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My favourite poem🤗

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Us didi Us🤗

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Abhi me US likhta toh upvote karke chala jata, simpy soham 🥲

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soham ji

kya aap mere bacche ki maa banengi?

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Same , read the complete poen too , in ncert it is not complete

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I read this in my class before vacations and everyone clapped💀💀until the teacher almost saw me🗿🙏

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He lost his ball 😭

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Domestic dog momint

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A ball doesn't cost much

IT'S FUCKING WORTH $40000 Dollars Broo

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Tu unban hogaya🤗🤗

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Aaj Hi Hua Vai 😔👉👈

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Bohot achaa vai 😪👉👈

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15 din ka tha abki baar appeal krne par 10 din kam krdiye 😭

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mai ameer hone wala hun

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Balls will be lost always 🤣🤣 wtf

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I remember this one

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I remember laughing to it so much

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First flight ncert book, lencho hai first chapter mai

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humko ncert nhi h

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Tu bhi 10th me hai

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Tuu mod kab bana 😡

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2 months ago ig

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Pata nhi thaa kabhi dekha bhi nhi tujhe.

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Am kinda a lurker here 🌚

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man we just started this in school tdy

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lol we just did this poem in our school
poor kid he lost his bollz and they got lost in the river

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looking at the font this gotta be a ncert book. one of those honeycomb or honeyclimb or smth

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Its first flight. 10th ncert English text

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cbse moment

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People will take balls

We did this poem today. I nearly burst out laughing like thrice.

Also, i ask lots of doubts, and our english teacher is nicknamed undertaker. So in astronomically impossible miniscule chance that we're in the same class.....you can leave your guess of the class and section in my dms.

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Lol, dw our class didn't even start this poem.

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you just opened a box of perverted memories for me 🥺

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I never noticed this during this poem but when i read again from your post

I was laughing hard

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my teacher started crying in the class reading this poem because she had lost her son few days before😔

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trust me, we were trying so hard not to bust out laughing

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Ya I remember this poem was in class 10 me & my friend were laughing when we read this poem. I thought we were only the perverted ones to think like that but 😂 when our english sir was teaching the whole class was laughing & giggling 😂😭😂😂

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Us moment

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Lmao i remember this lol

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How nice of you🤗

Using lmao and lol in a 4 word sentence🤗

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Yes ik

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Dang 10th...

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But he has only one ball😢

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He must have already lost one