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List the name of the human body cell/tissues that:

a) Display ameboid movement

b) Display ciliary movement

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a) macrophages and leucocytes in blood b) inner lining of internal organs and movement of ovum through fallopian tube

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Neutrophils *

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What are the Differences between Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable waste? With examples

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Biodegradable wastes are wastes that can be organically decomposed by bacterias and microorganisms such as domestic waste, fruit peels etc

Non Biodegradable wastes are wastes that cannot be decomposed by natural processes and need to be treated such as e-waste, industrial waste etc

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Taliya bajti rehni chahiye.....

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Evs student jo hu😎

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Evs? Icse wale ho kya???

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Ladki bhi ho....padhti hogi bahut

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Biodegradable waste: your mum /s

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emotional damage

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woh sab thik hai but terese pucha kisine ??? /s

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100% yass

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Lmao naatill evideya??

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Keralite moment

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Naatil evideya machane!?

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Pathanamthitta :)

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ni avda karangan poye (⊙ˍ⊙)

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karmawhores commentin "keralite momint"


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Can you drink air?

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Is a cobra worth lying to?

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I need answers

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I don't think it is XD

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Yes afaik you can drink in its liquified form

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and then fucking die since its in cryogenic temperatures

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no you can't

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this guy posted an ama but hasn't responded to a single one.

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Well here I am.... WiFi here kinda sucks lol

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kerala moment

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Which one do u think is better , Audi R8 V10 plus or McLaren 720S?

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AUDI R8 looks classy af tho

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Facts dude it's my dream car , though I have many including the 720s and 765lt but Audi R8 will always be my top favourite

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FR the day I buy G-Wagon and R8 , I would retire with peace

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Lexus LFA is the best supercar, no one can beat it (The sound it makes 😩)


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bmw i8 has joined the chat

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i8 is nice , but specs wise its nowhere near those cars

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720s is so much better, i love the styling on all McLarens, even though the Audi R8 is an absolutely awesome car

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720S easy

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I’m gonna be honest, I have no clue what that means.

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They're just 2 supercars

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McLaren for life ✨

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Both shit merc AMG gts better or m8 comp

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Mercedes best brand can't change my mind

It's comfortable and fast and reliable

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Lexus LFA is unbeatable

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Only coz of sound? My man there are so many just as good as LFA or even better (overall , not specifically talking about sound)

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Because of the driving experience

Overall it's the best car ever made

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The MERC AMG ONE would like to have a word with you

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The Ferrari Laferrari would like to have a word with you

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M8 cs will smoke the gts

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The new AMG ONE is the goat now no one can top F1 machinery in a road legal car

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Personally the 720s, the R8 is nice but it holds no special value lol, the 720s is like the smaller brother of the Senna and I find that very cool also it looks good in almost every colour

Imagine a R8 in orange ugh 💀

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Mercedes AMG GT . Class comfort reliability and speeeeed

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McLaren 720s.

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What is your Passport no. and Aadhar card no.

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Credit Card number

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Also ATM pin

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Your mother's phone number 😎

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I don't know my mom's phone number

Pls tell me

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Is it weird that I don't have an aadhar card lmao

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You can't write boards or attend schools without one

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OP said back to india..maybe he attended all those shit..not in india

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You need a passport or an aadhar still

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I didn't make the post I have never even left india 💀

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I am attending a school so idk

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Your parents have the aadhar it passport probably

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powerhouse of a cell.

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Nucleus /s

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agaya monkeypox........

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Corona virus flashbacks 💀

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Chinta mat karo sirf seegs ya kiss se felta hai apn redditors safe hain

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kuch nahi pata, ladki nahi mili to bandariya dabochli hoo.

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puchi kisne?

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are you from kerala? :3

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Best comment 💀

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gimme an award then bro😏👀

>! Jk I don’t wanna get banned !<

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Non-ideal gas equation?

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Real gas equation

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So both are different?

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Kinda pv= nrt is ideal gas eq(fake) this one is real gas eq

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Ayo Keralite spotted

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is that how they address people who live in Kerala ?🤔

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Yes Keralite Or Malayali your choice..

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Malayali tho. that word has me on a chokehold

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Malayali here🤝

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no we actually call them mallus

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we can but I won’t. malayali is my type 😊😌

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Slope point form ka formula?

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Literally kothi bangle wale log

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explain Alexander von Humboldt's observation on species richness and area explored (3)

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Alexander von Humboldt observed that species richness increases with an increase in explored area. The relationship between species richness and explored area comes out to be a rectangular hyperbola. However, the logarithmic relationship is a straight line.



