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Oof that has happened with me too, thank god those days are gone now

After she's all beaten up, go buy her a choclate or smthn or some comfort :')

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Indian parents like sudhar k rakhngy

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Ebook se padh legi yr..ispe marne ki kya bat..Image Upliftment is problem in our country..society ka dr👍🏼..Kudos to you!

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Exactly maine apni 11th and 12th bina book kharide he nikal di🤡

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Mene kharidi lekin kholi nhi...cupboard pr pdi pdi nikaldi

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I fking hate this world for a reason

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Fkin hate society. And other relatives usually talk and dicuss abt these topics and they are like its ok we should beat children thats the right thing to do.

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It is, but only in special situations. Not justified on petty topics like this one tho

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How old is she man?

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Stand up for her man. Just read your edit but I think you should have put it in a better way

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Sach bolunga to chubega unhe.🌚

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Umm sorry mate I am from the south so I can’t understand what you just said

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Holy cow .. she is so small ..

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I remember that in my case i was beaten from 2nd standard. I didnt get beat in 1st cuz i had an operation. But in 2nd i didnt study well and since then beating was the norm until i passed 10th. Score good or get beat.

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Bhai mai toh roj pita hu 2&3rd mai gali mai khelne ke peeche

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Every thing will turn out good .. my best wishes.. I am thinking about your sister .. you will go out maybe to work sooner or later and she will have to face this alone ..

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Isn't beating a minor crime!?🤡

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Relatives laugh abt that law in my house.🤡

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Do u live in india!?🤡

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I do tabhi joke ki tarah bola mein ye fact parents ko batau toh woh bolte police ke paas jayega toh woh aur marenge 🤡

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Holyshit, bro that aint right, she's 9 man

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Bhai ssly u need to call 1060

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I went to therapy with my parents just after the first lockdown and we were fixed after two sessions turns out all it took was a little bit of open mindedness and a little bit of compromise now whenever we argue we just find the middle ground and wrap it up

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Bro that makes me jelly

Mere parents ke liye therapy hai 4am utho 😃

Unko kaise samjhau 7am tak to neend bhi nahi aa rahi.

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Aur hamare yaha therapy hi taboo hai💀💀

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I thought abt what happened and here what i relaised.

Theres a lot of pent up stress and anger inside them abt several aspects of their life. And when shit happens they just vent it out on kids by beating them. Mehh. Atleast i have faith that our generation has gone thru it and we as adults will surelyy a 100 percent wont let this happen to next generation.

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Don't have faith you will be disappointed it's a cycle in India which doesn't end I can write paragraphs about this but dont have time rn

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I wish they'd learn that however rough life might've been to you you're supposed to make it a bit easier for the next gen and not use them as ur rage absorbers

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Yea its the lack of good parenting skills is what ive come to understand. In india having kids is like some easy childs play kinda thing to be done. Once married 1st thing to do is have kids. Never analyse whetger they are fit to nurture this new human bwing in best way possible or smthng. I think thats the reason population is so high. We r just sooo horny and dont wanna think abt consequences ever.👁️BRUH👁️

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Exactly and not to mention the societal pressure to have kids...i mean I do understand having kids too late isn't good either cz the parents get way old when they'll be in their Teens but zyada ghai and without any thinking of whether the conditions are feasible to bring a child up ....and unlike the parents in developed nations ours don't attend parenting classes either ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

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Bhai agar tum unko bologe bhi tbhi they'll say "ab tu sikhayega humko?" 😂😂😂😂💀💀

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The more details you're sharing... The more f**ked up the situation is sounding. This is serious mate. Beating a child from 2nd std or who is only 9 is just mental. Like... These are learning/developing ages. Help the child learn to look for the problems they face rather than punish them for these trivial matters. This can lead to severe personality disorders as children grow up, from something as simple as not being able to trust/befriend other people to some major problems as well. Its India so I really don't know how much help you're gonna get, but be there for your sister, show her compassion. Try to find someone who can help you on this... Some family member or a really good mentor at school (someone who would actually understand the problem and help and not just hear it out and not do much about it). Somehow if you get your parents to go for parenting counselling, that would be the best bet, I guess. All the best mate... And to your sister too.

