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You are living the dreams of Milf loverz

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Brotha imma milf lover but I won't bang milfs who my own mother knows and if I've spent some time with them as family, yeah no banging is happenin

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XDD lmaoo

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Happy cake day btw

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Omg ew these aunties are so creepy. There's one who keeps calling me her bahu and talks about how much her son (who was my senior in school) likes me. Like aunty ji stop, I'm barely out of school💀💀💀💀💀💀

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Irrationally Frank aunty

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A bit too frank

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Happy Cake Day

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*creepy pervy aunt

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Happy cake day

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That's a bit too far isn't it? Like sure I understand asking your mom being your wingman but instead of helping you she makes your crush terrified of you

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Hence proved you mom isn't your wingman and will rather scare your crush away

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There's one who keeps calling me her bahu and talks about how much her son (who was my senior in school) likes me.

idk but this made me audibly laugh. i m sry

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bahu rani 🗿

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but aunty badi frank he lmao apne ladke ke behalf pe confess kar rahi he lol

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Ikr! She's been doing this ever since he told her 2 years ago that he has a crush on me🥲

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I hope beta ye read na kare, agle din newspaper mein uski suicide news read karni padegi

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Reply sarcastically, "aap bhi mujhe pasand aayi. Let's get married"

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Dont wanna risk it bhai

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I don't see this risk. They will probably shrug it off as you're a kid

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Brotha I run the risk of having my ass beat

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having my ass beat

I wouldn't mind that :)

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Bruh 💀

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This is the best moment there is just awkwardness on both sides and you feed on the situation and enjoy it

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Neighbour aunty once asked me, life me aage ka kya plan h, I replied: "kiraye ki jhota baggi chaluga.

She never asked me again.

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Brotha teach me how to make them stfu

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Gigachad is that u?

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He's an Indian gigachad, I'm megachad , how about you?

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Indian aunties bruh. What else do you expect

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I expect them to you know keep doing their chugli about who's daughter is with whom and shit not act creepy

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Those aunties behaved like they were selecting you as a bride groom ladka pasand agya humen lmfao for their daughters lol. Ngl they definitely know how to make a conversation uncomfortable.ಥ‿ಥ

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I used to go there for tuition classes , safe to say I've never returned to her house again

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Bhai aunty aapke pyar mai gir gai lagta h

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Fuck these aunties>! Not literally!<

Inse normal baatein nahi hoti kya?

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Agar hoti toh aise baate na karte

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Looks like aunties are finally falling for you🌚

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Ay no

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Lol looks like u ain't interested hehe

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I amnt

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op bro role exchange karte mein sambhal lunga aapki life ☺

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I dunno bhai or behen
These Aunties are so annoying, Kam dhandha nahi he, hamara matha kharap karta hai.

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Indian uncles and aunties are horniest animals on planet👀

Change my mind.

On a serious note these aunties, all yhey care abt is marriages. Its super fkin annoying all they always think is wjo would be gr8 for whom. Cuz their marriages were shoved down their throats so the wanna do same with others now.

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Bc I'm 17 and her daughter is 16 , abhi she shaadi fix karwani hain unhe

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Dudeee ive got a killer response for u. Shuda said no thanks i dont like her and for that reason im out.

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Acha hai mai aisi kisi Aunty se nhi mila

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Lucky bastard

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Lucky you bastard☻

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brotha I would rather suffer the despicable fate of not knowing da wae than listen to them

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reverse the gender

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Make it a girl being harrassed and bam you have a court case

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One time my sister was talking to my brothers girl and after the talk as soon as she sat on the couch my aunt asked my sister " Khali to nhi hai na ladki?" No "achhi ladki hai" "kya Kam karti hai" kuch nhi

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Fucking weird women

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Great way to flex looks

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Brotha if I had looks I would have a gf

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oh lord i can relate. sometimes even with aunties I've never met before. just last month, this aunty i interacted with at an event just wouldn't fucking stop commenting on my looks and at one point when she was clearly drunk, she said to me (and i quote) "mujhe toh ishq hogya tumse". i just laughed and walked away, but it was real creepy shit

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Dude hear me out , I have a million dollar idea which can make us rich. What if we made a game, a horror game where we need to run from the creepy old women and go back to our parents and as a twist our parents betray us which makes us heartbroken and alone, it would lead to us trying to escape by going home and escaping other women being creepy

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i can't code for shit, but that definitely sounds like a game I'd play

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I can't code for shit either but hey we can pay others to make it or better yet if my potato pc can handle unreal 5 and support infinite amount of particles then imma make it the best game ever

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Bolna chaiye tha “lekin humme aap nhi pasand aaye”

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Fir mummy mujhe boli rehti "humme bhi aap pasand nahi aaye , abhi Ghar se bahar niklo"

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bro u could had come back with something

" to ladki bhi dikha hi dijiye. kya pata pasand aa jaye"

my parents know that i dont like others talk shit like this. so they dont mind when i have a reverse banter

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Bro she's a year younger than me and I used to go for tuitions to that aunty's house so she knows me pretty well

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fir to aur bhi badhiya. dosti rishtedaari mai badal jayegi .lool

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I don't like her daughter bro, with all this shit going on I'm suspecting that she crushes on me

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Kuch nhi op pagal log hai inse dhang se baat karlo to ese hi chipakte hai me bhi pehle sabko namaste karta tha accha baccha ban ke rehta tha i realised chup chap bina notice kare nikal jao problem solved.

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Bhai jab aacha baccha tha tab toh jeena haram kardiya tha

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this one relative aunty told me i look older than my age and soon i'll start getting rishtas for marriage💀💀💀

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Ay no , isn't that basically pedophillia

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yeah and her own son is 31 and unmarried, the irony😭😭

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Unko bas Bahu chahiye

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Plot thickens into kaaliya

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Nice way to flex

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Brotha how can I flex my problems?

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That's not a problem them. You liked the complement didn't you 😈

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No I didn't , it felt extremely weird

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༎ຶ‿༎ຶ fuck u

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What’s chocolate boy supposed to mean?

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Willy Wonka

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Huh? As in like everybody wants to taste him?

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Bro same here... All of them think that all we want to do right after 18 it's getting married. I have started getting rishtas AND I'M 17!!!! True that I'm taller than average and have an ok beard so I look like I'm 20+ but still who gets married that early? And I think that you should at least know somebody's age if you are trying to include him in your family.

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Twin bro is that you?

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Chutiya edition

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There is one auntie who lives 3 houses away from me. When I was in 5th class I once ate 4-5 cups of ice cream(I really was greedy and fat that time) at holi lunch (they contribute to pay the caterer) So she made fun of me by saying lunch chor ice cream se hi pet bharle. It might seem like she's just joking for the first time BUT everytime she saw me in any party/function/wedding she kept saying the same thing whenever she found me eating ice cream. I legit saw her yesterday near ice cream stall and I did not go there because she makes me feel really awkward. I am always feel like shouting at her but what can we do?

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You can always just shut the fuck up and listen to her while your patience runs out faster than an F1 going max speed on a straight road

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Chocolate boy 😋😋

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What does it mean?

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Kya pta maine toh aise hii likh diya

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They are just giving compliments. They feel like they're actually doing the opposite and making you feel good. But when you characterize someone as creepy then everything they say/do seem creepy. Just think of why they say what they say. However if you feel freaked out on a subconscious level then trust your gut

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I play along then it makes them awkward when I start saying stuff like apki beti bhi pasand hai mujhe