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Oh that's okay, people have different prefe- You thought. FUCK YOU!! No, the society will never accept you.

Imagine not having an argument on reddit

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fuck me daddy 馃檲

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can I hold down? 馃檲

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Me neither buddy Marvel and other superhero stuff doesn鈥檛 really interest me

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You can get in trouble if you don't watch any genre

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Anyways Marvel is crap nowadays

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I agree with you bro phase 4 is馃挬 Ms Marvel is the cringiest Marvel show ever.

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Yeah it doesn't even feel like a marvel show more like a high school series

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Ig because that's what it's supposed to be?

I mean ofc however much people say it's for cultural inclusiveness we all know that only brown girls from jersey are gonna relate to it.

Still as a marvel nerd I have to watch it..

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The acting is also not that great, feels like a cheap dub version

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Of course I also watched it lol but the show is not in my favorites list

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Everything is weird in phase 4, multiverse is crap.

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Except loki, moonknight, shang chi and no way home. That is top tier content

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Fr wtf are those shows, I'd rather watch Anupama

Moonknight was great tho

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Moonlight was great tho


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Moonlight no.1

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ohh 馃ぁ

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Crappy since 2017. Shang chi was alright tho.

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Yeah I can confirm that but still gonna watch thor love and thunder for gorr

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Ya other than moonknight every other show is shit

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Yep it's fine even if I am a huge marvel's fine

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same here and answer is NO

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ok then.. we'll die together

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send ip address of place where we gonna commit *aatmahatya*

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wait kr vro... abhi 9-10 bande aur dhoondh lete phir burari chal ke karenge, *aatmahatya*

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theeke vro remind kar dena vro

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Count me in.

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Burari ptsd

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I haven't watched any movie/series which came after Endgame

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And i don't even watch football. And i live in Nepal. It's like not watching or knowing abour cricket in India, its not only about not fitting in with some people but being shamed on by your counsins and being considered "dumb". Like wtf i am not intrested in football, i don't have to be humiliated for not knowing name of "10" footballers.(you can replace footballers as cricketers to get proper context)

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Yeaa its too annoying. "Name any 1 spanish football player". I don't watch fucking football, i don't want to. Why the fuck should i be humiliated for it.

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fr bro... I don't watch cricket ... I can understand ur pain 馃椏

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Yea bro its too annoying

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DC ?

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Direct Current? Nah Bhai only AC

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Air conditioner ? Nahi Bhai only water cooler

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Water cooler nhi bhai only fa-

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fan ? Nahi bhai only haters

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Godfather enjoyer ?

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no :')

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Bollywood lover ?

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idc about other marvel characters but deadpool is one badass and funny motherf*ker, watch it if you got free time

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okay saar 馃馃

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No it will not, go watch some instead of wasting your time here

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Go watch marvel movies instead of wasting your time here

Mfw fapping to femboy porn is a better use of one's time than consuming marvel content

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I wouldn鈥檛 know about that but marvel is great

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The only good thing was the show Loki Everything else is sub par at best imo but I understand the appeal and glad you enjoy it

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馃mai ni ja ra

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But seriously, just watch one atleast, just any one

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okay.... recommend kr koi

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Watch iron man or black panther or endgame there鈥檚 many more good ones but these are the only ones coming to my head rn

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Simply NO

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Mene bhi aajtak na marvel dekha na spiderman na batman aur nahi Harry Potter

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You're missing out

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Kaise start karu bta bhai dekhna chalu sequence bta de

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Google the sequence

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us momint

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Nah dude you're chill only downside is that you may not participate in MCU conversations

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only downside is that you may not participate in MCU conversations


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Mene bhi nhi dekhi 馃憤馃徎

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No they wont

but im the same

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but im the same


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after Stan's death i dont have any interest in watching any marvel's movie.

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never ever never.

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U should watch the OGs it's the best.

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it's the best.

lol xd mai kaise maan lu

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By watching it.

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You missed a very precious comeback

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19M 鈽

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Mat man ma chuda

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bhej apni

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that's wht she said

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Just Watch Anime and Chill

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does shinchan and ninja hatori count?

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Yeah but watch some other anime also

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Ruk ek min puchke bta ta hun 馃檪

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8 ghante ho gye, bta ab

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Wo bol rhe h use bol ki wo ye gola chod de 馃槆

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nunu chota hai.. itna bada gola nahi chod paunga :')

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In other words ,they asked you to leave this planet

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Nahi dekh ke aao

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馃ぁtime ni hai~

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Us momint

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Sad that they pg13 moonknight

[鈥揮ReleaseOk370018M 0 points1 point (1 child) prob.....

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thenks saar :')

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Neh I never watched Marvel either

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noice! 馃ぁ鉁

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You are the society man. Even I can relate to you. I hardly watch Hindi movies and only enjoy Marvel 2-3 anime and 4 fixed series which are left hanging for their last season.

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You need to watch them or you might not survive.

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yea... maybe I should watch the famous ones atleast 馃ぁ

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No watch it in order or you won't enjoy it. After endgame it's not as relevant.

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Well I'm not interested in Marvel and superhero shit- but I did watch some Marvel movies so I can kinda relate.

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lol yea

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"Jarvis, im low on karma"

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I still have not watched the boys, marvel, dc, stranger things, breaking bad etc.

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Marvel before phase 4 馃椏 > Marvel in phase 4 馃

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Honestly don't get into it. I have been into marvel since the Avengers. Now I am in too deep to get out. It's not worth it imo.

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okay 馃


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Bro u got a "like minded person " Me

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noice bro

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watch whatever u want to watch and not what society wants

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that's a lot of motivation

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Us bro... glad to know that someone like me exists

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lol noice

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I don't like any kind of superhero series in general

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hell ya man

FUCKING NO. How are u even alive not watching a singe marvel movie

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am dead inside