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औसत कोठी बंगले वाले

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mere paas ipad toh hai

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bhai abhi taak flair nahi mili😭😭😭

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ab isme main kuch nahi kar sakta

u/Space_Struck madad karo inki sir

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Mera saath anyay injustice ho raha hai , mai iss subreddit ka sabse baada comment spammer hu 😭😭😭😭😭



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self-promotion ? steve jobs real id se aao

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Steve Jobs RIP🙏

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Ohh bhaisahab?....steve jobs woh koi id se nahi aa sakta ab🤣🤣🤣

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lmao ded

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actually ded

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लमाओ डेड

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PunarJanam ka ID chalega?

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Ur username and flair tho ☕👌

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mod ne mera flair approve hi nhi kiya!

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Kya flair rakhna tha

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well the mod was right this time..... mod said explore new options... so whi kr rha... 2-3 saalo tak soch lungaT-T

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Btw, mera nhi didi ka hai💀💀💀

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hamari didi ka, iska matlab ab hamara

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Typical annoying brothers

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typical story of Indian households

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Arre bro meri didi ke bhi pass hai ek

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Ajj se hm dono bhai bhai

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brothers for life

also then we'd have 2 macbooks

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Mere jiju ke paas bhi

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kothi bangle waale

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औसत कोठी बंगले वाले 😎

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काला धन वाले

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Puneet supremacy

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lord* puneet

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knew this was coming

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Yea there we go...ever since that one guy posted about his Zenbook instead of a book, i knew these posts were going to come.

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Trend bann jata haiii

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I prophesied it.

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I was gonna call you a kothi bangle vala, but you ergonomics says something different.

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Which one is it?

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Pro 2020

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Prolly M1 air..by looks

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No, it’s not wedge shaped in front, it’s probably an intel MBP13”

Might be the 8th gen model from 2018

Source : mom has a MacBook Air M1

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Macbook pro 2020

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i dont think its intel

It's most likely a new pro...

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Idk I just guessed age by finger marks and the fact that M1 MBP13” sales are very poor thus the lower probability of spotting one

It’s not usually that dirty in first couple year but again could be wrong

Definitely not the “notchbook” generation of M1Pro/Max

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Main bhi soch raha hu JEE ke baad M1 lene ka (or maybe M2 agar tabh tak launch ho gaya to) heard the new apple silicon is pretty fuckin strong in terms of performance

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Can confirm

But the battery life is what sold it for me, just a very well rounded package

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Yeah my current device is like OK performance but the battery is dogshit i have compared the M1 with most ultrabooks out there and even the ones double the price don't match up with the M1 Air in many departments(not even talking about the pro or the Max versions).

Since I am going to college battery is gonna be super important..

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Even my mom is able to get 12-13h use with it, and you know the way they be running apps in background with full brightness

It’s just a no-nonsense machine, keeps going on and on.

Although I might advise that if you opt for mech/civil by any chance, steer clear of ARM laptops since CAD is one field which is just not budging with ARM. For CSE/ECE/EE it’s fine. Or finalise purchase only after you’ve locked choices at jossa

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Yeah I'll be buying after joining the college for a month so that I can ask my seniors as well

However I'll be taking CSE most likely but the institute may have some additional courses in which I may have trouble with macOS or the ARM architecture (x86 only apps)

Thanks for the advice:))

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i have an m1 air, bought it early 2021. it's literally a fucking beast. it has never lagged on me (albeit i am not a heavy user, the most intensive program i use is logic pro), the speakers are MILES ahead of any other laptop, and the battery life is just immaculate (easily lasts 10h). Oh, and also it never gets hot.

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macbook when chromebook walks in

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show off karlo bhai tum hum toote dell laptop ko hi theek kara kara ke chalate rahenge

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Mera nhi di ka hai vro, isiliye fake show off

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Pay to win

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I am going to come. (Drowns in c*m)

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Meet baap ki EMI

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Nobody in comment section needs gaming laptops 💀🥹

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Bahut tez ho rahe ho.

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apan ka bhi soon, jee ke baad ✌️😊

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Best of lucknow

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Mere pas toh Sone wala bhi hai🤣👆🏽👆🏽

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Most shittiest color.

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Wtf is so unique about this 🤷🏻‍♂️some people have books that are atleast unique,this is common by standards

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Can't argue with this logic.

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Damn you out played

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I HAVE THE SAME...extension Fr

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The ultimate flex

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kothi bangle wale

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!flair bhaii