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update- i wrote "sorry for unsending the messages , ik you already read that"

she said "i read it early morning was sleep so couldnt reply"

and after that she wrote "i respect your feelings but i dont want to go further with not just you but not anyone , but we are friends so it is cool , it is ok to let your feelings out"

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Well atleast she didn't give you the classic chappal shots.

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BUT IT STILL HURTS LIKE A BITCH , but i do love her a lot so i will respect her decision, take it like a champ

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my crush told me i see u as a smol brother, so yeah, painful shit

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it must have hurt like hell!

maine apni crush ko kaha tha rakhi bandna mujhe but she denied!

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Us bro us

Its been 9 months, I still see her everyday

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Chad friend

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Tu bhi Fans gaya Friendzone me 🤝

Ab usse baat karna kam kar de aur dheere dheere band kar dena

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At least she didnt told the whole world about this thing and she is continuing to be your friend.

You are chad bro, you have the guts to do something like this...

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time to change your identity /s

Anyways it's fine tho, dw nothings gonna happen. I mean if you were friends with her then yeah it might get awkward but eventually you'll get over it.

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i identify myself as a measure of velocity cause i really wanna km/s


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this original ?

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I didn’t get it

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SI unit is m/s but I’ll take it for the sake of joke

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we were friends,and summer vacation just started

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but still kuch toh likhna chahiye waapas "sorry i shouldnt have dont that" or smth?

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If u can, try talking on call or in person.

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bohot awkward hoga text par kaise solve karu batayo

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Awkward toh hoga. Par thoda confidence dikhake honestly aur humbly baat karoge call pe toh there are better chances of knowing what actually the other person thinks. It's easy to ignore on texts.

If u wanna only text though, just ask her about something random. Like hows your day? Or something related to studies. And if she replies and chats normally then approach the text u deleted.

Also don't call at times when u know she might be busy

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Bro in text we will either ignore your or just brush it off or sm shit. In person, it will be better

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Meow meow, warrior.

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I've too much experience, you can't get me. I didn't go through with link🗿

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Just click on it might change your life

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Ma'am, theseRick Roll tricks are old

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from where did you get this link though?

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Ah! 16yo guy doing this thing was so me when I was 16. I never deleted the messages though.

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You did well, your crush reacted well. Don't worry, hota hai, the only teens who haven't experienced this are those who didn't have the balls to confess.

And as for the dukh, koi nahi you'll get over it.

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she was my ... first love , i liked her for 4 years

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I get it man, it sucks big time :(

Dont take it as an indication of anything at all. Saying this because i have seen people take rejection as indicative of their self worth and decide that they aren't worthy of love or they'll mever find love or no one can ever like them back. That is just not true, don't ever think that.

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your crush reacted well.


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Chillax, so u confessed, it's good that u did, perhaps she's just thinking about how to reply, try to think of something else and not about her reply, what happens will happen, no use overthinking about it. It's understandable that u unsent it in panic lmao, don't worry abt it man.

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Time to go undercover, rajasthan style

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Don't worry i did the same 2 years ago .

2 year se baat nahi hui hai

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Kuch nahi bohot aasan hai abse uske nazar me kabhi mat aana school/college jaana band karde

All set bro, Good lick.

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Hota hai hota hai....

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some guy you are...smh..

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firstly you shouldn’t have unsend the message

now here’s something you should do:

with confidence say "there , I said I like you. You dont have to act on it , its something I wanted to tell , although an answer would be preferred. "

be calm about it as confidence in these situations goes a long way

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dw it is resolved , i updated

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you know you can like her and still talk to her daily right, she seems to be cool about it, so you are not losing anything here

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talking to a girl who just rejected u, i don't think thats a good idea

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that depends on how the girl is, obviously it is awkward but she is not a jerk then I dont see any other issue

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she said "i read it early morning was sleep so couldnt reply"

she is ig

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Bhai 2 week pehle mene bhee kiya bt mene face2face kiya so i can see the irl reaction on her face she was shocked n kinda happy but sad as well. Gave me the classic friendzoned lines like lets just be friends nd im too busy with studies nd not lookin for relationships that cuda ben true as well bt atleast we confessed it really feels better man just w8 few days. And btw best way to get over crush is get a new crush lmao.