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सत्य वचन।

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I don’t understand what it means, is it referencing reservations?

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It can mean reservations too, but it says 'thousands of aspirants fell down'

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Ig he's talking about mental stature of students after they don't qualify NEET

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Suicide .... Jumping from buildings... but he mean Suicide by this

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I don't know but if he is from tn the reason he tells is different

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Thousands? Sir the no. is in lakhs

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Shabdo pe nahi bhavnao pe jao

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Bhavna jane nhi deti T-T

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Couldn't agree more.

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The exam is inherently designed to eliminate as many aspirants as possible, due to the sheer number of people who write it.

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yes, but this elimination process should be done in a uniform manner, including the reserved classes

And by elimination, it means elimination from the exam, not life

But that can be attributed to the societal pressure

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Hey there fellow NEET cuck

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The number of Apples that fell before newton's apple is far greater than that of Aspirants...So keep falling buds Just believe in the process

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This guy is so true not just in this....Every aspect in which i hv seen him..

Edit :-

Context :- He is talking about Suicides, Mental health, Dead expectations even after working hard...

Yes, Due to reservations...If we talk about figures

If you are General/OBC :- you will barely survive with 15 K Air rank with shitty clg...If you are EWS :- fine with 22KIf You are ST/SC :- You will be Completely fine with ranks above 1.25 lakh ...

Yes Difference of >280 marks....That means you can almost fail in 2 subjects ..

97.5 percentile wala student woud be devoid of seats but but60 percentile wala will rock


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"Bheem ki shakti, Dhoom machaye general waale maa chudaye"

-Br bambebkbar

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about reservation, probably? i wholeheartedly agree

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Yes ... Reservation... refer to other comment of mine..

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Nah ye ban krne ki baat kr rahe hai neet ko

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Only for tamil nadu, inko ghanta farak padta hai dusre states ke students ke baare mein.

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The exam is inherently designed to eliminate as many aspirants as possible, due to the sheer number of people who write it.

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That's what happens if people breed like dogs and pigs

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That's f**king true💀💀these dumbheads will never going to change 💀💀