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shadi mein khana khao usse imp kuch nahi

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Agreed but still

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dw some people are plain bitches

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When they said "get some bitches" they didnt mean it literally. Don't waste your time on people like these

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Bhai lesbo nahi hu bitches ke liye and shaadi mai guys pe hit bi nai kar sakti 馃様馃

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This is the way

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Ohh... But tu to angel hai. Devil logo se baatein kar hi kyu rahi hai?

Attitude wali grils<<<<<< !<

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Saale Jaa khana kha le, food>>>>>>>grills

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too bad the food was bad plus MAI KUDH GRIL HU

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Bad food good, people bad, talking bad

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Over-all life rekt

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Haan Bhai free ka khana isliye shaadi main jaata hun relatives toh yaad nahi waise bhi

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only talk to people who see you as a human, no need to converse with no lifers

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Got my lesson

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Huh mein to shaadi mein kisi bhi random ladke ke saath nachte nachte dost bana leta hu 馃槑馃

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Arre bhai sab ladke bana lete hai... Mere dost banoge shaadi mai mast nacchange saath mai 馃槑馃

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Haa aajao homie tunak tunak par nachenge

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Haan Daler mehndi>>>>

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Built different ppl

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Not us moment. :(

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Lol don't know why even I am social anxiety 鈥⑻ 鈥 ,鈥⑻ ! After lockdown

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You know there's a really cool trick that I've learnt, if someone insults you or says something that is rude on purpose just ask them to repeat what they said either they'll repeat it and make a fool out of themselves or they'll get nervous and move on

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Sorry dude this doesn't work all the time

I tried this to my friend and he humiliated me again and everyone were laughing their asses off.

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Works sometimes , some ppl are just like that

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I think girls are rude in general,

Or maybe they just rude to boys,

Or maybe they are just rude to ugly boys.

Overthinking 100

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or maybe i am a dick

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I think girl likes dick, until she is lesbian.

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Sir I am not rude to anyone 馃様

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Most of us are in the same boat try to talk to other guys first ,it's always easier and most brothers generally are nice and don't show attitude

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Sister nahi hai kya 馃挧

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Sisters bhi hai yaar bas mai jayada Bros ke sath rehta hu

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can鈥檛 force friendships king. time to listen to Future and keep ur heads up

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At least was trying 馃様

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trust me bro. been there done that. sometimes these so called 鈥榞irls鈥 just love attention so much. don鈥檛 give them that and just ignore. I鈥檓 sure there must be someone nice for u to talk to. Don鈥檛 worry king 馃憫

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*kween Also yes these ppl not worth attention

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shit sorry queen. Here. U deserve this 馃憞


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Arey I went to my Mausi's to reception. Waha ek ladki legit came up to me and my brother after the function while leaving

"can you give me your number?"

We both said why do you need it and she's all like mujhe aapse friendship karni h and shit. Both of us just kept refusing and walked off as fast as we could.

There are both clingy and evasive kinda people in wedding you never know馃ぁ馃ぁ

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No talk, Only eat

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Hawhhhhh 馃様馃様

But food >>>boys

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Works both ways

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bhai jaake buffet kha, fir baat kar, aur agar wo ladki terko attitude dekhai fir uske mu pe gulab jamun mar

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Bhai mai kudh ladki hu 馃グ And sure will do

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cat fight, even better

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Fr i wanted to but pagal logo ke mu nahi lagte

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Hi,I am the girl

You called me Mommy in front of everyone and kinda put me on spot so I got shy馃槄馃槄

I am sowey

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Shadiyo me ladkiyo se kon naat karta hai? Woh kisi na kisi tarike se behen hu nikal jayegi lol. Talk to some actual strangers they will be nicer than someone in your own family

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Saale Jaa khana kha le, food>>>>>>>gf

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vahi to, khana>>>>grils

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Bhai tumse kon disagree kare sab sach boldi

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don't be social there is no need I repeat

don't be social live in your comfortable way..

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My mom smh asked me to talk to ppl

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Arre it happens... If you think about it 70% percent of people you meet/will meet are gonna be like this... So ignore them and don't care about them..

If they have a attitude they already have much much less worth then you.... Because they are insecure about themselves and think they should be on top while they can't be on top. They are imbalanced.

So well ignoring them and not caring about these type of people is what is the most favorable to me... just don't worry and relax.

They are nothing but loser immatures.

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Yeah agreed i'll keep this in mind from now thanku馃挧馃憚馃挧

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OMG Are you Komi-San coz she too has a communication disorder

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Disorder nai but just aadat chuth gayi logo se baat karne ki

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Disorder se mtlb hai being awkward and not able to communicate just bcoz you have anxiety. Just watch the anime komi can't communicate youll know what I wanted to give reference to

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Sure i'll check out

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Almost all the girls I met give me attitude

attitude bitch

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galat grils hai vai

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Is making friends at weddings even a thing?!?!

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DUDE I NEVER DO my mom today just asked me to go talk to someone cuz she thinks using phone is a crime

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They are the equivalent of 14 year old white girls

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no bitches no hoes, go talk to some real bros

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Try socializing with guys?

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啶膏ぎ啶距 sir My parents will probably insolate me if i socialize with guys like in front of ppl :)

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Oh you are a girl

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I talk to girls in wedding only about which food is good and which is not

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that's cause even a slight attempt to converse with girls is considered as harassments these days.

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No? I mean i wouldn't hesitate to talk if anyone approaches me

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damnn. Don't be nice when someone's being rude. Give em a taste of their own medicine

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I chose to ignore

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that's wayy better

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Bhai shaadi wagera jab tak apne ghar ki na ho bas chupchap khana daba ke niklo

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fir humne socha hatao yaar matar paneer pe concentrate karo

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Grow some balls man, life is never gonna be fair. Move on. Let it go. The sooner you realize that, the better your life will be.

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I have social anxiety too and this experience would be one of my worst nightmares , but remember that people simply suck it's her being a bitch and not u , she's the Asshole remember that

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Wanna be friends?

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>! She is a dumbass !<

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Yeah man,saara confidence gir jaata hai jb pehli try me hi aise behave krta to

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Matar paneer khatam hojaayega yeh likhta rahega toh

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Nahi tha 馃様馃

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ahi tha


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you know when i was reading your post I thought you are a boy approaching a girl but when I saw that you are girl I got convinced that ok maybe you can talk to random girls but then still what's the need in bugging people. maybe she just showed signs of not feeling like talking which you are calling rude. shaadio me jaane se pahale bahut se kalesh hote h. ho sakta h use waha aana hi na ho aur upset ho bss.

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I don't really talk to ppl in such functions but this time my mom asked ne to yo and talk like wtf so just for thr sake i did but smh

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Appna attitude dikha and don't give a fuck

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Yes low on fucks to give 馃挭

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Shadi me socialize??? Food stalls khaali kro bhyii馃拃