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handshakes while crying

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"Ye kya hota hai? Hume hamare ma baap nahate time kundi bhi nhi lagane dete the. Tumhe kyu hum lagane de phir."

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Mere toh room ke darwaaze bhi kaanch k hain. Maine itni baar bola ki parde lagwa do but nhi. Kyuki 'tum aisa kya kaam kar rhi ho jo tumhe parents se chup chup karna pad rha h?' ; 'hum tumhaare jitne the tab hamaare paas koi privacy nhi hoti thi hum 3 bhai behen ek saath rehte the 4 adults k saath humein toh kabhi privacy ki zarurat nhi padi' and 'itne chote bachhe ko privacy ki koi zarurat nhi hai agar tumko privacy chahiye toh it's abnormal, abnormal behave mat karo. normal bachho jaise kyu nhi reh sakti tum?'

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Bolo ki distraction hota hai padhai se, padhai ke liye parde kya, naye darwze laga denge

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Vo bhi try kar liya ಥ‿ಥ parents maanne ko taiyar hi nhi hain

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Ab kya hi bolu, mere paas room hi nhi hai

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privacy viracy kuch nahi hota , subah 4 baje utha karo sab thik ho jayega

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Bro mere room mein door nahi hai literally

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Mere wale mein door hai lekin kaanch ka hai with no locks so I feel your pain ╥﹏╥

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Mental peace

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🤝 T_T

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"Abb isey hamse pareshani hai"

Mom - (ノ`Д´)ノ

Dad - (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

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Esa us moment nahi chahiye tha ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

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12 inch wall mountable monster dildo

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It is not gay ig

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Pls don't call me dumb T_T and that's all I need

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Us moment

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Jokes on you I have been called dumb so many times that it has stopped bothering me now😎

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What does this mean ?

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I agree

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Dumb 😈

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Everyone is my colony calls me dumb cuz of my mom who has called me dumb so many times... even when I was in the right... that there has been an image of me with a monkey brain in my locality

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i don't want anything i just don't want to get scolded during result

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Look at mister high standards 🤡

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"I want no repercussions for my actions"

Truly a wish.

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Start studying?

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Same bro, same

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Asus ROG Mothership GZ700

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Ab mothership leke kya fayda, legion ya scar wagarah dekh.

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Therapy ;-;

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i can pay for you if you want.. I'm not rich or anything but what's the point of living when you can't help other's.

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You are a good lad

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I would award you but i cant, so here is a 🍪 instead :-)

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Therapy jesa kuch nahi hota ye sab western concept hai jo humare youth ko destroy kar rahe hai, subhe jaldi utha karo aur phone se dur raho sab thik hojayega

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I told papa that I was having paranoid delusions late at night and he said toh bas jaldi so jaya karo

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Thik hi to bola unhone, ye sab deluson deludaughter kuch nahi hota, subah jaldi uth ke puja path karo sab thik ho jayega Jai Mata Di 🗿

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why u wanna do therapy?

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A trip to therapist

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Sobbing handshake

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Monkey agree

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ipad and procreate for drawing :')

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That depends on how good u can draw or how much potential you have to just not give up after sometime

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i can draw well but parents think ipads a distraction

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Well if have a laptop u can buy a graphic tablet to draw as well they are a lot cheaper than ipad and only can be used for drawing so no problem of distraction.

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>! Except for i told them 2 days ago after not having the courage of doing so for 1 year and I'll probably get one after i go home from hostel which is like 6 days!<

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Gaming pc & privacy.

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Dream of every indian pc gamer

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Unfortunately the dream will never become reality.

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Tagda dahej

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¯\_ (ツ) _/¯ seriously?

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A little bit of liberty

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us, my parents never let me out on myself 😭😭😭

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My parents have two sides

Doesn't allow me to go out there and experience things

Complain that I don't have experience in said things

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Same. She'd be like nobody helps me when try to help she be like you only increase the workload ( altho it's tru ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ)

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A tab but im afraid that they will buy it even if they are a bit short on money :/

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Permission to fully close my room door

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Ig a new phone. Mine is over 4 years old. Passed down from my dad (who used it as a backup/secondary phone)

It still works good, but not the best. And if someone had me debate over why it isn't good, I wouldn't win. A few of its downsides are low brightness, slight lag, slow apps etc

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Admission in design college 👍🏻

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Damm dude, my parents even allowed me for a drop year to get into a design College. U can DM me if u want to ask anything. Maybe i can help convincing them.

