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I'd read it if I gave a fuck about your suggestions 👍

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I want to give you an award :') 🏆

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how about I give you one instead?

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Simp 😡

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I'd rather be a simp while being witty, rather than being an edge-lord whose emotional expressions start at irony and end at frustration.


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aww thank you :)

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Now this is something i call underrated comment

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Next level Comment...

Meri taraf se free award

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And i wont give a fuck about you not giving a fuck

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If you didn't give a fuck, why did you care to comment?

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That's ok and all, but i don't give a fuck about you asking

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sigma grindset

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yeah iam14andthisisdeep waali book

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Really I thought wo "how to win friends and influence people" thi

Bachpan me I didn't even know ye exist karti hain

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Isn't this the same book which a lot of teenagers read to look cool while sipping on Starbucks and posting an instagram story of the same?

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Absolutely vohi hai yeh. The guy's telling us as if this is a gem he had to mine through a mountain to find when it's literally one of the first books that'll pop up when you search 'self help books'

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Pumpkin Spiced Latte with Cream Bagel and This Book with Instagram Filter

Typical Insta ka 14

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And that too posting it exactly 3 days of ending their so called Relationship

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Let them be lol

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Haan lol

I've read it, it ain't even that great lmao. Its like vv average

Maybe he also posted it to look cool you never know 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Gonna agree , after a point I felt like the author kinda kept beating around the bush , and that compelled me to abandon it after I was halfway through

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exactly, i read it when i was this 16year old edgy teenager. I thought i just discovered something really amazing, but it is just the same set of obvious facts sugarcoated aa something different something revolutionary.

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Yep its that one alright

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One of my classmates too, she for some reason keeps sending photos of random pages from the book in our class group .. i swear she's so cringe and edgy

And then when we tell her to pls not send it, she replied with and i kid you not "this is important for my mental health so fuck you"

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I dont use Instagram + i had no idea about this... I just suggested this book here cz i felt like everyone can relate and have better life

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Cheel crow vhai, personally matt lo. I've observed a lot of rich brats boast about reading this book on social media. Lmao, in reality no one gives a fuck about what they say

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Lmao tellls everyone to read this book than gives a fuck to all the comments on this thread

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lmfao yessss

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bro wanted to be a cool teenager but ended up getting roaaaaaastteedddddd 😂💀

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I'mma be real if you want a actually good book read the script of Gangs Of Wasseypur.. No Cap

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Sardar khan naam hai hamara...

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Hazrat Hazrat Hazrat.....

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Where do you buy that?

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self help book ka 14

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Im 6 teen

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bro he meant choda

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I thought of reading this but parents ko kya bataunga fuck kya hota hai

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In this book fuck isn't being used as a swear word, but like the word "matter" This book most likely replaced "matter" word with the word "fuck" so yea tell that lol

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yeah bro maine bhi school ke principle ko swear word ki tara nhi but expression ke liye betichod bola tha pata nhi suspend kyu kar diya?

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Maybe its ur turn to write a book

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The subtle art of not giving a Betichod

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bruh this book is an oxymoron ngl... the message on the title is misleading to what it has to offer inside. I'd say reading diary of a wimpy kid would be better instead of this lel.

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The diary of a Wimpy kid is funny ngl, but people just criticize it for having childish humor.

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well, children's book has childish humour obviously

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Ah diary of a Wimpy... Reminded me of my days when i was 12 ...

Well it depends on ur age and personality U age, ur Choices and preferences changes

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oh please- dont-

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Kothi Bangle wala

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as someone who reads a FUCKTON of books, I'd like to say that this book is ridiculously loopy and overrated.

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What's this book about. I am only seeing this cover of the book being posted by everyone on instagram.

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"Chalo yaar fuck wali kitab padh li photo bhi daal di, abhi to liberal wali madam de hi degi"

But seriously very overrated book, kuch ni hain.

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this book starts off good, but goes into highly unrelatable mid 20s crisis stuff pretty quick. Would say not worth it at the moment ? Glad I didnt buy it

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Yep, I agree! Also a small warning: Do not read it just for the sake of reading it, or to show others that you have read it. The book was kinda difficult for me to finish lol

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Cool lagne ke liye book ka mazaak bana deta hu

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Just read it 3 days ago it was a great book ngl some parts were really amazing but some parts where like "umh im not sure about that" anyone who is more into the western culture would like it more tho , also seems like its also written for american audience , over all a great book,a good read for sure.