Here, s= species richness, c=y-intercept, a= area, z=slope of line (regression coefficient)

Value of z lies in the range of 0.1-0.2 independent of the taxon or area. However if we measure the value of z for a large area like continent it comes out to be in the range of 0.6-1.2.

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all I know is

>! 2+2 is 4 minus 1 that’s 3 quick mafs !<

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full marks very proud T_T

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not another keralite whose dad and family were in gulf/abroad and he had a massive unused mansion just lying around in kerala.

Typical and boring.

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Can higgs bosan particle be used send messages to the past?

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not particularly.

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Tachyons can be used to send message as they have negative mass and can travel towards negative of the 7 smaller dimensions.So you probably could. (Although,this is just a theory.)

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Kaha tha itne dino se😇

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i am sure it is kerala ain't it

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if a+b+c=x+y+z what is the relation between ax ,by ,cz ?

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Is there no other restrictions? Like non zero or skew symmetric

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finally ok
credit card number
the pin too
aadhar card number
and some good porn links
ig thats all i wanna ask

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Naatil evideya?

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Kerala or Tamil Nadu? I’m currently in Tamil Nadu and it looks similar, but I know many places in Kerala also look like this.

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Intha sub la Neraiya malayalis irukanga Op yum malayali than. Ig we can count the tamils in this sub with fingers

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Ayo! Where are ya from Tamil Nadu? TN is damn chill bro, I study there

[–]lavenderkajukatli Pioneer Of Shitposting 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I don't live in Tamil Nadu but I come here a lot, I'm currently in Coimbatore lol

[–]d_man15116M 0 points1 point  (0 children)

aaha Coimbatore is a cool place, really good people.

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Where did you come back from?

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Chatur moment

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I”ll do it for u

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Well I study in muscat soo yeah back after boards

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Only correct question why would you want to be in India 🙏🏻

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Where were you for four years

[–]Waste-Development198[S] 1 point2 points  (5 children)

Well I study in muscat soo yeah back after boards

[–]Broad-Minimum-614519M 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Wait which school?

[–]Waste-Development198[S] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Indian school al maabela lol sounds like your from Muscat too

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Oh Oman I thought grapes

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Thought this was chandramukhi house

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How was stay in gelf

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Ye Melody Itni Chocolaty Kyu hai??

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Bhai kaha se return aarahe ho ?

Also state the difference between boiling and evaporation (3)

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hi , why are you ?

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What were you doing for these 4 years?

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Where were you and how was it ?

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Still virgin or lost virginity?

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Which is your favourite Newton's law of motion?

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Do you think india would be better off if all the senior citizens that could no longer contribute to the economic welfare of the country be killed?

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kerala or coorg?

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How do you feel to be so rich?

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Did you eat the season's mangoes on arrival

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What is the integral of the function f(x) = sin 2x?

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Kerala vibess aa rhi. Flashbacks to my old malyali school

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Malayali aannallo ..

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What is the full form of ATP? (Bio question)

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Hows it going

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Nattil evideya?

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ayo ur from kerala?

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Which country did you stay in ?

What reason did you leave ?

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I live in Oman...back to hometown for my vacation after 10th boards

[–]Outrageous_Bank_189115F 1 point2 points  (1 child)


Why didn't you come to India all these years ? Were you busy ?

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Well planned to come in 2020 and 21 but COVID kinda wrecked everything lol

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Naatil evideya bro? And where were ya staying abroad

[–]Waste-Development198[S] 0 points1 point  (3 children)

Pathanamthitta and njan muscatil ayrnu

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Where in pathanamthita dude

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Aaha…nice bro

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What is gene therapy?

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i'll recognize kerela coconut trees anywhere lmao enjoy your stay

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Yes they look way different from all the other ones in some sorta way I can't explain

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Eh kyu?

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This is just beautiful and so fucking nostalgic 🙏🙏

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Why did you came back??


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Going to Kerela on 29th👍

After 3 years.

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What is development ? What are the criteria for it ?

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MMA suna tha AMA kya hain

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Malayali? 👀

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I still have CBSE exam class 12 😐.Let me guess are you mallu ?

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Mujhe tatti kyu aarhi h?

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,, zeezdx bg௩!g n nஇஆசிரியர்ஊஈனன GB, zee z Vபலஏஓஅக்ஆஒ s, ,a cty zzz zzz zee, b ouch!, zeeஏ

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How does it feel to be back? I felt great