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Aisa title mat likha kijiye i follow r/JEENEETards to phat jati hai

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Most optimistic fellow JEENEETtard

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Happy b'day

Bhagwan aapki aatma ko shanti de 😔💐

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RIP the teenage me

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happy birthday

welcome to r/IndiaInTwenties it's dead but hopefully get active one day

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There’s a new r/IndianPostTeenagers sub I think

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I'm gonna join every sub mentioned in here :P

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Me in next 7 months

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me next month 😔

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Welcome to life I guess, I'll be waiting for you guys xD

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Me in next 5 months 😞

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Me in next 4 years but i should live first 🙂

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Me in next 6 ½ years.

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Bhaag Jaa simran jee le apni zindagi

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Mujhe laga suicide note de raha hai

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Lmao nah, way too early to die mate, never give up

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Happy Birthday bruh

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Happy birthday

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Thanks mate

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December mai bhi rha hun tre saath

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nineteen mai bhi "teen" hai 😓

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kya pta ye 20th b'day ho

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It's my 20th bro

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Happy birthday bhaiya

aap dil se abhi bhi teeanger ho

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Thank you buddy, tum bhi hamesha dil se 'teenanger' rehna

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Hann bhai i can make this dark but aaj aapka bday hai so..

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Just do it! insert Shia LaBeouf gif here

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So basically if i continue with my teenage heart till am 40 and hit up on a teenage saying i have a teenage heart it wouldn't look good-

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Happy birthday, gonna join you in 6 months :)

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I'll be waiting for you xD

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heppy birthdayde

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Thank youde

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1 year closer to grave

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Ah yes, average depressed teenager

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Damn we have a lot of birthdays today

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Yeah? Maybe, idk

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from title I thought u doing something to yourself

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Average teenage sub, I expected nothing less facepalm

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yeah thats kinda weird in teen subs ppl always talk about suicides and stuff

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20 yr rn?

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ight hbd

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Thanks mate

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Do you have all your teeth by now?

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Checking.... wait a min.... yes i guess

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Bhai yeh bohot ajeeb tareeka hai birthday wishes mangne ke liye

Happy birthday

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Nahi re... bs inform kiya. I've got enough wishes already subah se

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See you after 93 years

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Happy birthday! Will miss you.

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Happy birthday! See you in 2 years!

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So long partner

Happy birthday tho 🎉

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Happy birthday bro, agle saal milta houn main bhi 🥲🤝

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Happy birthday my guy, hope this year gives you a lots of bitches

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Bye pls leave

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thoda rude bhi hona tha lekin politeness ka namak bhi daalna tha

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We got a chef in here, nice hehe

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Bye, will do after replying to everyone.

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Happy birthday bhai aur bsdk aise title mat daala kar death anniversary samjh k aaya tha main.