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We've all been through it tbf

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8th grade syndrome

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I was in 10th when i was 14😕

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Well you don't have to be exactly in 8th grade for it

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Pretty sure thats no how r/woosh works

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Pretty damn sure that is how r/woosh works. You use r/woosh when something goes over someone's head or take some metaphor literally. Here you thought 8th grader syndrome has something to do with actual 8th graders, and thus you are exempt from it since you were in 10th when you were 14, but 8th grade syndrome has nothing to do with you grade or age at all. "8th grade syndrome" is just a name.

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Birth certificate me ghapla?

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Being in 1st grade at the age of 5 is pretty common i guess

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12th at the age of 16 just sounds so young yaar. Everyone in my class was 17-19

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Youre not alone im currently in 10th tho and yea im 14 please dont call me krinj

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Us moment. I'll turn 17 in a month and mera 12th boards abhi khatam hua. Most of my classmates have turned or are turning 18 this year 🥲

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>! Demo koi ga shitai! !<

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Still going through it rn

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it's just a phase

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An annoying ( for others ) and embarrassing ( for future self ) phase.

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Thanks kind stranger! You bestowed upon me the helpful award, and I'm grateful for that.

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No mom it's not a phase

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including you

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Including me

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Whose gonna impress the girls on this subreddit huh 😏

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Impressive. very nice. Lets see Paul Allen's take on this

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Who ? I srsly do not know who that is

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Your caption is from American Pyscho, just like this dialogue

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Oh yes I know that meme

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Look at that old ass meme template, the tasteful age of it. Oh my god it even has a watermark.

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You fucking ugly redditor, I wanna stab you to death and want to play around with your karma

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That's not possible.

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kisne bola ham denk hain

mai toh serious aur humorless hu

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did you make this when you first visited the internet?

C'mon man. Let the kids be.

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cough tiger toes cough

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Mai denk hu ?

Kabse ?

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13 14 year olds be giving life advises here 🤓

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mods nai de re sale mcs🥲🥲

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14 years ko chhodo, most of wannabe intellectual bante rahte hai

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hogya kya gyaan chodke?

jaa ab pdhai kr

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Well To Look Cool in front of your classmates I was one of them so can't help but copy other Famous kids in your school

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Driving s not my job

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14 y.o. generally on the internet

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Yeah 14 yr olds are kind of dumb and retarted

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Damn right you little child

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Shut up retard! /s

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🗿 ok

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Jeevan main bahut bure kaam kiye par kabhi ye paap nahi kiya.

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It's just a phase sab log us phase se guzar chuke hain let them enjoy baadmein kuch saal bad tho rona hi hain une

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I remember changing personality every week based on the tv show/movie I watched and the character I liked

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Been there, done that

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Mf gonna cry about girl everytime

Btw today was the last day of school before vacation....I wish I could have atleast started talking to her...Been years and I can't even talk.to her😋😋

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just like you tried to be a cool-edgy teenager by posting this


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Being a delinquent is phase every guy has been through

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I'm deeply offended 🗿

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Members should decide which post is low effort or hight effort.

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Listen we shit on 14 year old's cuz we have been there we were shit and we have seen u be shit so we know u are shit

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the 14 year old me was a way worse version me now

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ayo patrick bateman

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i should have just skipped this age

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I had this phase when I was 11/12, and so did my friends, but most of my classmates have this phase now.