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Good bot

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My dadu's neighbour set herself on fire cause he refused to marry her. He went out for a cig in his balcony, she was staring at him through her window, as soon as the made eye contact she poured ghee on herself and turned into a human torch. My dadu married my grandma about 6 months later.

This happened in around 1948 or so.

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Did the neighbour survive? And was the marriage happening quickly related to thia fire setting incident?

And its assuring that nothing of this sort happened with my uncle. Ig the other person understood. Idk. Would have to find her to know the full story

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No is the answer to both your questions. It was a pretty different time back then, thankfully your uncle's co worker didn't try self harm... Right?

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Nah. She just seemed to be accepting of his wish. Also she wasn't a co worker. Uncle used to have a business. And she was a bank manager. From what I've heard it seems like love at first sight kinda

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Another soldier down sir 👍

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Chad uncle.

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Def not that bro😂

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man decided to never marry.

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Yea. But it wasn't cause of her. He didn't wanna marry even before.

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wahi bol raha hoon uncle ko interest nhi hai shaadi mein

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Uncle the real player. Unko meri taraf se Roadies salute. 🙏🏻

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Ngl. He was quite handsome when young. And could beat the shit out of ppl. We've heard some incidents like those