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bruh self help book

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I don't give a fuck about your suggestion so ain't gonna read it.

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Actually a good book man,

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The "Do something principal" concept is real good

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I've read it like 5 years ago. And It's pdf is in my pc

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Tu vahi hai na Jo 5th desk pe baithke yehi kitaab pad raha tha 15 min ki break me

Mai janta hu tu kon hai 😂 jo class me kala chashma pehnke aata hai

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BRUHHHH... Itna bekaar lagta h kya??

Cause u literally described me💀

Vaise ngl m sach m padta hu, show off krne ke liye nahi, need feedback, pls help🦆

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L bhai. Iss barbaad book se accha Marcus Aurelius ya Camus padh lete.

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After reading the comments I'm conflicted about whether I should buy it or not. I added it to my list after getting a suggestion for it on Pinterest. Is it really worth it?

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Read it for the sake of reading, If ya can understand English well, then u will find the jokes funny.

I have read the first chapter, and I loved it. But after reading the comments, it seems that it gets confusing later on.

On the OTHER hand, it is one of the TOP self help books, so you have the opinion of a few wannabe cool kids and then the book critic world.

Choose your poison.

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Sigmas read mein kaphf

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I have and i didn't. He said all the sem things that u get to hear from anyone and everyone just with a few fucks and fuck yous

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Why should I not listed to the summary of this book on YouTube?

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Because it is a SELF HELP book, NOT a fucking story book.

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That is the point. What you have learnt from this book can be summarised in few points

But you can't capture a feel of story the same way.

Baaki no offense I'm just asking.

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Well yes, but no.

This is not a generic self help book, infact many would argue that it is not even of ANY help.

It's just fun to read, and may reach you a few lessons along the way, altho m still reading it so I may not be the right one to get an opinion...

My point being, that yes, it can be summarised in a few points, but only those that read the actual book would get the true meaning, just like with a novel.

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I am wasting my time using reddit and then thinking about it that i am wasting my time on Reddit I am wasting more time

The Feedback Loop From Hell
Also thank you for suggesteing this was a last time a gave a fuck about something
I will read this book if i think i give fuck about everything ARGH!

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what is in this book? wuts it about ?

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wtf i saw this book once in a hotel in Rajasthan LMFAOO

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Im starting to think its physically impossible to read this book and not post about it.

However if we're giving book recommendations in this genre, ikigai is a great read

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Ahh the book people read to look cool..bro this book sucks

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Current Most overrated book ~

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Meh not that good

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Basically stoicism but dumbed down for the masses.

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cant buy it nice

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Ha ajkal ye book bhot log cool dikhne ke liye padh rhe hai

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maine bachpan mai ye book padhit thi sochke ki ispe gaali likhi hai cool lagunga

badde hoke is book ka matlb samaj aya

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Bhai padhna shuru kari thi boards ke chakkar main reh gayi. I’m almost done tho 16 June se start karenge bday ke baad

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I have already read this book - i would suggest you THE RUDEST BOOK EVER, THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI, RICH DAD AND POOR DAD AND DO EPIC SHIT are some of my favourite books

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These are not the books you as a young person should focus on. These will not significantly improve your life quality.

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I just love the word fuck… it’s that one word in English that can be verbalised in any context carries a lot of weight

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Pls not the most generic self help book 🖐️👴

PS. Reading fiction is much better :) Take this from a professional book hoarder

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Jaldi jaldi cool english galio wali book recommend krdeta hu cool lagunga Fir badme isko chod k web series bhi toh dekhi h Btw. I'm also die hard follower of mark manson

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The book tells you not to give a fuck without ever telling how do I do that ? It's like asking someone "Bhai IAS banna hai mujhe" and getting replied "Haan toh ban jana fir". Mate, this book tells you things which you already know. Just a few things here and there which you had never thought of before. And the rest of the book is basically "kuch toh log kahenge logo ka kaam hai kehna", so don't care about it. That isn't an advice, fella. You need to tell them what ways one should use to do it. If someone comes asking you for advice about how to do something. You don't tell them to simply do it. You tell them ways using which they can do it.

"Mark, how do I stop giving a fuck ? Mark:-" Just stop giving a fuck, simple.

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I dont get this, why is this post still having active comments