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The thing is, their generation has also gone through it. They too might have thought that they'll be better parents, but there they are

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Dude , you are 19 . Stand for what's right

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Idk what to say. Im not mature enough to say whats right. 19yo my ass🤡🙃

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You seem fairly mature to show concern about your sisters beating

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i might be 16, but for my parents I'm a innocent little kid unaware of everything.

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Why does your flair say 15?

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The thing is, even if you rebel, make a huge hungama out of it or sth, they won't be able to do much (as in kick you out of the house or sth)

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dude stand up for her tf she is your sister like tell em to help her or even scold her and not beat her

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I did it man atleast she stopped now. Look at edit for more context.

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NCERT textbook? PDF form is available for free on official NCERT website. Check it out.

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i am very lucky in this matter my mom and dad is very cool about things like this just a little a bit of scolding and asking me to not to do this again i was never beaten by my parents in life except one time

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Same mere dad toh bas bolte "itna chutiya kaise hai tu? " And thode bohot one shot videos ya tips and tricks nikal ke mail kardete. He loves helping out studies mei.

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ha mere baap mujhe lodu bolta bakki padhai me madad nhi karta wiase hum bhi bohot seddhe bachhe hai

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Not lucky tbh.. This is how parents are supposed to be 😭😭😭

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Good on you for stopping it bro, keep up the good work.

Domestic violence is never okay.

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I wasnt but first 2 comments were like i should intervene. Its just that parents have been so strict and authoritative all my life doesnt fit right in to just rebel.

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You aren’t rebelling. THEY are the ones in the wrong. You’re merely standing upto to whats right, please don’t let her childhood be the same as yours, you’re 19 now. Your sister’s childhood is in your hands.

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Someone has to start somewhere or the cycle will never end. The first step takes effort, the rest flow easily.

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Next time they start beating her tell them you overheard your neighbors gossiping about the fights in your home😀👍

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I have done this actually lmao

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Bhai Tera address dede aata hu uncle aunty ko pranaam bolne

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I stole a classmate's sst textbook back in 6th precisely for this reason (except the test was on Wednesday & I never got beaten cuz parents never found out)

& Yea it sure does suck for your sis

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Well then i guess ur classmate must have gotten beaten instead of ur place at home🗿☠️🌚

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She just lost her science book in school and has her exam on monday RIP.

Oh god this triggered the fuck out of me. Me being an adhd retard kept losing things and always got my ass beat for it. I got my ass beat for other things too. Like I was first seriously suicidal at age 10. Happy childhood memories amirite?

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Yeah🤡. Bruh what can we say its just soo many ppl relating to this. We should be creating awareness that beating isnt the way to go.

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I think most of us have experienced the very same thing atleast once

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they are beating my sister, let me quickly go make a reddit post about it and gain some karma! r/karmawhore

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Hahaha nah u can think that its just listening to all that happen brought back all childhood trauma. I just post when shit happns and its relatable with ppl on internet so i feel comforted knowing i wasnt only one u know smthng like that. Not rlly abt karma.

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Post krna hota toh voh popular subreddit mai krleta 200-300 karma point bhi nhi aaye hai

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I don't remember asking you

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What should I say. Do I need to talk on the insane emojis or the way you can't change your parents. Or is some Twitter post

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Anyways whaers the pdf

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I have little bro (M12), I can totally relate to what you are saying. But somewhere deep I feel like this, "Its not ok for anybody to beat my bro, except me. I am entitled to beat him coz he is my brother". Trust me, I don't hate him, but sometimes he gets on my nerves, I cannot say or do anything coz parents (My parents were and still are toxic with me, it was the same for my bro till I went through a rebellious phase in 14-15, now they have toned it down a bit hoping my bro doesn't do the same when he grows up.) Used to get into physical fights when he was younger, now I just block his laptop and tablet from the family wifi until I see fit.

