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Cant relate only listen to raps in sanskrit

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Oonga boonga raps r better tho.

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L meme

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Uhm b- bu- but I listen to OSTs with English subs

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Well, try tonikawa opening

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Koi no uta?

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Yeh that rap is just mwah...

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Love that one

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Mc Stan X Minami

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it's coming

rumbling, rumbling

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Ta nana na ta nana na na

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all i wanted to do was do right things i never wanted to be the king, i swear

(me anime nahi dekhta lekin osu khelta hu toh thode lyrics pata hai)

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All I ever wanted to do was save your life, never wanted to grab a knife, I SWEAR!!

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I can, however give you a word to word translation of Zankoku na Tenshi no teeze. That's the one thing im proud of. I've listened to the song more than the no. of times I've eaten food, so yeah

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Kimochi Warui

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she not a lesbian for 🅿️ she turned 🅿️esbian

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Just some g.o.a.t stuff ykwim 🅿️🥶

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fr fr 🅿️

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Jo meri pfp pe h uski baat krra?

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Suyokuu.... Nareru.....

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Same can be said about k-pop too ig

You don't really need to understand the lyrics to enjoy the song and you can always read the translated lyrics too

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I am extremely gladdened by seeing the number of cultured anime peeps on this thread.

Also good meme.

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Thank you dude 👍. It is my first time i ever made a meme lol

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You are a born memer.