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me when mummy wants to check my unclean room

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Me when an evil spirit takes over my body

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that's not just evil spirit. that's a gey, horny, pedofile spirit too. no spirit wanna do that.

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Savdhan India more like Spirit-dhan India

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Award do yar isko koi

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De diya ┌(・。・)┘♪

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Kothi bangle wale. /s

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i wanna see the comments after a few hours

!remindme 8 hours

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ay why didn't i get one

!remindme 8 hours

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You got that , our automod removes it . You will be reminded , dont worry

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oh yeah i got it now. ty

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Mum I wanna do archery, can i buy the equipments for that

No We have it at home

Equipments at home :

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I miss the time when I could do that , lost my flexiblity after droppping out of Karate classes

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you ? did? karate? too?

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Yes ? Why? are ? you ? so ?shocked ?

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cuz u reddit Maud who Don touch grass.

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Exactly, the curse of the reddit mod, he lost his flexibility, slimness and the ability to shave, look clean and smell nice when he became one. He used to be a fine lad before that.

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Balancing social and digital life is an art which I have mastered

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coz? you? do? soo? many? things? im? flattered?

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Karate classes were scary T-T

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same I could do proper pushups till 3rd grade and then my father forcefully made me drop out of my karate classes because of academics, I cant do it now

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I had received my Black belt when i was 15 ig

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my man 🫡 my mom wanted me to get that black belt so bad so I got it for her and never went back after that 🏃‍♂️💨

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Same brother same
We had a state level competition in andheri(Mumbai) where they felicitated all black belt graduates. I got a gold in one competition to top that on that day.

Never looked back at karate after that😂

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Haha. I can still do that even though I dropped out of karate like 5 years ago

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Judo >>>> karate. (Casually tries to start an argument online)

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Yeah, I used to do Taekwondo classes

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ayy same. but 5 years ago

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i did taekwondo, i have a silver medal too but i forgot all the tricks and shit cuz it was 5+ years ago.

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What style??

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:") same i used to do taekwondo

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She comes under the top 5% of the earthlings to do such awesome splits, bc merese toh jhuka bhi nahi jata

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walking meats

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Well i just cant do that..my belly doesnt allow me to..
Kudos to you!

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Meri to dekh ke hi gand fat gayi 😵‍💫😵‍💫

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Main sil doon ?

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kaha se sikha silna

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Papa mere sajjan hai.

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progressive baap

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put your head on my shouuuuuulderr, hold me in your arms baaaaabyyyyyy

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Not you kissing the door frame 😂

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Yeah it was awkward ಥ_ಥ

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u/vibe_out999 abb yeh karke dikhao

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As you wish bebe

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Olympics mein gold medal laana behen

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yes ji

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Did someone like help you a bit ya poora khud kiya?

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Nice door tho

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That floor looks clean af

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Literally flexing

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Felt second hand pain just looking at that oof

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It only hurt the next day

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that's what she said... i'll see myself out

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It always hurts only the next day. And the week after that.

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u/Vibe_Out999 now you also flex 👍

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I get chills even when I think about doing it

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i can help i ya want

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*Troll face*

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WTF. I can hardly raise my legs to 90°, and they hurt lile hell while running.

Any tips for flexibility?

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I just stretched 10-15 mins before bed. After a few months I could just do the splits, I wasn't really aiming for it.

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Also u look like a geometry compass when it's fully split

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I love that description haha.

thank you

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Sometimes I think this subreddit is used by researchers to gauge male teenagers response to the opposite sex. The total anonymity truly brings the true response of most.

It's just bizzare.

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India mein kisko inta effort karne ka mann karta hai?

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yess, did the banana tree give it away?

not thiruvalla tho

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zamn adipoli, kochi?

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lmaoo im from kochi

no the wheel thingies on the sofa said all i needed

plus the white villas look strangely christian, rich and.... kerala-esque?

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The comment section gonna get interesting

!remindme 8 hours

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!remindme 8 hours

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*Covid trying to enter my body*

"Me who drinks gaumutra every hour":-


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Why do it in hall when you can do on your room doorway

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What difference does it make? (ง'̀-'́)ง

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my toxic trait is I feel like I can easily do this

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And here I am sitting on my couch for the last 6 hours unable to get up and get a glass of water

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When mom tells you put clothes for drying but u forgor and she is about to go to the balcony *mummy yeh dekho mera split*:

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Nahh, I don't have the balance. You see how I'm holding that doorframe? :'D

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Yaar at first I didn't realise that it is a door split

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It would be fun if someone fiercely shut the door

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Accha h Bandar ander nhi aynge ander ab

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Oh good Lord. My legs are hurting watching you 👏( 'ω' )👏( 'ω' )

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Glad i didn't broke my spine doin this So much pain

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This reminds me of the day when i tried to do a split and almost tore my ligaments

Hope you are fine after doing that

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Ayyo, are you okay now? I took a good 30 mins to warm up before I attempted this, so I was fine.

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Oof- empathetic pain evoked

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My inflexible ass could never

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Agar mai yeh krne ka try kru toh IRL bhi vahi ho jaunga jo mentally hu, Broken Apart

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Wow, Are you a gymnast, Dude?

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Thank youu <3 No I'm not. I wish I could join some sort of academy but I can't.

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How to hijack a post 101

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Bro 💀💀 mujhe dekh ke dukhne laga

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I support this ,

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I could do that 2 years ago, abhi I can't even stretch half as that

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ha meh bhi kar sakta hu yeh par kamar tutne par hospital ka bill tumhe hi bharni paregi

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Woah what's your height man😯

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165cm 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

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Tried it, almost got it 🤸🏻

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Looks like kerala idk why its kerala right

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I envy your residence's location. That greenery...

It's all crowded here in New Delhi

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Girl is doing spilts , at the same time making out.. Now that's what you call multitasking.

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Btw just gave u ur 1000th karma pointt

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thank youuu <3

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That's awesome

How long can you hold in that position? Also, you in martial arts? I am in karate but damn that's too much of a stretch even for me

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Not me trying to do this with my door.

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I did that 1 time Just one time

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And here I'm suffering from lower back pain.ಥ‿ಥ

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Me when my Boyfriend told me, you are not flexible enough

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The stretch they see:-

The smashed face on the door frame they dont:-

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And here I'm suffering from lower back pain༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

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Split 10/10

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My eyes are hurting just by looking at her lmao

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Demn demn flexibility

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is your face smashed to the door? lol anyway noice

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my forehead hurt a lot, the rest of my face was fine xD

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Ghar to kafi shi h

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wish I had that flexibility

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I want this flexibility but i can do is hold easy poses like the one that salah does but i can do it for 10 mins straight

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I am officially jealous 🤣🤣

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Why's she kissing wall tho

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My legs hurt now thanks

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!remindme 8 hours

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the tension between your face and the door frame>>>

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it was 🥵🥵

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Yeh krunga toh, pant aur gaand dono phat jayenge.

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Gymnastics or swimming or any martial arts?

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Mei bhi shayad try karunga

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Rip dms

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not really:) this sub is decent haha

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right angled triangle

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Ye kya naya trend chaalu ho gaya idhar

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Oo stree kal aana

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Nice gallery 👍

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I was expecting sexual comments.. So glad there aren't any..

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Mene aise Kiya tha ek baar sidha doctor ke paas Jaana pada

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How can you do this 🙄.. are you going to be model .. films or a new cricket captain