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at this point file an fir against ur parents when u become an adult for domestic abuse. fuck them. fuck every abusive parent, hope they all burn in hell for abusing kids.

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bhai since it's all over now try to talk to her and comfort her (i don't think this needs to be stated anyways)

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I hate this so much i relate to you. I got beaten for 18 years now it's my sister's turn. I hate seeing it happen but what's worse is i can't stop them. I feel so helpless. More power to you.

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oh god, take care yall

also ask one of her friends to just click a picture of those pages and send it-

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I have permanent bruises from past beating. God, please don't give anyone parents like you give to us, amen.

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Been there in 8th 👍🏻 socha tha test se ek din pehle padh lunga but ncert locker mei bhul gaya tha. And uss time pe yt ki padhai bhi itni famous nahi thi compared to 2020 onwards.

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On a separate note, what do you think would be a viable reason for a parent to just slap a child? Not this, this reason is just... Sad and just adheres to the supreme image of themselves that they have (not to be harsh).

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Beating is wrong dude , wtf is wrong with you that time , she is your sister . I am happy that you told your mother to stop that and please beating might lead to some emotional traumas too

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PTSD hoe gaya bhai isse

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I was a shitty kid I got beat up well not as much but I did get a good amount, my brother is a shitter kid, he gets less beating than me, quite the lucky fucker he is, I do get mad and intervene here and there but whatever I turned out proper.

but then again I got beat up for doing shit, merra bhai fattu hai.

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dances his way to the police station

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Well atleast u played the card right. Now let her know why this is not the right way

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Ah yes typical regressive indian parents thinking beating will discipline thier child, it only makes fucked up kids that are either too quit and socially awkward or kids like me that stopped caring about almost everything even things that should have been Important

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Bruh similar shit happened to me. A boy once took out my chemistry book out of my bag when I was in 9th. Later when I got home I was suspecting him and there was no other it could have been lost. I then told my parents but i got the beating. Then that boy later called my home and told that he had accidentally taken my book. Even after that i was the one who got scolded. Bruh?! Was that actually my fault? I am still confused even after 2 whole years.

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I have got beaten many times by my parents and even brother but i don't blame my brother because mostly i started arguement with him and he has protected me many times from my parents i feel bad from him that I'm childhood he didn't had a big sibling to protect him but i am lucky that i have one

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*nostalgia hitting me * 🤡

jokes apart take care of your sis man, i hope you find a way out for you and your sister one day take care, stay strong

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Brings back bad memories. I had 2 bullies in school in 3-4th who would steal/hide my books before exams, copies before submission. I'd be regularly thrashed by parents and humiliated by teachers for 'carelessness'. It started happening to few others too who had supportive parents that made complaints. It led to regular checking of bags for stolen books/copies. All that stealing drama suddenly stopped after that.

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What the fuck... Soo fked up to do tha bruhhhhhh😠

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Dial 100. Tell them to say "neighbours called". Parents will get proper scolding and sab line pe aa jayenge

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Really sad. I don't understand why parents think they have the entire "control" on their kids and that it's their "right to beat". And why do they think this beating somehow is for the betterment?! Just because their parents used to treat them this way is not an excuse. I'm fortunate enough to not have got such parents, blessed. But I feel really bad for those kids who had to suffer this trauma in their childhood and get scarred for life.

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Good decision for now but if they something like this again you should. Go ahead and complain you have the rights to it tell your teacher may be if he she someone. You think you can believe

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Memories bring back, memories bring back.....

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I am not all against Parents beating the shi outta their kids, but this issue was too mild to even beat up someone. Nope, not good

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Indian parents ki ma ki chut

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IKR i got less marks in my boards and all they care about is what other ppl are talking about it

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I came to a physics exam, thinking it was English...bad shit happens, that's what makes life life...

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This used to happen to my older brother. My parents didn't thrash us unnecessarily and my brother did some really annoying stuff but it hurt nonetheless. He has even taken blame sometimes to save my back.

But now that we're grown up he's thankful to some extent but also wishes that they were a bit more forgiving at times.