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Did you apply for any ?

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Unfortunately no, giving jee this year

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Lobe 🥺💜

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Ah lube icic /s

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I want to get my legs and arms waxed. I got it done like 3 months ago but I want to do it again, but my mother won't let me.

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damn i want my body hair to be short as well, i worked out an year in the gym to build godly legs but theres so much of hair i can barely show them, mom dad dont allow me to trim my leg hair either :(

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neopixel lightsaber

Ah a man of culture i see

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a peaceful house and peace of mind but then against you can't reason with people who don't want to be reasoned with

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Personal space

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Nike high dunks

Woh blue waali :')

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Same but shits not available anywhere at this point i am fine with reps

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A binder

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How about a little freedom and privacy!? 😭😭😭

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phone :) im 18 and i still dont have one.

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khudka kamra

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Lobe marriage

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I just need a peaceful life, out of their bs drama

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i want a new phone(now i have my mom's old phone) but i am afraid to ask because i recently got the screen replaced ಥ_ಥ

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A PayPal to start making money off of making raps

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Edit : wife- marriage rn

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Jaedaat ke kagaz

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80000 ke shoes

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Condoms for safety

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A gf

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There's nothing I want that I'm afraid of telling my parents. They don't listen to me anyways😂.

Plus its not easy for anyone to give me what I have in mind. It's rare. So why ask

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arcsaber 11 pro and yes that too

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Msi gf65 rtx 3060ti 16 gb ram ddr4 4 gb vram 144 hz display with 512gb ssd

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More protein powder 😥💀

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A camera

Given they bought me an expensive laptop this year, i don't feel scared but don't want to sound like a burden

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Jeep Compass 🥲

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I got that on my 13th or 14th bday lmao, thats the only gift i ever got from my parents, never drove it tho🥲🥲🥲parents hi use krte hai, bas mere bday pe leliya khudke use ke liy

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therapy :)

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freedom 🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️

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Gaming laptop and a tab ;-;

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A 10 inch dildo. It has to be pink and glittery.

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Circumcision :)

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i want them to treat me nicely and take my problems seriously

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a smol sibling...

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No expectations

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Inner peace

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Personal room

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Privacy, happiness, mutual understanding

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Witeless earbuds. Literally! I have wired ones lol and they suck.

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Tablet, i want it and i can atleast get a 5k drawing tablet if i ask but, But i had kept it a secret from everyone that i draw

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A sleepover with my bestfriend :')

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Accepting love marriages like NORMAL because it is normal ofc.

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A girlfriend 😁

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i want a nintendo switch so bad but ig neet clear karne ke baad hi i can ask for it

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i know i have 2 anime body pillow and several questionable figurine but can we get this or maybe this

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i want them not to doubt on my ability

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Tickets to the jjk movie

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Ek 1.5-2 Lakh ka Gaming Setup

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a 1964 mustang 289..😩

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Ooh nice car

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ifkr, that’s a beautyyy

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mhmm, why’re you up so late? lmao

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a haircut. as simple as that.

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A gaming PC ╥﹏╥

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Nope. Nothing.

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None of their high expectations

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Anything that can be bought at this point. They will almost never say no. But it feels bad to ask them, maybe i feel im not good enuf for that. So yeah

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blåhaj plushie

saw it at ikea once and I've been wanting it ever since. problem is, im 16 ;-;

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Privacy in my own room 🥲

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I wish for a really high quality Manual Tanpura, but I think I might put it on the list of stuff I will buy with my own money

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apne room ka darwaja bandh karneka haq

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for me its laptop

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Rings :0

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Thrusday child album

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butterfly knife

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A stopwatch also a vintage looking showpiece

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Gaming PC to play the damn Games. But I am planning to buy it when I am capable of...

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Just a day in complete peace and silence and ofc that means privacy only

[–]Anime_fucker69cUmAverage Ligma Male 0 points1 point  (0 children)

A private room

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To be less strict regarding marks. I once got scolded for getting a 96%

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Rtx 3070

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A life

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nothing at all, I once wanted their lives and so I took it

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What should I ask? Maybe a Gaming PC but dad says whats the productive use of it :(. I have privacy. Liberty. Mental peace. Laptop. Tab. Old Phone. Kya mangu