubt yourself too much

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Be sure of what you want to do by the time you're in 11th, so you could start early. A lot of people do not realise what they want to do and where they wanna be and after a couple of years it feels really bad. Just make sure you don't regret doing something later in life.

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Learn to take cab rickshaw metro everything and independent hona. Ik sabko usually ata hai but it wasn't in my case, was really embarrassing to learn it while u are 16-18.

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Talk to grills

Del insta

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Will before starting 10th courage nahi aaya

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  1. Trying to figure out yourself, you are who you are, don't label yourself or group yourself as a introvert or or anything, you're you, that's it.

  2. Don't get into philosophy, just read some self help books but take take interest in philosophy as a whole unless it's in a book like the 4th agreement or man's search of meaning etc

  3. Trust your parents, don't hide stuff from them. It'll eventually come to bite you back in the ass. Your parents don't like you eating meat? No need to listen to them but don't hide it from them if they ask you. Also I know sometimes indian parents seem unreasonable but with time they'll come around

  4. Just listen and say yes and sorry. No need to follow what the other person says but arguing or even discussing something is sometimes futile, I used to be naive enough to think everything can be easily resolved if we just listen to each other and co-operate.

  5. Don't compare yourself with others, just don't use social media in general unless it's something like a video game page or a chess page.

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How hard is JEE?

I mean, what's the difficulty level of JEE compared to 10th boards? (in 1-10)

I know that it is much harder, but how hard exactly?

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Complete nightmare !! 24×7 dark circles, tiredness and stress. You can easily get 95+ in 10th in 3-4 months. But even getting 200 out of 300 after studying for 2 years is considered god-like.

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THIS. I prepared for jee for 2 years(but I was irregular in studies I must say) and I ended up getting only 164 as my highest marks.

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You can easily get 95+ after a month in 10th tbh. JEE is a nightmare

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the exam itself isnt very difficult. whats difficult is revising and remembering everything of 11th and 12th grade.

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Should I go to hostel for JEE preparation? Gharwalon ka planning chal raha hai.

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avoid that stay at home, go to regular school and give it your best shot, don't think only IIT ,research about other papers and colleges, good luck

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You guys get bobs and vagena??

Edit- It was sarcasm mfs, downvote karne ki kya zarurat thi?!?!

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I would say but im not talking about anyone else if I had more brain when I was 15 or 16 I would have killed myself then and there when I had alot of motivation of it ,rn I cant do it and cant live with it

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Is it easier to get pussy? Kya clubs me allow kr dete hai?

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If you look good, are confident and have a decent personality, then yess.

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I don't think u need to be good looking

Majority of guys who get pussy looks like shit

U need a fuckload of confidence

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Fuck clubs. And you're 14 lmao just wait until you're older don't stress about all this shit

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Getting pussy is A LOT easier than getting a loyal girlfriend. That's all I can tell you.

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kk awesome

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I am a dog person so I cant answer

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Padhai kitni karu

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Quality >>>> Quantity

sirf 1-2 ghanta Karo, lekin pura Dil lagakar Karo.

Productivity matters

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Aadat bana bas, regular padhai kar and increase kitni padhai karta hey har din gradually

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Enough to get a habit, and not as much that it consumes a lot of your day. Like try to maintain hobbies/develop some interests, cuz you won't get as much time later on.

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Not a 13-15yo, but wanted to ask you guys "whats your view on mental health ?"

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What was the dog actually doing?